Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week 26 "Beyond happy."

*I asked Elder Wade how happy he was and he said;
"Beyond happy."

Les îles sanguinaires. It's honestly so beautiful here!!!

Hello family and friends! First off, huge shout out to my sister
Olivia on back to back state titles!! She's only a sophomore and
already has 2 rings. Ah she's such a sicko and I love her so much :)
it's hard living in the shadow of a younger sister haha. Beyond
amazing week down here on the island! We worked hard and saw some
pretty amazing miracles this week! The island is so beautiful it's
crazy! Here's a recap of the week!

Monday: P day! Just kind of hung out and went and played basketball
right by the Mediterranean Sea. It was sweet. Then after we had 3
lessons between 6-9:30 and it was super cool!

Tuesday: Such an awesome day! So we really prayed the night before on
where we needed to go and all 3 of us felt really good about this
quarter full of houses on the outskirts of Ajaccio and so we cooked
lunch and dinner at the same time and just packed it all up and went
and ported in this huge neighborhood for the whole rest of the day and
it was soooo amazing! We ended up having 4 lessons with some amazing
people who we are hoping to see again this week! It was really so cool
to see the spirit guide us to that area and find people who we needed
to teach. We got home after about 9 hours of porting and all just laid
on the ground and talked about the amazing experiences we had. It was
honestly a pretty amazing day.

Wednesday: Wow such another wonderful day! So basically we did the
same thing as Tuesday. We had a rendez vous with Marie Rose and she is
so ready for her baptism coming up in a few weeks! So after her rendez
vous we went back to the same general area of the neighborhood from
the day before and had another absolutely amazing day. We ended up
having another 6 lessons on Wednesday as well! It was honestly such a
miracle. The people we taught we are all teaching next week and we
taught a few families as well. Haha honestly it was such a great day.

Thursday: So we woke up and worked out and then we immediately made
the most beautiful drive in the entire world to Bastia so we could
Skype the Nice Zone for Zone training. Corsica is apart of the Nice
zone but we just skype them because we are across the Mediterranean
haha. Anyways, we met up with the elders from Bastia and skyped for
the training from 10-12 and then we went and had a service project
straight after honestly straight in the jungle of Corsica haha and we
were just chopping trees and lighting everything on fire I couldn't
believe a fire didn't start. Haha Corsicans are crazy but I love them.
So then after that we did a little exchange between us and Bastia and
it was Elder Richmond and I plus Elder Schettler from Bastia. Hahaha
it was so funny the first thing he said to me when we got into the car
and headed back to Ajaccio was, "Elder Wade, I need to apologize for
some thing. 2 years ago when you guys played Olympus and it was at
Olympus...I was the one that stocked your Instagram and Twitter and
found out as much dirt as I could on you so we could chant it against
you during the game." Hahaha it was soooo funny. Elder Schettler is a
great missionary snd I love him. But basically we got back to Ajaccio
late and taught Marie rose, contacted, then had to check in for the
night. I promise Corsica is the most beautiful place on this world.
It's incredible. The 2 hour drive from Ajaccio to Bastia starts out on
the beach, then you drive through the the mountains/jungle and the
leaves are changing color and then the drive ends on the beach. Really

Friday: Great day! So we got studies in and then met the Elders de
Bastia halfway between us in Corte and got back elder Johnson from the
exchange! After that we had one lesson with a man named Lorrain about
the plan of salvation. We ported into him on Tuesday and fixed a RDV
for Friday and it was a great lesson. After, we had a lesson with Marie
rose about Jesus Christ and it was so amazing! One of the most
spiritual lessons I've had! We all testified of Jesus Christ and then
watched "parce qu'il vit" and it was so powerful.

Saturday: Saturday we we had a great day! So we had a BBQ with Marie
Rose and it was super fun! After that we had a rendez vous with Sylvia
and Noel and it was soooo cool! They told us they are getting married
and then we fixed a baptismal date for them! November 14th!! Such a
cool experience!

Sunday: Church! Hahaha it's so great here. This week at church there
was 9 again with us 3, our 3 Amis with baptisms fixed and then 3
members! It was awesome. I gave a lesson on the temples and then gave
a talk during sacrament haha. Gosh I love church here. It's soooo
crazy to think back  home there is hundreds of people. It's so cool to
see these people here though. I love them a lot.

Thank you for all the support. I love you all!

Thought of the week:
Mosiah 2: 17

Elder Wade

Mosiah 2:17
And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the serviceof your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

 Exchange selfie with elder Schettler and elder Richmond

 Our Amis!! Noel, Marie Rose and Sylvia :)

 Frere Colonna!! He is so funny haha. He can barely see and rides
his moped to church. I promise he rides 100% off of faith. But he
couldn't come yesterday so we brought him sacrament!

Week 25 First week on the Island Corsica

Found donkey from Shrek as we were porting

Hello everyone! First off, happy Birthday to my mom!! Again I go back
to elder Hollands talk from conference about moms and that's how I
feel about mine!! She can still beat me in basketball games
too...she's got the whole package. Love her so much. Anyways, Great
first week here in Ajaccio! We saw some really cool things and had
some funny things as well haha. Overall, Corsica is so cool and the
people here are super funny. Here is the recap!

Monday: P day! Elder Anderson and I took a train to Marseille and from
there he went to Lyon and I stayed in Marseille and met my companions!
I am with Elder Johnson and Elder Richmond and they are such studs I
love them so much! Elder Johnson is from Las Vegas and Elder Richmond
is from Ohio! So then we drove to Toulon and took the overnight boat
to Ajaccio! It was like being on my first cruise haha.
Tuesday: so Tuesday we had a lesson with one of our amid named Marie
Rose and she is so awesome! We taught tithing and she loved it. Then
later that night we had a family home evening with one of the members
here in Corsica named Soeur Hermeroso and we had another ami Sylvia
come! Sylvia is married to a guy named Noel (a funny story with him in
Saturday) and we are trying so hard to get them to set a baptismal
date! They are so awesome though I love them.
Wednesday: so on Wednesday we had a lesson with someone who lived in a
village so we drove out to that (yes we have a car) and it was such a
weird rendez vous hahaha. I think he was really drunk or something.
Regardless, probably won't be seeing him again haha :) so then we had
a whole night free so we honestly destroyed this area in Ajaccio and
ported (knocked on doors) honestly like 4 apartments and finally,
after a whole night of no's the very last door opened and let us in
and we talked about the family and it went so great! We fixed a rendez
vous for Saturday so it was cool! (The rendez vous Saturday fell
through because the girls dad answered the door and told us he
wouldn't let us come in) but none the less it was so cool!
Thursday: What a day! So to start off we had a rendez vous with Marie
Rose and it went so great. We talked about tithing and fasting and she
accepted! We also solidified her on a baptismal date for the 14th of
November! So we are praying for her! After that we went porting for
about 2 hours and didn't really have any success so we drove in Ville
and contacted for a few more hours. Then we had a lesson with a recent
active named Alice and her daughter who is not a member. We are going
to try to really start teaching her. Missionary work is so much
different here on the island in Ajaccio compared to Nice haha.
Friday: we had a rendez vous with Marie Rose and we sang "Merci dieu
pour le prophète" and it sparked her haha. Then we talked about
following the prophet. After that we were supposed to have another
family home evening with a member but she wasn't there so we just
contacted for a few hours and we had another way cool miracle as the
very last person we contacted was interested and set a rendez vous for
Saturday: Hahahaha I promise Saturday was the craziest day of my
mission. As I tell this story keep in mind we had 6 lessons planned
for the day haha. So, we wake up and go run to a basketball court and
do our morning work outs and I have the keys to our apartment and so I
set them on the court. We finish the work out and start running back
and then I realize I don't have the keys, so we just Head back to grab
them and they aren't there!! So, we panicked and had no idea what to
do. After 2 hours of walking around Ajaccio trying to find a lock
smith and everything, we didn't know what to do. At this point it's
like 9 am. So we can't get into our apartment or use the car and we
had left the phone in the apartment so we couldn't call anyone. We
were locked out completely haha. So, 12 pm rolls around and we were
supposed to have a RDV with Sylvia and Noel at our apartment (we can
have RDVs at our apartment because it's set apart as a chapel) and so
they showed up and we were just sitting on the curb like bums just
waiting for them haha. So, we went up to our apartment all together
and Noel reaches into his pocket and jokingly says that his keys will
work....and they don't. So we were about to head down and they were
going to drive us to a lock smith when Noel says "let me try my keys
again" and he pulls his keys out and tries to open it and we hear him
start to yell and so we look and his keys are budging our door until
eventually the freaking door opened hahahaha. We all doggy piled him
in our room and just laughed forever hahsha it was the craziest thing
ever!! And then shortly after that, someone came up to our apartment
and randomly and gave us back our keys to the car and the apartment.
This all happened in like 5 minutes. I'm a really bad story teller and
I get lazy to type it all but it was such a funny/crazy experience.
Anyways, so then we went and had 4 tombez vous (the people weren't
there) and finished with 2 lessons on the day. Haha crazy day.
Sunday: Church was an amazing experience! This week for church we
rented out a hotel room and had sacrament there! We had 9 people
including 3 missionaries, 3 members, and 3 Amis (Marie rose, Sylvia,
Noel) and it was so spiritual. One of the greatest sacraments ever. It
reminded me of 1 Ne 14:12-14 when it talks about the church being
small. Because it was haha. But anyways it was so amazing. After that
we ported a lot! Anyways, great day!

Thank you! I love you!
Elder Wade
Mosiah 2: 41

Elder Wade

Mosiah 2:41
 "And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it."

Where we played basketball for P Day! So beautiful 

Porting haha

 Another picture right before we ported a house with a nice view 

Car selfie. I know we look  apostate in this picture but we aren't
I promise haha
*Yes, Elder Wade is driving

 Hahsha the miracle man!! This was moments after he opened our
apartment door with his keys hahaha

Monday, October 12, 2015

week 24 I am getting transferred to...

 Last picture with the Cresto family. I literally love them so much

and it hurt so bad to leave them haha

* Elder Wade took a boat over to the island.  It is about a 10 hour boat ride.

Hello family and friends! So, I have been transferred! I was
transferred to Ajaccio on the island of Corsica! So I'm going from
Nice to Corsica and I'm officially off the continent haha. Corsica is
the island south of France. It's closer to Italy than France as well
which is cool as well. Let me just start off by saying how much I have
loved Nice. I didn't think it was possible to love some of the people
here as much as I do. The ward here is amazing and I will always have
a soft spot for Nice in my heart because it is where I started my
mission and it's where I learned to speak French and learned the
gospel. It has been the most amazing last 4 1/2 months here and I want
everyone to know how amazing Nice is. I was heartbroken to leave so
many people that I love! Between the ward, our investigators, and the
city...I love Nice. But here's a quick recap of the week.

Tuesday: What a day! So we started off by playing soccer with some
members and their friends and it was super cool. After that, we went
and shared a thought and had lunch with a member! Then, we had a
lesson with Radolpho and it went so well!!! We asked him, "Radolpho,
is the Book of Mormon true, and is the plan of salvation his plan for
us?" And he looked us both in the eyes and said, "I prayed about
it...and it's true." AHH. It was so amazing. I can't even begin to
tell you how strong the spirit was. I love him so much! So anyways, he
is amazing and that was such a spiritual lesson. After the lesson, we
took a train to St. Raphael for an exchange with the elders there!
Wednesday: I went on an exchange with Elder Whitmer and we came back
to Nice! Not a lot...I'm keeping it short and worth reading. He is a
stud and I have a funny picture of him curling me with one arm that
I'll send haha he's massive.
Thursday: Coming back from St. Raphael there was a strike on the
trains so we didn't get back to nice until about 4! It was sad haha.
And then we contacted when we got home. For dinner, the apartment went
with a member named Donna and she took us to this amazing house and
cooked us one of the greatest meals ever. She's a professional cook
for real. It was good.
Friday: Crazy day! We waited for transfer calls and they finally came!
President Brown called and said, "Elder Wade, you are in for a huge are being transferred to Ajaccio on Corsica!" And I was
absolutely shocked haha. I definitely did not see it coming! But then
we had some contacting and then we ate with Bishop Meunier and his
family later that night at a burger restaurant! That family is
Saturday: So I told you all about the rainstorm that was insane last
week? We spent all of Saturday cleaning up the aftermath in Cannes. It
was unreal all the damage. We walked into homes that had water 4 feet
up on the walls! It was so sad. So we did that and then we ate at the
Tepuhuarii family! They made us sushi and it was so good!
Sunday: My heart absolutely broke on Sunday! I have more than adored
this Ward and the members here in Nice. Saying goodbye to so many
people that I love was one of the hardest things I've done! But we
went to church, and then after we went to the Cusick family for lunch.
I love them they are so awesome and it will be good to keep in contact
with them. They are great missionaries without the plaques as well!
Then Sunday night I went over and spent my last little bit with Cresto
family. Wow, I love them so much. I can say I absolutely fell in love
with Frere and Soeur Cresto and their 2 sons. To put it into simple
words, I cried a lot when I said goodbye to them haha. We figured out
that over the last 4 months I've been to their house 16 times. I want
to thank them for everything they have done. I will always consider
them as a part of my family. It might have been the hardest goodbye
I've said to someone before! If any of you have read my emails you
know how much I love and talk about them. Also I am their son Thomas'
godfather so that's a huge bonus ;) but really, I love them with
absolutely all of my heart. Anyways, they were amazing and I will love
them forever. After the Cresto's we went home and I packed a little
more and then went to bed.

I love you all so much! Thanks for the prayers and support. I
appreciate them a lot.
Elder Wade 🇫🇷

  The Tepuhuarii family! Love these 2.

My new comps who I met today!! 
Elder Richmond and Elder Johnson! 
love them so much and we are going to have an absolute blast on Corsica :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 23 The flood in France

The crazy rainstorm pic with the elders of Nice.

Hello everyone! What a week and what an amazing way to start it off. Honestly conference was amazing and I learned so so so much. I really was able to feel the spirit testify it's all true. So, I want to share one of my favorite quotes (I had many) from conference by Elder Holland..."No love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child..." I want to publicly tell everyone how much I love my mommy and more than appreciate her for everything she has done for me. Between going to the gym with me and rebounding for me for hours, to giving me a few extra dollars on the weekends, to watching my mom download a fart app and then playing jokes on people (lol), to being my late night movie buddy, and to much, much more. I love her and testify that is true. Conference was amazing everyone. I learned so much. 
Here's a recap of the week :) 
Monday: P day! So Elder Anderson and Elder Burton went to Eze and Elder Andrew and I stayed in Nice and just hung out. I love Elder Andrew he's such a stud. He goes home in one week and I've spent the last 4 months with him so it will be sad. So after P Day, we had FHE at the Cresto family and they invited a friend for us to teach and she is sooo awesome. Her name is Sonia and she is honestly golden! We talked about God and how he's there for us and loves us and she really liked the idea and asked some great questions and really loved it. 
Tuesday: Such a cool day. So we were contacting and we had someone call us and ask "Is Elder Wade there? He gave me a book a month ago and I can't quite understand it but I feel like I want to...can I meet with you guys?" And apparently I contacted into him and gave him a Book of Mormon and after all this time he had been reading it and wanted to know more! So cool. So, we met at the church and went over the Book of Mormon and the restoration and we asked him to be baptized if he comes to know its true and he said yes! His name is Radolpho from the Philippines. So that was a super cool miracle. Other than that, we contacted and that was it! 
Wednesday: Such an amazing day for real! So I went on an exchange with Elder Barbin from Northridge High School. He is such a stud and I love him and We came to Nice for the exchange. So we had a straight up miracle that just testified to me that this is the Lord's work. So, about 2 weeks ago Elder Anderson and I contacted into someone and had an amazing discussion with him about the plan of salvation on the street and he absolutely loved it and wanted to learn more. Somehow we lost the card and weren't able to call him and so we said a big prayer on Tuesday (the day before today) so that we could find him. So Elder Barbin and I are walking and contacting and I happen to look into a grocery store and he was in there just checking his groceries out!!! I literally ran into there and gave him a big hug and he was sooo happy and we got his number again and we scheduled a rendez vous for Thursday! Everyone thought I was so weird for just running in and hugging him but I was just so grateful that our prayer was answered!! It was honestly a miracle.  
Thursday: Great day. So Thursday we went and had District Meeting in the morning which was super good. Then after that we had a lesson with Radolpho and it went so cool. We taught the Book of Mormon the "Donaldson Paper" style and it was super amazing. We committed him to baptism for the 28th of November and I am super excited for him to be baptized. He is super ready and it's crazy how much he loves it. He came to the RDV talking all about Nephi and Sam and all these guys and Elder Anderson and I were blown away with how much he knew and how much he had read! We also went and contacted right by the beach which after that which was cool (Don't worry it was raining no one was there haha). Our apartment is about a 30 second jog from the beach as well. 
Friday: Never in my life have I seen so much rain. I'm not even kidding!! 14 people in Nice died because of flooding and all sorts of crazy ways. When I woke up I started laughing because like every 3 seconds there was thunder and lightening and I thought it would stop by the time our studies nope. I'm not kidding it rained all day. And it rained that hard every second of the day haha. Needless to say my umbrella got a good use. And the worst part of the day was we had no RDV scheduled so we just went and contacted haha. And yes, You guessed it...nobody stopped to listen. Haha I hope you don't think I'm exaggerating I would send a video but it's too long. It absolutely poured for about 36 hours straight. It was crazy. So that sums up Friday haha. 
Saturday: Okay Saturday was awesome. So we played basketball at Vauban in the morning, and then after that we went home and got all showered up because we had a RDV at Nicetoile which is this huge mall in Nice with our Amis from Hungary. It was a cool RDV because we were just sitting in the mall in this coffee shop place and we gave them their Book of Mormons in Hungarian and they loved it so much. It was a really cool experience. So then after that, we went to the church and watched the Saturday morning session (8 hour time difference) and it was so amazing. Then after that we went home and went to bed and it was so loud all night from all the thunder and rain again haha it has rained so much. 
Sunday:  To sum up Sunday we went to the church and watched the Priesthood session, Saturday afternoon, and then Sunday afternoon session! Radolpho came for the Saturday night session and then we had a lesson right after it. He is so awesome. But this conference was so amazing wow. I was so touched by so many of the speakers and I really felt the spirit testifying that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet as he was battling through the last bit of his testimony. What an amazing man. 

Thank you so much for all of the support and all of the prayers. I want you all to know how much I love and appreciate you! This is the Lords work and I know It! Have a great week :) 


Elder Wade

 Elder Anderson and I at Place Massena. I love Nice so much.

 Exchange photo with Elder Barbin!! Love him.

 The Nice missionaries watching conference on an iPad.

 Another pic of place Massena. Spent hours and hours and hours

contacting here over the last 4 months haha.

Elder Duffy from Davis High! Great missionary. It was great to see him.