Friday, February 12, 2016

Week 41 Chopping Wood

We saw an old guy out chopping some wood so we stopped the car and
helped him haha he was honestly so funny

Hello everybody! This email is going to be a little different than
usual because my companions both just got each other really sick this
week and weren't able to do a whole lot. But here are some quick
details from the week.

So on Thursday we had Zone Conference in NICE :) I love going to Nice
and Conference was so great. Some cool things got announced as first off, Switzerland is now open to American missionaries!
Before, all of our European missionaries went there because of some
legality things, but right now it's free game! Haha I wouldn't mind
serving there one day. Secondly, Elder D. Todd Christofferson is
coming to our mission next transfer!! I am so excited for him. I know
you can't really choose a favorite apostle, but he might be mine! So
I'm super excited about those two things. Also it was good to see a
bunch of people whom I love so much at conference as well. Oh yeah
also we showed up about 10 minutes late to conference because there
was a huge storm over the Mediterranean while we were on the boat, and
so we got delayed a few hours. Haha needless to say it's pretty much
impossible to sleep when the boat is just getting rocked like that and
we were running off of very little sleep.

Update with Micca and Emmanuel and Samuel! After 2 weeks we finally
got to see them yesterday! Satan has been working really hard on them
but after we saw them last night, we got everything under control
again. They are doing great. We told them about transfer calls this
week and they said they needed to be baptized before transfer they really want to be baptized :) but they need to be
married still. It's been so amazing to see how far they have come
since we met them a few months ago. Please pray for them. We had a
great lesson with them and we reminded them of the incredible
experiences we've had together and the spirit was there again. He said
he wants to feel like how he does when he meets with us all the time.
They will be baptized one day for sure. We are going back tomorrow
night to teach them and we told them we want to start seeing them more
often and they agreed. So voilĂ ! I love them so much.

I love it here. I love the members here so much. They are so faithful
and strong and such great examples to me. There aren't a lot of
members and so it's really easy to get close with them here and it's
such a blessing. I'm grateful that my mission thus far has taught me
how powerful love is. I didn't know I was able to love some of these
people as much I do. I am so grateful to be on my mission and learning
and growing.

We are working with some more people but I don't have a lot of time to
write about them today!
Transfer calls are this week so we will see what happens next week!
Thank you for the support!

Elder Wade

 Bonifacio was super windy

Frere and Soeur Antoni! They left to Taiwan for a month and so we took a pic

Porto Beach

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