Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week 61 New companions.. "Choosing the Savior is choosing happiness."

Our only photo we took together this week of the new trio!

Hello! This week was such a great week. I love my new comps Elder
Keller and Elder Lutu. We have a great time together and I'm worried
that this transfer is going to go by too fast. This week was very
eventful and I feel like the week taught me a lot of things about
myself and the gospel!

We had a great week with our amis and they are progressing very well.
Serge has been solid and our last lesson with him we taught p hit him
the word of wisdom and he accepted it! He told us that Atoussa told
him about 2 months ago that if he wanted to get baptized he would have
to stop smoking and drinking and so ever since then he has stopped! We
had a very touching RDV with him where he talked about fighting in war
and how he had a lot of things happened to him and he always felt sad
and empty about it. But, he said that the very first day we came into
his home that he felt whole and happy. He is en train to be baptized
on the 9th. Jamel is doing well and she wants to get baptized soon but
is waiting until she has a little more support from her Mom. Ali is
still battling with some things but is making some good progress
towards baptism. We have some other good Amis right now but due to
time I can't go through and name them all, but I am very grateful for
how the work is going.

We went out and contacted a place called Place de Neuve and had a
pretty cool experience. We were contacting separately and there was a
mom sitting on a bench next to her son and I really felt like I needed
to talk to them so I made some small talk with her and sparked a
conversation! She talked about how her husband was a Priest and how
she was very Catholic and believing! So we talked about the
restoration of the priesthood and eternal families and she was really
touched. Then I started to teach her about the Book of Mormon and her
husband showed up and I was kind of sad because I was expecting him to
try and bash or prove everything wrong but he sat there and asked very
good questions. I was grateful for the plan of salvation and for the
knowledge of where I come from, why I am here, and where I am going,
because a lot of his questions revolved around those 3. I was feeling
the spirit so strong and I could tell that they were too. At the end,
the young couple asked if there would be another time we could see
each other and so we exchanged some information and we will be seeing
them this Wednesday at the church. The whole exchange lasted about an
hour and it was the fastest hour of my life! I felt so much love for
these guys and I was so grateful that they were open to it.

Also we had a funny experience on Wednesday. So we had a few important
RDVs scheduled during the night and we were excited about them! So
then the Annecy Elders called us and said they needed a baptismal
interview in an hour haha. So after a few stressful minutes of calls
we got it all arranged! Elder Lutu and Keller drove the car to Annexy
to do the interview while I stayed in Geneva with Frere Fidalgo and
went on an exchange with him! I love Fidalgo so much. It was pretty
fun and weird at the same time. My comps got stuck in traffic coming
back into Geneva and got to the church late, but luckily there was a
ward party and so I had a some "companions" for a little bit.

This week was such a good week and when I went to bed last night I was
so tired haha. It was a hardworking week and I'm very grateful for the
things that happened. Life is so great right now.

Matthew 16: 24-26. This has kind of become my mission motto since I've
been out here. I have really come to realize that the only way to be
sincerely happy is by following the Savior and his example. In losing
ourselves we find ourselves. In giving ourselves to others and in
losing our lives for His sake, we are able to truly find our life
because there is more of it to find. When we catch a glimpse of a love
for Christ such as Peter did (John 21: 1-17), we want nothing more
than to do His will. In John 21 we see that after Christ asked Peter 3
times if he loved him, Peter catches a glimpse of a perfect love for
Christ (and this is after he had already denied him 3 times). And what
happens after this moment? Peter goes on to be the head Apostle and is
eventually crucified upside (it was his choice to be crucified upside
down because he thought it would be disrespectful if he was crucified
the same way Christ was.) I know I'm kind of babbling on right now,
but I was just very touched this week as these verses meant more and
more to me. Again there is only one way to eternal happiness and that
is following the Savior. Our Father in Heaven gave us everything that
we have; and out of all of the many wonderful things he has given us
there is only ONE of these things that is our own. That is our free
agency. And something very special happens when we give Him the one
thing that is even ours to give away, to Him. I know that choosing the
Savior is choosing happiness.

Elder Wade
Matthew 16:24-26
24 "¶Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.
26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"

Elder Austin :) they had us over to eat Monday night and I had to
snap this photo

Another Rosy selfie with a scary baby

Aragon fam!

At the Gare with Frere Fidalgo and Sister Fagg!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 60...Goodbye Elder Barnes

Saying goodbye to Elder Barnes

This email is coming a day later than normal because I was at the
train station here in Geneva all day helping missionaries get to and
from trains, and so we are just stopping by the church to send off a
quick email!

What a week full of so much emotion wow. I'm not going to do a day by
day this week though but I will send lots of photos to make up for it.
So transfer calls...! I'm staying here in Geneva for a 4th transfer
:):) I was so excited when President told me I would be staying again.
But, I was also super sad because Elder Battezzato got transferred to
Martigny and Elder Barnes (Jarom now haha) went home! So, I have 2
more companions now! Elder Keller and Elder Lutu! Elder Keller is from
Woods Cross and is in his 15th transfer. He is the other zone leader
with me here in Geneva and it is his first transfer as a zone leader
so I'm "training" him to be a zone leader. Elder Lutu is from Boise,
Idaho and is in his 4th transfer! Elder Lutu will be driving the car
for Elder Keller and I but he will also help us with all of our other
responsibilities! So voilà that's the news! They are both so great and
I am so stoked to be with them. It's going to be a great transfer.

Okay real talk it was pretty hard saying goodbye to Elder Barnes.
We've spent the last 3 transfers working as hard as we could here in
Geneva and we have seen so many amazing things happen. It's not
everyday that you get to serve as companions for 3 transfers with one
of your high school best friends. Honestly it was pretty special. I am
so grateful for him and for everything he taught me! Even after 3
transfers we would still look at each other and ask "What in the world
are we doing together here in Switzerland?" Haha we had some of the
greatest pillow talks of all time as well. I could go on and on and on
about what it was like, but I'll spare everyone. To be completely
honest, I had some of the greatest, funnest, funniest, most spiritual,
and most incredible moments of my whole life during the last few
months. I knew it would go fast, but looking back it went a lot faster
than I could have ever imagined. Elder Barnes I love you and I'm so
grateful we were companions.

At the same time it was super sad saying goodbye to my favorite
Italian on this planet! Elder Battezzato is seriously one of the
funniest people I've ever met. We got so close during the last
transfer and I know that I will be lifelong friends with him. He made
this last transfer so much better than it could have been if it was
only Elder Barnes and I (and I know Elder Barnes will agree with me
too.)  He is such a great friend and missionary and I'm happy we still
have time left on the mission together!

Again I am so excited to be with Elder Keller and Elder Lutu! This is
going to be such a fun transfer and we should have some great things

I will send lots of pictures because it was a very eventful week! Have
a great week!

I want everyone to know that I know that this church is true.

Elder Wade
Moroni 7:48

Moroni 7:48
"Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure. Amen."
Our last contact together. Really cool. Merci elder Battezzato for the photo

Sending Battezzato off to Martigny

Last FHE at the fidalgo home together!

Saying goodbye to elder Burton

Duck face selfie pt. 2

Service at the Volpicelli home...turned into a big water fight haha

Geneva District meeting!

Salève District meeting!

 Last photo with Mandy and Atoussa

Last church selfie haha

Fidalgo family with the trio haha

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 59 I love Geneva!!

Maman je t'aime! (I Love you Mommy):)

Hello everybody! This was an incredible week here in Geneva! I have
absolutely fallen in love with this city! This week was incredible, so
I will get right to it!

Monday: On Monday everyone in the zone came into Geneva and we had a
big zone p day! We started off at the church and all had a big lunch
together, and then after we headed to a nearby park and played soccer,
basketball and frisby! It was great to see the whole zone :) after p
day we went and had FHE at the Bentele home! We shared a spiritual
thought on daring to stand alone and the spirit was really strong.
Tuesday: Exchange! So we woke up and drove to Gex and started an
exchange with them! I was with Elder Bryce and we also had Elder
Battezzato. We started the exchange off by doing some service for the
Volpicelli family! Sister Volpicelli is so funny. After the service we
went to the church and took a tram down to Place de Neuve and did some
contacting. This week in our mission we had a huge push to find new
amis, so it was good to get some solid contacting in. At 5:30 we had a
lesson with Jamel that went super well. We talked about following the
prophet and she loved it. Her boyfriend came to the lesson and we also
asked Frere Cornetta to come and so it was an overall great lesson and
the spirit was very strong. After the lesson we had another one with
Serge! We were going to teach him the word of wisdom, but when we got
there we realized he hadn't read the Book of Mormon in a we
threw in a quick audible and read out of the Book of Mormon. At the
end of the RDV he talked about how he truly started to believe that
these things are true and he felt so good about life. The Spirit bore
witness to me again that the Gospel truly does bless people's lives
and make them happy. I'm so grateful for it. So at this point it was
pretty late and we hadn't eaten dinner and we were just about to head
back home when we felt like we should pass the Aragon family! So we
went and passed them and had a great little RDV with them and talked
to them about the blessings of having a living prophet, and then we
watched, "A Special Witness" by Thomas S. Monson! Ah it was awesome
and again I just knew that he truly was a prophet. They also invited
us over on Saturday night!
Wednesday: Another great day! So we had a lesson on tithing with Jamel
again and we asked Soeur Ishola to help us out with the lesson. It was
so cool to watch as Jamel saw tithing as such a blessing and was super
excited to start paying it. After the RDV we had to run to an old
missionary apartment that is selling in Geneva and we got there about
15 minutes early and so we prayed to be lead to people, and went out
and contacted! It was a cool moment because we all went contacting by
ourselves (we could still see each other don't worry;) ) and we were
all on different parts of the road teaching someone. It was so cool to
see how we were placed into people's paths, even if we only had 15
minutes. We are going to be seeing thr people we contacted this week
:) we then had a few RDVs fall through, so we worked on transfer
recommendations for the upcoming transfer. It is so crazy how fast
this transfer has gone haha. Then we drove out to Nyon later that
night because there was a member who asked us to have a little lesson
with her and her daughter. Her daughter is not a member and so we
shared a spiritual thought about Christ and asked her (Sarah) to take
the lessons. She said she would let us, but once school was finished!
So we feel good about that.
Thursday: So Thursday we got a call from Soeur Zahnd telling us that
Anthony was sick and needed a blessing so we went over to their house
and gave him one. He is doing so well since his baptism 2 weeks ago
and I am so happy for him! Then we drove out to Gex and I had to pick
up my legality pass which kinda took a little chunk out of our day.
But when we got back, we went to Place de Neuve and contacted some
more and saw a lot of success! We have been going to Place de Neuve a
lot lately because we have had good success there. We found a few new
Amis who we are seeing this next week! After all that, we went and
passed Serge and taught him about the importance of scripture study
and coming to church! It went well. We then went and had a lesson with
Ali and we talked about the importance of coming to church as well. We
then worked a little bit more on transfer recommendations! Pretty
solid day.
Friday: Exchange!! I was in Annecy with Elder Burton. I love him so
much. So we all drove to Annecy and had lunch together at a kebab shop
and then after Elder Johnson went with Elder Barnes and Battezzatto to
Genève! Elder Burton and I had such a good exchange. We started by
walking to an outer area and had a really cool experience while we
were teaching one of their amis named Alexi! So we went and taught him
by his house in like a neighborhood park, and while we were there one
of Alexi's friends named Nikko came over and started talking to us and
was telling Elder Burton and I how he didn't believe in God and how
our church was just like any other church and all that stuff. So,
Elder Burton explained to him how our church is ran and he didn't
believe us because he thought we were lying. It's hard to really
explain everything that happened in the conversation, but it was such
a spiritual experience testifying with Elder Burton. He then started
talking to us about how there isn't a God and so I opened up the Book
of Mormon and read from Alma 30:44 to him and as I was reading it was
seriously one of the most spiritual moments. I could just feel the
love of Heavenly Father...and I know he could to. He had denied
everything we had said but after we read the scripture, the spirit was
so strong and we said, "Nikko, what you feel right now is the presence
of God, telling you that he loves you." Yes I know you are all
expecting me to say that he asked for baptism right then and
there...but he didn't. In fact he wouldn't even accept a Book of
Mormon. But, I know with all of my heart that he felt the Spirit. We
also had another really cool story! So, we went contacting by Lake
Annecy (sooo beautiful) and right when we got there, we said a prayer
to be led to someone! So, as soon as we finished the prayer we looked
up and saw a mom pushing a stroller!! So we went and talked to her
about families and she explained to us how she had lost people that
were close to her. We asked her what that would mean if she knew she
could see them again and she said, "everything." Long story short, she
gave us her number and said that she wanted to hear more about the
message. I didn't write a lot about the experience but it was so cool.
We spent the next few hours contacting and passing people! So we ran
into Carrefour and grabbed a few pizzas to cook later that night and
while we were on our way home we passed a house with a family of
Armenian kids on a fence and they were super excited to see us. Right
before we said goodbye, we reached into our bags and gave them the a
pizza to go cook and they were so happy and excited. Losing yourself
is truly the only way to find yourself. Then Elder Burton and I had
our last night together! He is seriously such a stud and we have spent
so much time together during my mission.
Saturday: Saturday Elder Barnes and Battezzato came down to Annecy to
pick me up, and then we went to the Bentele's to do some service for
them. We moved some furniture, including the piano, around the house
and then we power washed/scrubbed down their deck. It was honestly
lots of fun and we had too much fun with the hose ;) Then we went and
changed real fast so we could make it to the church intime to teach
Jamel with her boyfriend, Johnathan. We taught her service and
explained Home/Visiting teachers and how she'll receive a calling
after her baptism. She ate it all up and can't wait to be a visiting
teacher haha. Then we went and had dinner with the Aragon family. They
are such an awesome family and we had a really good curry chicken
dinner with them and then played telestrations. We shared a message
about the Book of Mormon and bore testimony about how each one of us
had received our individual testimonies of it. It was really cool to
see the kids open up and express a desire to know for themselves as
well. It was seriously such a good night!
Sunday: Church was incredible. I have been absolutely loving church
lately...of course I always love going, but lately it's just been so
enjoyable. Jamel came to sacrament and we were happy to see her.
Unfortunate she was the only amie at church and Serge and his family
were going to come but couldn't make it as a last second empêchement
got in their way. Nevertheless it was still great! After church we
tried to weekly plan a little bit, and then we went and contacted!
After contacting we went and ate at the Gaag's house! It was a great
night and they are such an awesome family! After we went to the church
and did zone numbers!

Voilà la semaine! Thank you so much for the support! Have a great week!

Elder Wade
Moroni 10:32

Moroni 10:32
"Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God."

La famille Aragon!!

Exchange with Elder Burton

Some service for the Volpicelli's!

La famille Clement

Zone p day!

We had some bad sunburns, so the Bentele fam gave us some creme haha

Week 58 Lot of pictures

Zone finding day. Merci elder Hoopes for the photo

Hello everybody! This week was crazy good and crazy busy highlighted
by zone finding day in Geneva, an exchange with 2 Italians haha and
then another exchange in the Spanish companionship, lots of miracles
and new Amis! Here is the recap:

Monday: P day! So we went and visited the big St. Jean Cathedral here
in Geneva and it was honestly really cool. It was one of the main
reformation cathedrals during the reformation! So then after we had
family home evening with the Bentele family. It was really good and
they always take such good care of us. Haha also we played a game kind
of like charades and they thought we would lose because they have all
spoken French their whole life but Elder Barnes, Battezzato and I took
home the trophy ;) good stuff. That night we shared a thought on
prayer and it was a really touching one for me and I was able to
better understand how I need to always have a prayer in my heart.
Tuesday: ¿cómo estás? Because here in Genève it is so diverse, we have
a Spanish set of missionaries haha so I got to go on another exchange
in the Spanish companionship with Elder Leon from Columbia! We started
the day off and my language study was so intense haha. I asked him
questions about Spanish for a straight hour and my Brian was pretty
fried after. But we contacted a little bit and then we had a lesson
with an 8 year old named Reubén! Haha he was such a funny kid and is
just about to be baptized so his Dad wanted him to take a few
missionary lessons. We taught him the 10 commandments and I sat there
and drew on the whiteboard for him because I didn't understand
anything haha I felt like I was back in the MTC. Then after we went
and had another RDV with one of their Amis and luckily she spoke a
little French so I was able to communicate! Haha okay so funny/cool
story...when we were contacting I got a call from Elder Barnes and he
wanted me to pass the phone to Elder Leon because they contacted a
Chinese speaker and Elder Leon speaks Chinese. So while he was on the
phone I was just walking by him listening to him when I a mom pushing
a stroller walked straight passed us and I just had the sudden feeling
to talk to her! So I turned around and did without Elder Leon seeing
me (so he kept walking) but the mom stopped and we had a great talk
about the gospel and families. Just before Elder Leon got out of my
sight he realized I wasn't by him and turned around to come get me and
right before he got to me some random guy just started screaming and
yelling at me haha. The mom I was talking to was kind of weirded out
by everything and walked away haha. There was so many people around me
when he was yelling as well haha. Great day though :)
Wednesday: So for lunch on Wednesday we went over to the Mueller fam
and ate! Again go watch their "I'm a Mormon" sometime! Then we tried
to go pass an old amie but she wasn't there! Then we went and saw Ali
and talked about the sabbath day and coming to church and we read in
the Book of Mormon with him! Right after we went and saw Anthony and
it was the first time we had seen him since his baptism so we kind of
talked to him about how he felt and then how we are going to start
going over the lessons again! Right after we went to the Cannalles
family and ate! Soeur Cannalles is such a good mom. She is from
Honduras and is divorced and is raising 2 kids here in Geneva but she
has the biggest heart ever. It was such a great night and at the end
of the RDV she asked us to give her a blessing and I had the
opportunity to give it to her and it was such an amazing experience
and I got just a glimpse of how much love Heavenly Father loves her. I
don't really know how to explain it but it was awesome.
Thursday: Viva Italia!! Hahaha funniest day ever. So we did an
exchange with the Salève elders! I was with Elder Trapani and Elder
Battezzatto in Salève! They are both Italian and are so funny. It was
definitely an exchange I'll remember. But we contacted a little bit
and then went and passed a few potentials they had. Then we got a call
from the Annemasse elders and they needed help with a lesson so we
went and helped them. I'll send a video home of what the exchange was
like hahsha. We had to cut the exchange a little bit early because we
had a meeting with the stake president to talk about how the
missionary work is going in the stake. After our meeting, there was a
movie theatre that was showing "Meet the Mormons" and our stake went
to it and we got permission to go! So it was pretty fun. Also weird to
be back at a movie theatre...Elder Barnes was getting too trunky
thinking about his 2 weeks left so we had to leave the movie theatre
early ;) haha I'm kidding Elder Barnes isn't even kind of trunky at
Friday: Zone Finding Day! It was a pretty miracle day too! So the
whole zone came here to Geneva at lunch time and we ate and then went
out and had a few contacting activities to do! It was honestly pretty
cool and we finished around 5 at "Place de Neuve" and there is a huge
reformation monument there which was really cool and we all took a
photo next to it! A lot happened during finding day but I'll keep the
details short! So after we drove to Annemasse and ate at a restaurant
with the Annemasse elders and a girl named Jamel and her boyfriend
Johnathon! Side story: The Annemasse elders have been teaching Jamel
for about a month now. Johnathon is a member in Annemasse and
introduced her to the church. Jamel lives in our sector and they
talked to President about the situation and President told them to
pass her to us! So we all ate together so that she could get to know
us before they passed her to us! She is 17 years old and is from
Brazil. Her mom doesn't want her to get baptized so she is waiting
until she turns 18 to do it. (But she came to church with Jamel on
Sunday and had a great time and she really felt the spirit) so we will
see! But voilà!
Saturday: haha crazy day. So we woke up and met the English elders at
the church and just did a little exchange! I was with them and waited
for Ebuka to come (he didn't), while Elder Barnes and Elder Battezzato
went and passed Serge! After that at about midi we went and passed Ali
and read the Book of Mormon with him! We then went and passed Anthony
and watched the restoration video! He is doing great. After we drove
out to Nyon to teach a family that was in our area book and it was
seriously such a good RDV. While we were eating, she talked about how
there is something different about our church and how she feels good.
We told her that she could have that feeling with her a lot more often
by being a member and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. I could go
on and on about the lesson, but the spirit was very strong and the mom
said that her heart wants her to start taking the lessons but she
wasn't sure yet. So we hope she calls us this week.
Sunday: Great for church it was like a big stake conference
for all of Western Europe broadcasted in Salt Lake! It was super good
and Elder Christofferson presided and it was really touching. Also our
amis Serge, Jamel, Jamel's mom, and Frere Clement came! It was great
and there were multiple Portuguese speaking members who came up to
Jamel's mom after and talked to her. After church we went and ate at
the Cornetta home! They fed us raclette which is my favorite dish
here! Haha I love them so much they are such a great famille. We then
planned a little bit and did zone numbers!

Thank you for the support! Have a great week!
Alma 30:44 really touched not only me, but Elder Barnes and Elder
Battezzato this week. Du coup, c'est l'écriture de la semaine.

Elder Wade

Alma 30:40
"And now what evidence have ye that there is no God, 
or that Christ cometh not? 
I say unto you that ye have none, save it be your word only."

Zone Photo in front of the reformation monument

Elder price, Barnes, me, burton...reform status haha

Exchange pic with Elder Leon in the Spanish equip!

Zone finding day = lots of boxes

Elder Leon and I with Reubén haha

Chez la famille mueller!

Elder Battezzato, Elder Trapani and I!

La famille Cannalles

Eating a patisserie with elder Trapani for lunch

 Filling up the gas selfie. It's like we're back in kaysville haha

Cornetta fam!!

Week 57 Anthony's Baptism & Working on the farm

Us at his baptism the day before :)

Hello everyone! This week was amazing and it ended incredibly with
Anthony's baptism! I know it wasn't planned for this week, but he
wanted to be baptized this weekend so it happened! A lot of stuff
happened so I'll try to remember it all!

Monday: Once P day ended we went to the church and had our interviews
with President Brown! I seriously love President Brown so much. After
he took us out to a nice Mexican restaurant and it was so good. It's
been awhile since I've had some Mexican food and it hit the spot haha.
Tuesday: We had zone conference in Geneva and it was so good.
President really talked about finding new Amis and getting people to
teach. We presented on faith and how to have faith during planning and
also when we are out finding! After zone conference we went and passed
by Serge and we finally got back in contact with him and he was happy
to see us! We refixed his baptismal date for June 11th so we are
hoping all goes well! After that we started an exchange with the
Annemasse Elders! I was in Annemasse with Elder Oborn. Elder Oborn is
in his 7th transfer and started off in Nice and after 3 transfers went
to Corsica just like me haha so we had a lot to talk about! He
actually baptized Noel during his last week on Corsica! Noel is the
husband of Sylvia who was baptized when I was there and so it was cool
to talk about them and about their progression.
Wednesday: Elder Osborn and I woke up and after studies we walked like
an hour to a members house to do some service and when we got there
they weren't there haha. So we walked back and contacted a little bit.
During our lunch break we ate at a boulangerie and helped one of the
members with his English. Then we went and passed a members house and
when we got there....he had 2 nonmember friends with him waiting to be
taught! Haha it was definitely a best case scenario. So we taught them
and they wanted to learn more! Then we went out contacting and it
started to rain so hard and I was in my short sleeve shirt (I packed
away my sweaters and jackets about a month ago and will not put them
on again until it's winter) haha so then while we were out we got a
call from a few sister missionaries and they needed help with one of
their lessons and so we had to take a train to get out to the RDV but
we eventually got there and were able to help a little bit. Later that
night we finished the exchange and i was back in Geneva with Elder
Barnes and Battezzato.
Thursday: Exchange again! So we woke up and drove to St. Genis and
started an exchange with them. I was with Elder Brook who came out
into the mission field with me! Good stuff. They didn't have a lot of
things to be honest and sum it up, we spent most of
the day finding :) haha so then we realized that we still had the keys
to the apartment in Geneva so we drove back to Geneva at about 8 that
night! So long story short, Anthony's baptism was scheduled for next
week, but he wanted to be baptized this weekend! So we spent a lot of
the night on the phone making calls and arranging things but voilà at
the end of the night it was set for this Saturday!
Friday: So we woke up on Friday and drove to Gex for district meeting!
Elder Hoopes is the DL in Gex and he did a great job speaking on
finding new Amis. After we headed back to Geneva and went chez la
famille Zahnd and taught Anthony the remaining few things, and then
Elder Price came down from Salève and did the interview with him! All
went well and the baptism was a go! Then we went to the institute
building and had our Amis/members activity! The institute is closing
soon which is sad, so we profited of the institute while we still had
it and played games with Amis and members! Honestly a super busy day
haha we were all over the place but it was great.
Saturday: Anthony's baptism! So we had our samedi sportif and played
soccer with a bunch of people! Our new ami Ewet came and we were able
to teach him a little bit before we played soccer! After soccer we ran
back home and got showered and ready for the baptism! We still had a
few hours until we needed to fill up the font so we tried to pass a
few Amis and teach them and invite them to the baptism. But eventually
we got to the church and got everything ready for the baptism! At
about 6:00 we walked about 10 minutes to the Zahnd home and then
accompanied them to the church! Anthony was so excited when we got
there it was awesome. So we got to the church and took some photos and
then the baptismal service! The Muellers gave some great talks on the
baptism and the Holy Ghost. Anthony was then baptized by Frere
Allenbach, who is another member here. Elder Barnes and I were the
witnesses of the baptism as well. Haha Anthony forgot to close his
mouth when he went under so he came up all choking and gagging and we
were all pretty nervous for a few seconds...but then he got his breath
under control and started to laugh and then we all joined in haha. It
was a really cool baptismal service and right after Anthony was
baptized I looked at Soeur Zahnd and she was in tears and I asked her
how she felt and she said, "This is a day I've always hoped would
happen for my son." Really cool day :) also even though Anthony is
only 11 he said "I am doing this 100% for me. Not for my mom, but for
me." It was touching to see how sincere he was.
Sunday: Anthony's confirmation! So we all went to church and Anthony
was confirmed! Anthony asked me to confirm him and that was a cool
experience. He is seriously such a stud and I was so happy for him.
Serge also came to church!! When he walked in the whole Ward just ate
him up it was super cool. He had such a great time and said he would
come every week now! Haha and we sang "If You Could Hie To Kolob" at
the end and hahaha I was dying because I thought he was going to have
some crazy questions after the hymn, but he was singing so loud and
just loved all is well. Atoussa also gave a talk in sacrament
on baptism and it blew me away. She is doing so well and has made so
much progress since her baptism about 6 weeks ago. She said one thing
that really touched me: "I am grateful for my Heavenly Father because
I was once a lost sheep, but now I have found the way." The spirit hit
me so hard. We then went back home and planned a little bit for this
upcoming week, then we ate at the Austins house! Sister Austin made
some great homemade food. After that we went and did numbers for our

Voilà la semaine!
3 Nephi 14: 7-11 really touched me this week. I know we are all
children of a loving God who loves and bless us us. Thank you for the
support! Have a great week!

Elder Wade

3 Nephi 14:7-11
 7 Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
8 For every one that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh, findeth; and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened.
9 Or what man is there of you, who, if his son ask bread, will give him a stone?
10 Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?
11 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

Us with Anthony during church after his confirmation!

Haha funny selfie elder Battezzato took on our exchange in St.
Genis with elder Brook! We were walking and saw a guy out doing some
farming so we stopped and helped him for a bit.

 Zone Conference!

Exchange in Annemasse with Elder Oborn!

Gex district meeting haha

Week 56 The translator

Elder Hoopes took this as we were porting haha

Week 55 The 3 Musketeers!