Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 12

Sorry this one is is so long. Such a good week though!! :) know probably 5% of you probably even read my whole emails anyways so I'll start off with my testimony so if you don't read anything else each week you read this :)
Really though, it's amazing here. Some days when it's soooo hot and humid and we are out contacting, I just think of how much my Savior has given me. The least I can do is give 2 years of my life for him. 
My scripture for the week is:
Alma 7:11-13. One of my favorite parts of that scripture is verse 12 where it says, 
"12 And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities." Really I know that is so true. If you allow him to, he knows how to help you. And he wants to help you. That is my testimony. I know Jesus Christ lives. 
TUESDAY: Honestly such a fun day. I went on an exchange with one of my best friends in the mission Elder Warner! We were in the MTC with each other. So we were in Nice the whole day and we are both "blues" so we had so much fun and out contacting we had 2 lessons with people! It was so cool. Later at night we were both laughing at how much better fun it was teaching with each other after we had 6 weeks of straight French out here. It was so cool to see how different of teachers we were after only 6 weeks, and to see our French a lot better! Haha and then I took a wrong bus and we got absolutely lost for 2 hours but we still had sooo much fun it was seriously so awesome. I love Elder Warner so much he's such a good guy. And he lives in Washington so go zags! (Speaking of which I absolutely love you Zag fans thank you so much for all the emails. Zag upppp) 
WEDNESDAY: Miracle Day!!! Okay so, to be honest, we found the best way of contacting. We go to the nearest basketball court and just ball. While I am playing, Elder Boynton talks to people about while we are here and stuff. And while I'm playing I talk to people too. In all honesty these players are pretty good and lots of them play for the Nice Academy. So anyways, one of the players who is pretty good started talking to me about what a mission is etc. so we got along really well! So then Wednesday night we had ward council and when we got to the church, I got an email from him just talking about basketball and stuff. So then I emailed him back and we exchanged numbers and we had 3 rendez-vous last week where we played basketball and then shared something after. My favorite type of rendez-vous😎👌🏼 but then he showed up with his girlfriend and that made it even better. I honestly love them they are the nicest people ever and have already invited us over to their house to eat. Jérôme (his name) is a stud and can honestly stroke! And he is teaching his girlfriend how to play. But for our rendez-vous we just go to the church because the church court is the nicest out door court I've seen here, and we took the, through a church tour as well! So yes we have found multiple Amis through basketball! I absolutely love the people too they are all so cool.
THURSDAY: we had District meeting at our church in Nice. It was really awesome. Honestly every time we have a meeting its like a spiritual overload. Then after we taught and played with Jerome and Anne-sophie at the church again for a lesson. Great day. 
FRIDAY: Transfer calls.......IM STAYING IN NICE WITH ELDER BOYNTON. Haha okay so Me, Elder Boynton, Elder Andrew and elder burton all share an apartment in Nice and Elder Andrew has 1 more transfer left and he said he's never had an apartment like ours. We have such a good time, but it's like spiritual all the time but we still laugh and just love each other...hahaha so we were waiting Friday morning for transfer calls and President called our companionship first so we went in the other room and he told us we are staying together (and Elder Boynton is the DL) so we got excited. Then we stayed in the room because president called Andrew and Burton and then we heard them hang up. So we walked out of our room, and they walked out of theirs and we were like "We are both staying..." They said "us too...." And then there was a moment of silence and then we just started screaming and laughing and going crazy. Haha we love each other. Elder Andrew is from Cali and played LineBacker at USC and elder Burton is from cedar city and played soccer! Ah I LOVE IT HERE. 
SATURDAY: So another REALLY COOL thing is that we have made friends with a lot of people, and they want to play with us, so we told them if they come to our church to play then we will. So Saturday we had 12 people who took the tram or bus to come play with us at the church and of course we start with prayer and a spiritual thought and it's just soooo awesome. We have used basketball to find so many people it's been honestly so fun. And then we also had some RDV (rendez-vous means a lesson) and then had dinner with the Cresto family who I love dearly (pic later with me teaching their baby hoe to play basketball). I love them to death seriously. 
SUNDAY: I gave my first talk in church on Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ and how the Book of Mormon can help us in our life. And guess what?!?!....Jérôme and Anne-sophie showed up!! Earlier in the week I told them I was giving a talk at 11, and they showed up. Honestly I love them. They are sooooo cool. (Pic later) just such a day. And I can't even express how much I love the people here. 
I love you all so much :) thanks for the support. 
Elder Wade

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 11 Bed bugs back...

 Elder burton and I taking apart our apartment because of the bed bugs haha

Tuesday: Such a spiritual day! We got to meet President and Sister Brown and they are so amazing! The spirit is sooo strong with them and Soeur Brown is like an angel! Haha it was funny because when she saw me for the first time she made like a basketball shot motion and laughed and then we talked for so long. And President Brown is honestly so close to the spirit. Gosh I already love them. His main focus is on the temple and how we need to get people there and I just got such a powerful feeling from the spirit that this idea is in fact from God. It was awesome. But yea because he had to interview everyone in the zone, the conference went until like 6 but we went out contacting like halfway through and I started talking to a guy in a taxi and he got really excited about the church and I gave home a Livre de Mormon and he kissed it and got all excited. That was cool. 
Wednesday: we saw some cool things on Wednesday. So we were out contacting and we met someone named victor. We walked by him on a bench and asked if we could do anything for him and he said no but we just sat down right next to him haha. So we started talking more and he wanted to meet with us on Thursday and everything and we actually ran and grabbed him a Livre in Portuguese (native language, but he speaks some French) and then the coolest moment  happened!!...We were kind of stuck in the lesson  and literally I had the feeling to share Alma 7 and just as I went to open my scriptures, elder Boynton started sharing that exact scripture! It was really cool :) the spirit really is amazing. So he was way awesome and we had a good lesson and we scheduled another for this week! Also, we met someone on the streets later that day who came to church like 5 years ago, and he committed to come to church right then and there on the street! He didn't come haha but ca va it was still cool!
Thursday: Thursday was another awesome day! We went to teach Victor and he wasn't there, but we scheduled another time! We then went to the Renuzzie's and had such a spiritual lesson on Christ! They are converts as of about 3 years and so awesome. We also contacted a bunch and had some awesome people who we met!
Friday: So bed bugs again hahaha nooooo. So we spent basically all of Friday cleaning the apartment (President said that getting rid of them was what we needed to do) and we bought some different sprays we were told to get and basically bombed our apartment and slept at another missionaries apartment that isn't being used right now. But it's okay now because we got them and they aren't there anymore 😋😅 so then after all that we had a few lessons amd it was awesome. 
Saturday: Saturday was so awesome. We prayed for some miracles and found some awesome people out on the streets. I had a 40 minute conversation with a man named Dominique and it was honestly a convo I will never forget. He was the nicest man and he said that he wishes he could have known the stuff that I bore witness and testimony of when he was younger. It was really cool. I took a selfie with him that I'll send :) then we had a rendez vous with a Tahitian family and had SUSHI my favorite food ever! The funniest thing is that honestly earlier that day when we were out contacting I told Elder Boynton "Honestly all I want is sushi right now." And then I got some! Hahaha it was honestly so funny when they brought it out we were laughing so hard. But they are one of the coolest families I've ever met!
Sunday: MIRACLE. We have been teaching these 2 people Yoan and Vlad and we were doing really good with them but we lost contact with them for a few weeks, and they showed up at church miraculously and we had been praying so hard for them! Even better though...we had a great lesson with them and we asked them to be baptized on the 15th of August and they said YES. It was one of the coolest moments of my life! So we are praying for them that's for sure. 

Really such an amazing week. I LOVE it here. Transfers are this week so that's a little scary haha. I love Nice so much and have become soooo close with all the members. I love them to death. Anyways, I love nice so much and the work here is really picking up. Elder Boynton and I are ready to hit this last week so hard!!

I love you all. 

Elder Wade
 * If you know what he is saying please let us know :)

one of the people we play ball with wore a D Wade jersey for me
cause of the last name haha

 The baby stole my plaque (broke it off so that was sad) haha but i
got a cute pic again

thr apartment on p day

 i had to add this pic in! One of the members took this pic from the

ward barbecue and I got it this week.

 Dominique selfie
 The Tahitians in the ward at their house :)

 Zone conference selfie with the AP Elder Nadauld

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 10!!! Contacting and Ballin on the streets

What a week! Really quickly a huge congrats to my sister Ellie on
Kaysville idol :) she has such an amazing voice 😍 and she's cute :)
So on Tuesday we went clear up into the hills and ported and contacted
for like the whole day and we met honestly the funniest guy who said
"My wallet is my religion" and we talked to him for awhile and he was
funny...but he showed us his house and I've got to say, money is
really his religion haha. Anyways. Also while we were teaching a
lesson outside someone stopped us because they thought that I was Brad
Pitt? I don't know who that is but they were pretty convinced that I
was hahaha it was so weird. Had some great convos and met some awesome
Wednesday: Wednesday was awesome! That night we went on splits with
the members and I was with Frere Grattapunch and we taught 3 people
and testified to each one and the spirit was so strong there. It's
times like that when I'm testifying of the church to a complete
stranger and can feel the spirit that I know it's true!
Thursday: We went out contacting hard again and had some great
conversations with people! Just an all around grind it out for the
Lord day! Always good stuff.
Friday: On Friday we went to the nearby basketball area (Vaughban) and
balled it up and proselyted during it, and that was the most success
we've had yet! It was so fun to be playing mid game talking about the
gospel. But we got some new people who love basketball and who are
interested and who we are talking with. One of their names is Gerard
and he was especially cool and interested...and on top of all that he
was wearing some retro 11s that were sick.
Saturday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!! Hahaha honestly such a fun day. The
ward threw a huge party and we played a ton of basketball (videos
coming later duh) and met a bunch of people who weren't members and it
was awesome. Such a fun activity. The members here are amazing. And
then later that night we planned so that elder Boynton and I, and the
other companionship we share an appt with would eat dinner at the end
of the day with each other and celebrate America...so we did and had a
huge party while watching 17 miracles (such a good movie wow). But yes
such a fun day!
Sunday: another wonderful day at church! It was fast and testimony
meeting and guess what...ok bore my testimony! I was so scared at
first but the spirit definitely helped me out. Honestly it was about
100 degrees and people were walking 2 hours to church too. Made me
feel sooo humbled about how sometimes I wouldn't even walk the 2
minutes to my church when it was like 70 degrees. Anyways.
Another amazing week! The lords hand is in everything. I see it every
day! I love you all. Thank you for all the support!
Elder Wade

The Vaysse family! 

 But I sleep like this now to keep the bed bugs away and I sweat like crazy

but ca va. Hahaha

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Week 9! Bed bugs...

 Hahaha because of my bed bugs we all got brand new beds and pillows so

that was awesome. #TakeOneForTheTeam

First off S/O to my sister for for coming up SO clutch. When I got the
videos I almost died honestly what a stud. 3 goals in 20 mins to win
the Northwest Regional 😳
But another great week here in Nice!
Tuesday: we contacted a bunch and then had a super cool lesson with
someone named Sammy and he talked to us about how he wanted to be
baptized but it's hard right now and stuff. So that was cool and
really spiritual!
Wednesday: Hahaha noooooo. Everything I had heard about bed bugs came
true when I woke up Wednesday morning and had bites honestly
everywhere. It was so bad and Nice is sooo hot and humid so that made
it worse. So we contacted that day and had a few small lessons with
people and it was just a cool day.
Thursday: I went on an exchange in Antibes with Elder Rellaford and it
was sooo awesome! He told me he wasn't going to say anything unless I
needed his help so we just went for it with the language and we ended
up having 31 conversations that day and we gave 2 lessons on the
street that were about 20 mins long so that was so awesome and the
spirit was so strong during the lessons. We ended up scheduling some
rendez-vous with some people and that was great. Overall just such an
awesome day and I improved on my language so much too. The gift of
tongues is so real I promise.
Friday: we had 2 awesome experiences!! The first was a lady randomly
came up to elder Boynton and I and said that she wanted to get taught
by us and that was sooo random so it was so cool so we taught her, and
then the next day we saw her again on the streets and we taught her
again! It was awesome. Then we had a lesson with Dani that night and
we were testifying of the Book of Mormon and shared some scriptures
like Ezekiel 37, 2 Thess 2:1-3, Isaiah 29:11-18 and other scriptures
and testified and the spirit was soooo strong and then he looked at us
and said "I know this book is true." And BAM the spirit was stronger
than maybe I've ever felt it before. So we asked him to be baptized
and he said that he needs to pray and do some things but that he knows
it's true. So we are praying for him. Soooo cool!
Saturday: we spent 11 straight hours helping a family move and it was
so fun haha. We honestly had so much fun and the family was awesome.
They took us to eat after too 😋
Sunday: we went to church and again the church is so amazing here. The
members are so awesome. But then we went to a lesson like 30 minutes
late and they tombez-vous (no show) so then we contacted on the way
back and then we had dinner with the senior couple here in Nice.
Really another amazing week. Saw so many miracles and I definitely
know this church is true. Scripture for the week is 2 Ne 4:34-35 trust
in the lord! Thank you for all of the support! I love you all!
Elder Wade

2 Nephi 4:34-35
34 O Lord, I have trusted thee, and I will trust in thee forever.  I will not put my trust in the arm of flesh; for I know that cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of flesh.  
Yea, cursed is he that putteth his trust in man or machete flesh his arm.
35 Yea, I know that God will give liberally to him that asketh.  Yea, my God will give me, if I ask not amiss; therefore I will lift up my voice unto thee; yea, 
I will cry unto thee, my God, the rock of my righteousness.  
Behold, my voice shall forever ascend up unto thee, 
my rock and mine everlasting God.  Amen.

Hey guys. Thus last week was awesome spiritual, horrible physically
hahaha. Literally all over my body.
* A day after Medicine

 Elder Rellaford and I in Antibes 

Helping a family move for 11 hours

Elder Boynton's Stake President took them out to lunch.