Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 18 Transfer week...

 Funny picture with a really cute lady in our Ward :) she says

"Elder Wade I pray every night you'll spend your whole 2 years in
Nice" hahaha

Hello family and friends! :) another week flying by here in a Nice as
Transfer 2 out in the field comes to an end! So....I'm staying in Nice
again for another transfer :) I promise everyone that Nice will
forever be my favorite Ville in the world. I absolutely love it here
on the coast of France! Each day we walk by the Mediterranean and can
see Italy from where we are. It's the greatest Ville on this planet I
guarantee it. When I leave, I will be soooo sad. But, another transfer
:) and Elder Boynton got called to Aix-en-Province to be a ZL and I
just want everyone to know what a great trainer, friend, and
missionary he was! I will forever love him to death and HAHAHAA wow we
had some hilarious moments together, some amazingly spiritual moments
together. From getting cussed out in front of 200 people on a train
for proselyting and then just laughing so hard about it, to watching
people change their lives closer to Christ, and everything else in
between...we've been through a lot and I love him so much!
Monday: P Day! We didn't do a lot and just pretty much did the
necessities and wrote home. After, we went to the Cresto's again and
had family home evening with them. Everyone, they are honestly my
family. Words can't even describe how much I love Frere and Soeur
Cresto and their 2 kids! Which by the way, they have asked me to be
"Le parrain" which means "the godfather" of their youngest son! In
France that is an actual thing that you can become as well. So that
was soooo cool :)
Tuesday: HAHAHA story time!!! So...Elder Boynton and I have this jar
filled with a bunch of coins that we've collected over the last 3
months haha and we needed to grab some oats for dinner so we went
downstairs to the market. Of course we brought this jar filled with 2
and 5 piรจce centimes down with us. So we get our oats and head to the
self pay checkout.  Our total was like 2 euros and so we were like
"are we really going to pay with all these centimes" bahhh oui haha so
we start to just dump our coins into the machine and after awhile the
machine just stops counting and jams and there is absolutely nothing
we can do. Haha so we were so embarrassed and laughing so hard. Keep
in mind it's about 6:00 pm and there is 15 people in line behind us
just waiting and it won't work. Haha so like 4 employees come over to
help us (don't worry we stopped laughing once we knew it wasn't
working haha) and they can't fix it, so eventually they decide to open
the machine and see what happened. HAHA as they open the machine I kid
you not at least 125 coins just spill out ALL OVER the ground and we
were absolutely dying hahaha. It was so embarrassing. After 30 minutes
When we got out of the store and up to our apartment, we looked at
each other and just died of laughter haha it was sooo funny and so
embarrassing. So then after that we contacted and got bodied and no
one listened but still it's just so fun to contact.
big 9!! Can't believe it's already been a year since I baptized her :)
so today was a great day because we had a RDV (lesson) with Sammy,
Mary Jane and Agnes. Sammy said he wants to be baptized but is scared
so we are really working with him. And Agnes the same thing. They also
said they would come to church again. They love coming to church and
the members here are so awesome when we get Amis to church. This Ward
is so amazing. Just a good day. And we contacted a lot.
Thursday:  Another great day here in beautiful Nice! We had District
Meeting and it was only us 6 guys so it was so fun and sooo spiritual.
I was talking about my genealogy and I got on my Family Search and it
reminded me of 2 Kings 6: 15-17 where it talks about how there are
more people with us then against us. I really felt the help of all my
ancestors like even the ones I don't know who lived a long time ago.
So yes it was great. I can see why genealogy is so important and I
genuinely felt the spirit and presence of my ancestors. Then we had a
tombez vous with Allain but then we visited him a few hours later so
that was great!
Friday: Transfer call day! Hahaha  people who served missions know the
feeling of what it's like Friday morning trying to do personal study
just waiting for the call. But it finally came and like I said, elder
Boynton is out of nice and I found out I'm getting Elder Anderson! The
other elders in the apartment (Elder Andrew and Burton) are staying
together for a 3rd straight! And elder Andrew finishes his mission at
the end of this transfer which will be crazy. I will have been with
those 2 for 4 1/2 months at the end of the transfer. My 3 months with
elder Boynton were so good haha we balled so hard everyday.
Saturday: We played basketball with our Amis and then contacted,
weekly planned, and had a RDV with someone named Edwyn, and then had a
family home evening with the Tahitian family (I can't spell or
pronounce their name so I just call them the Tahitian family) and they
are awesome!!
Sunday: Best Sunday yet!! So we had 3 Amis come (Sammy, Mary Jane and
Agnes) and the spirit was so strong it was crazy. So after, we talked
with them and Sammy told me that he wants to be baptized more than
anything but he just has to overcome some things and difficulties he
has. Mary Jane said she wants to as well. They could sure use your
prayers. (I will send a picture with them after church) but we
committed them to be baptized on the 10th of October and they are
excited. Sammy said its not a matter of if he gets baptized...just
when. So we are praying for that date as that would be the last
Saturday before the transfer! Church was so good as usual and it's so
fun to be able to understand the talks and comment in lessons and
stuff now. So after church, we contacted and made calls a little bit.
Dinner came around and we went with the ZL's to the church and had one
last meal aka "The Last Supper" with each other.

Today I picked up Elder Anderson in Marseille and we are ready to to!
I'll send a picture next week. I love you all thanks for the support

Elder Wade

Our Amis Sammy (very right) and Mary Jane (very left) set for October 10th!

Tahitian Family!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 17 Haircut gone bad...

We had a disaster with a haircut on an exchange fyi hahaha

 La famille Vaysse!! (Yes because of the haircut incident I'm now bald hahaha)

What a week. I want to start off by expressing my love for Coleman
Treadwell and his family. Coleman is one of the greatest kids I know!
A funny story about him really I was late to school one
day and I saw him in the halls in his SBO outfit and yelled "Coleman,
I need you to come and tell my teacher that I was helping you with SBO
stuff so that she won't mark me tardy! Please please do it!" And he
said okay. Hahaha so then he gets to my class and I'm expecting him to
say something like 'hey jesse was helping me in the halls with SBO
stuff so don't mark him tardy' BUTTT he gets in the front of the class
and says "Hey everyone because Jesse is going to Gonzaga he thinks he
can not be tardy so teacher mark him tardy" hahaha and I looked at him
and mouthed "What the heck?" And he winked at me and said "don't worry
I got you" haha and I laughed so hard. Long story short...our teacher
got distracted talking to Coleman that she didn't mark me tardy :):)
But everyone please pray for one of my good friends Coleman as he was
in a bad Vespa accident. I am definitely praying for him here in
It was a great week here in France. I love this work. So...the week!!

Monday: P day! I already sent the pic Last week of that girl haha it
was so funny but I included this day in my last email so PASSSS
Tuesday: I saw Elder Haws again! Elder Haws and his comp Elder Thueson
had to come to Nice for their legality and they needed help so we kind
of helped them around Nice and stuff. But it was so cool to be with
Elder Haws in Nice. We also ate at Fenocchios which is this ice cream
place and someone told me it was the #1 ranked ice cream place in the
Once they left, and we went contacting and had some cool things
happen! We scheduled a rendez vous with a guy named Serge as well as
another guy named Simba. Serge was cool because he was sweeping and We
started talking and he said we had a beautiful church and he was
interested! Just an awesome day to be honest.
Wednesday: this was almost the same day as before! We got a call when
we were out contacting that Soeur Holmes (Davis High grad) and Soeur
Stapley were coming to Nice for legality so we helped them out with
that! Once they left, we walked about an hour to this place and the
people we had a rendez vous with weren't there so we just contacted by
that area and stuff! Then we had Ward council that night. Also the ZLs
were on an exchange with Antibes and so I got to hang out with Elder
Warner again from the MTC.
Thursday: DOPE DAY!! So today in our zone was the "Day of Miracles"
and basically every equipe called every equipe and prayed with the so
that they could have a miracle of some sort. It was our best day
numbers wise! To start off we had suuuuch a dope conversation with
someone named Lauron by our church and we started off with the
questionnaire and then he said "What does this have to do with Jesus?"
Hahah we were like "Sit down and we will tell you;)" but for real he
said he will call us soon. So we hope. Also, we had an amazing lesson
with Jethro again and his 3 friends Immanuel, Ricky, and Neza! We
really talked about the retab and how they can know these things are
true! It was such an awesome day and finished so well with the rendez
vous chez Jethro!
Friday: Exchange! Such an awesome day. Today I went to St. Raphael
with Elder Barben! He is from Layton and went to Northridge! And he's
6'7" haha. He's such a stud though honestly. So we didn't have any
rendez vous fixed for the whole day so we contacted the whole entire
day! So sick. I kid you not, in all we figured we walked about 13
miles! But, we had a RDV scheduled with someone who lived about a 90
minute walk we went. And they weren't there but another
member (dope Tahitian named Max) saw us, and took us to McDonalds and
then brought us home :)Cool there was a kid our age, and as
we passed him I had this crazy feeling to go back and talk to him so I
turned around and ran after him and got up next to him and I asked him
if he could help us with our questionnaire for 30 seconds and he said
yes. So we asked him who the first person that comes to mind in his
family, and he said his mom. And then we said, "We are here to help
you keep those feelings you have forever. Because they can last
forever and we know you can live with her after this life because of
Jesus Christ." And his eyes swelled with tears as he told us that his
mom had passed away. We went over the plan of salvation quickly and
then retestified. Ah it was sooo good. He sat there with tears in his
eyes because he could feel the spirit so strongly and he wanted to
know more and more. I was very grateful for the spirit that was there.
The spirit was so strong wow. It was amazing, and probably one of the
most spiritual moments of my life. I have a strong testimony that God
knows each person on this earth perfectly, and loves them perfectly. I
was grateful that Heavenly Father put him in our path and we were able
to talk to him that day.
Saturday: Hahahah okay....Saturday morning elder Barben and I woke up
early so he could cut my hair...and it was literally like a movie
moment. Hahaha I'm sitting there and he's cutting and then all of the
sudden he's like "Ohhhh noooo" and I looked in the mirror and the top
right part of my head was absolutely buzzed hahaha. So we ended up
having to just shave it off. So I got absolutely buzzed haha. We
played some basketball when we got home from the exchange! Also when
we were there a bunch of our Ward was there practicing the song "Marry
You" for this couple that's getting married in our Ward. I promise
they are some of the most amazing people on the planet! So then we
went and contacted a bunch and it started POURING! It was soooo nice.
Nice is so hot and humid and finally the rain felt so good. But we
contacted for a few hours and had some cool conversations and then we
had a rendez vous with the Vaysse family later that night! They are a
half French half Malagasy family and so cute. It was a great day!
Sunday: another great day at church. I love the Ward soooo much.
Honestly! But I translated again and it was so awesome. When you
translate you sit with a microphone and speak in English through the
mic to all the people who don't speak French or are on vacation and
all that! Then after church we had our Ward meal and then we went and
contacted and got poured on again!

It was another great week here on the mission! I love it here. The
mission has been the greatest experience of my life so far without
question. I love it here! Thank you so much for the prayers as well it
means so much to me. I love you guys.
Acts 20:35 :)

Elder Wade

Elder Haws and I eating the worlds greatest ice cream!

 Rendez vous with Jethro and his Amis!

 Selfie in the back of a member in ST. Raphael's car. Haha he picked
us up on the highway with cars behind and yelled "hurry elders get in"
and I knew I was going in the back and I saw this big dog and was so
scared just to like walk in haha. Luckily it was a nice dog.
Exchange photo with elder Barben!

Week 16 Right place at the wrong time...

 Zone conference we played the funnest game and someone took this
picture of Elder Boynton and I haha. It was basically missionary
version of charades (spelling on that i don't know)

Family and friends!! I can't believe how fast time is going! Another
week gone! This week was really the best week yet by far! The gift of
tongues is so real and I could feel it the most this week! I know this
is really His work. We saw some pretty amazing things this week and if
you don't read all my emails all the way through then at least read
Friday from this week and then also scroll to the bottom and read my
last little tid bit haha because I had the funniest moment that
happened like an hour before writing emails today! :)

Monday: We wrote emails, and then later that night we had a rendez
vous with the Cresto's and the Chen family before they left back home!
It was a great one and we talked about temples the whole time. Also
just wait until you see what shirt Frere Cresto is wearing in a pic :)
but not much to write this day because it was just P Day and then we
had a cool rendez vous!
Tuesday: We had such an awesome rendez vous with Sammy and Tony on
repentance and receiving an answer! Sammy wants to be baptized but he
says he isn't ready so we will have to push his date back until he is
ready! But the spirit was so strong and we talked a lot about Jesus
Christ. It's really amazing the spirit you can feel when you talk
about Jesus Christ. Then we had a lot of contacting and honestly had
some really good conversations.
Wednesday: Zone Conference! We went to Aix en Province for the
conference and it was honestly so good. President Brown is awesome and
we introduced something new called "Allez-vous" which means like "will
you?" And the goal is to get 7 commitments per day using Allez vous.
Haha it's actually really fun and for example on Friday on an exchange
with elder Quinn I we had 7 on the day and wanted 8 so I walked up to
a lady and said "madame est-ce que vous savez sourire? Allez vous
sourire pour nous?" Which I basically asked he if she knew how to
smile and laugh then asked her if she could haha. So it's awesome.
Zone conferences are so sick because you just talk to everyone and
talk about funny and cool experiences you've had.
Thursday: not a lot happened on Thursday! It was super super sad
because the elderly couple left Friday so we went over and helped them
for a little bit and Soeur Burton made us one last meal (she made us
so many :)) and then we said goodbye! So that was really sad they are
so amazing! And we also found out we will be moving into their
apartment next transfer because they are closing ours because of the
bed bugs and how small it is haha. But then we went proselyting and
that was that!
Friday: Suchhh a good day! So we had an exchange in Nice and I was
with Elder Quinn who is serving in St. Raphael right now. He is such a
stud!! So we had a lesson with Allain and it was supposed to be at
14:30, but we thought it was at 14:00 so we left 30 minutes earlier
than we needed accident! So we get on the tram and sit down by
this lady from Portugal named Anna. We started talking to her just
really small talk (haha I started off the convo by asking her where
the best k bob is haha) SO, we get talking and she tells us she is
married with 3 kids and I almost died. Literally on the spot, I said,
"Anna we have been called by God through a prophet to be here and
share a message we know to be true. You can live with your family
after this life and we know how to help you." And I felt the spirit so
strong. It was incredible. So then, she needed to get off at the next
stop so I lied and said Us too (hahaha most typical missionary move
ever ๐Ÿ˜‰) and we continued to talk for 30 minutes! AHHH it was so good.
At the end, she gave me her number and said to call her but she was
already late for work so she needed to go! It was sooo amazing. So
then, it was like 14:20 at that time and we were like oh crap we are
so late to our lesson with Allain. Then...I was like "wait it's at
14:30 not 14:00 and we both looked at each other and had THE biggest
smile on our face because we knew that we had been confused just so
that we could talk to Anna and share that. It was so awesome. So we
will have a rendez vous with her this week! And then after that we
talked to someone off the tram for about another 30 minutes about
prophets and it was so cool. Just a day filled with miracles.
Saturday: We played basketball in the morning just like usual! Haha I
absolutely love the people we play with. But then their was a baptism
in Cannes (right by Nice) so Elder Andrew needed to sign something
(he's a ZL) and so we did another mini exchange that day as I went
with Elder Burton and we stayed in Nice and Elder Boynton and Andrew
went to Cannes! We had a rendez vous with a member named Jethro and he
invited 7 of his friends! Haha it was soooo cool. They are all
Pilipino. It was such a fun night. We talked about temples and it's
amazing what the result was! They were all sooo interested and a few
of them I saw on their phones were searching "Temples" and all that
stuff. It's cool to see how the whole mindset of focusing on the
temples is what we need to be doing right now! Also, our Amis Jerome
and Anne Sophie got back from their 2 week vacation so that was nice!
Sunday: Church! So good like always! Between contacting in the hot
weather and church that basically sums up our day!

hahah so I know I usually don't include what I do today (Monday) in
this email and save it for next weeks, haha but I have to send this
picture in this one. This girl named Marie was 76 years old and she
was out dribbling a ball by the beach and like doing dribbling drills
and I walked by her and stole the ball from her and she started
laughing and I said "If I score on you then you have to give me
private lessons on how to play basketball because I don't know how to
play and I want to learn :):)"  and she laughed and miraculously Elder
Warner from Antibes (we did a district P Day today) took these 2
pictures! It was so funny and she was one of the coolest ladies I have
ever met. The pictures are really funny! :)

I love you all so much and have such a great week :)
Elder Wade

 rendez vous with Jethro and all his friends!

 Elder Barnes and I again! Haha we laugh every second together.

 New French suits we got on Soldes (I got the deal of a lifetime FYI)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 15- I was "bodied" this week

 The Cresto family!! Literally my second family I kid you not.

Family and friends! Another great week has come and gone in the
beautiful city of Nice! My scripture for the week is 2 Ne 5: 27 which
says "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of
happiness." Just be happy! I love that scripture so much. Just try to
live by it and you'll always live a happy life :)

Monday: So like I've said one hundred times, we are in a 4 man
apartment and honestly we love each other sooo much. Haha we get along
so well. So we went to Eze again with the new Nice sisters and then we
went to Monaco. Monaco is like this tiny country right next to France!
But we went to the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco and it was so sweet.
So then as our P Day ended we had a rendez vous with the Concha family
who live in France right next to Monaco. They are an awesome Pilipino
family and the food was so good! We have a rendez vous with them and
their friends soon too :) P days in Nice are so beautiful. Most of our
Amis are on vacation so we had a lot of contacting this week!

Tuesday: We woke up early and sent off Elder Davis :( it was so sad to
see him leave. I learned honestly so much from him and absolutely love
him. But then after that, we went and played soccer at this field and
some 11 year old team was there and they were so good haha it was
insane. Buuuutt, thr greatest moment in my soccer career happened when
I was playing goalie and stopped a kick and then just joking around
drop kicked it as hard as I could to the other goal, and it hit the
top right post and went in ๐Ÿ˜Ž Hey Coach Michaelson and Coach Daniels
it's a good thing no one got it on film or else I would've sent the
film into the soccer coach at Gonzaga and transferred to the soccer
team ;);) hahaha then after that we went contacting and played a fun
contacting game with each other. I contacted all the basketball
looking players, and elder Boynton contacted all the rugby looking
players. Haha good stuff I love contacting so much.

Wednesday: Such a sick day!! We hit the pavement hard for about 5
hours straight contacting! It was so awesome. Honestly probably my
favorite part of being a missionary is just talking to so many
different people! It's so fun and cool to see how different and unique
everyone is. For example we got absolutely cussed out by someone haha,
and then 3 minutes later met the nicest lady who said we were a bunch
of nice things. And she just randomly came up to us and said them too.
It was really cool. So then the COOLEST thing happened! We were on the
tram contacting and I initially contacted some people in French and
they said they only spoke English, so loooong story short, their
neighbors are Mormon and their neighbors son just left for a mission
and that they wanted to repay their neighbors back for all the nice
things they've done, so they said that they were on their way to one
of the nicest restaurants in France, and told us to come with them and
they would pay for us!! It was so good!! But they are the Chen's from
Vancouver Canada! They were really so nice. I've got a picture with
them so that will be coming! They were awesome.

Thursday: Haha we got bodied on Friday! So just quickly in our
apartment we say the word bodied a lot. It's like if someone cusses
you out, or something unfortunate happens you just say "bodied" and
laugh it off. So that's where that word comes from FYI. But first we
had District Meeting which was so awesome! So after District meeting
it was about 2 and we had a rendez vous at 3 way far away, so we
hurried there and when we arrived, he wasn't there! Tombez vous.
(Rendez vous means like a teaching appointment. In French "tomber"
means to fall, so it just means like a fall through lesson) So then we
had another rendez vous at 4 on the other side of town...went there,
another tombez vous haha. So then we were supposed to have a rendez
vous at the end of the night with Bishop Meunier and his awesome
family, but we literally could not find his house. We searched for 2
hours and couldn't find it. And it was so hot and we were sweating so
bad haha we were gross. So then the best part is we finally got back
home to have dinner and plan,  so we put it in the oven and then start
planning. 30 minutes later when planning gets done we literally say at
the same time "What's that smell?" And then we both started laughing
so hard without even needing to find out what the smell was because
after everything that day, we realized we had burnt the food. Haha we
just sat there and laughed. Looking back in the day, it was such a fun
day though haha :)

Friday: Such a good one! So we had a rendez vous with a less active at
around noon. It's so cool to see him progressing too! We are talking
about getting him to the temple soon and have had some great lessons
recently. But after that we were contacting and not having that much
success (none haha) so we decided to go play basketball and contact
because we've had good success doing that in the past. But we didn't
know if we had enough time so we flipped a coin and ended up going!
First off, it was the best ball I've played in France yet! Like 3 of
the Nice professional team players were there and another guy who just
signed a contract with another team in France and we just balled haha.
So then we had some way cool conversations about why I was there and
putting basketball on hold for 2 years and stuff. So then eventually
someone there wanted to play again so we told them if they came
tomorrow at the church we would and we will talk more about why we are
here and stuff and he said yes! Haha that's the best kind of
contacting ;)

Saturday: We woke up and played basketball at the church and had 13
people again! It was so fun and it's always cool to share spiritual
thoughts and have a prayer! After that we had a rendez vous with An
less active named Allain! We are really progressing him towards going
to the temple it's been awesome! So then we still have a car for
another week, so us 4 in the apartment wanted to go somewhere no
missionaries have probably gone in our sector (the nice sector is
huge) so we ended up driving to Menton (city that borders Italy) and
contacted and ported and had the coolest things happen! We ported and
someone let us in and we talked for about 30 minutes about prophets
and eternal families! Then after that, we were walking past a bar and
someone was sitting outside of it and we started talking to him hahaha
so then he got up and yelled inside that the Mormons were outside, so
by the end of the 30 minutes we spent talking to them, we had about 8
people listening to us talk about Mormons and answering all their
questions about us! it was actually a way cool experience. At the end
the bartender bought us coca cola haha.

Sunday: Church was awesome again! It was the elderly couples last
Sunday in their mission and they have been in Nice for over a year so
that was sad too. I love them so much The Burtons will definitely be
missed but we have some conference this Wednesday in Aix en Province
and will see them there one last time! But we did some good old
contacting and that was basically it! A slower day than normal but
c'est la vie.

I'm sorry this week was the longest email yet haha. Just another
amazing week here in France. Most of our Amis were gone so it was a
lot of contacting, but I love contacting! I love you all and hope you
have an amazing week :)

Elder Wade

 Cool pic from the top of Eze again!

  I took this pic coming back from playing basketball..I serve here ๐Ÿ˜

 The Chens that took us to dinner!

The Concha family

week 14- I have the best history book for you

We had a rendez vous with the Moulis family and we had to go about

an hour away from Nice to a small, 
typical French Ville that was soooo pretty.

Monday: We hiked to Castle Hill which is like where everyone goes to
take pictures and views. (Sent all the pics last week) then had dinner
with the Cresto's and they are so amazing! Literally I love them.
Tuesday: We started off by playing some soccer with a bunch of the
ward and their friends! I met this called whose name is Athim and he
is like 13 years old and balls out! It's so crazy how good he is. So
then we helped with a family move after that. They loved on the 6th
floor and had the tiniest elevator so elder Boynton and I had to carry
most of it down the stairs. Haha so then I had the funniest story
happen...this lady had been watching us carry everything out to the
street for like 2 hours straight, so after we were done she was still
looking at us! She lived on the 3rd floor and was just watching us
through the window! So I yelled at her and asked how she was doing and
then i asked "excuse me, do you like history?" She said yes, then I
said "Well I have the best history book ever! It's about America and
when Jesus Christ visited America! If you like history, you would love
this book!" And then from the sidewalk I pulled a Book of Mormon out
from my bag and threw it through her window and told her to read it.
Hahaha it was so funny me and elder Boynton were laughing. But it was
actually a cool experience.
Wednesday: If you have ever watched the Mormon Message "You Never
Know" that sums up Wednesday! We had a bunch of things we had to get
done, but some things fell through and we ended up helping the elderly
couple in Nice (they go home next week) and then as we were leaving a
92 year old Sister in our ward needed help and we still had a bunch of
things to do, but of course we were more than willing to help and that
took the whole day! So driving back home she said "You're missionaries
and you're worthy which means you're exactly where you need to be,
exactly when you need to be there." Ah it was such a cool moment just
to realize that we accomplished what Heavenly Father wanted us to
accomplish, not what we wanted to accomplish!
Thursday: Zone training day! So with the new and so awesome focus on
the temple, we had a zone meeting on how we could use our iPads more
for better use! So we got permission to download key note and it's so
cool. We spent some time making our own personal powerpoints and they
work so well! I have never realized truly how amazing the temple is
and how beautiful it looks. It's so fun to be on a bus or tram with so
many people, and to sit down next to some one and show them pictures
of the temple and just talk about the temple and stuff!
Friday: We had some awesome rendez-vous with some Amis and ended up
the night having such a cool lesson with Jerome and Anne Sophie! We
went over the retab and they were awesome about it. I love them so
much. Honestly it's really crazy how much I love some of the people
Saturday: Jerome and Anne Sophie left for a trip for 2 weeks to
celebrate their birthdays :(( sooo we woke up early, bought some
patisseries and left them a note and met them at the church and gave
it to them. We also played basketball at the church with a bunch of
Amis again! It's really cool to see how in a matter of 4 weeks
everyone plays at our church now. It's so fun. And it's more fun when
we share the spiritual thought and someone has a question or when I
can relate the gospel to basketball! Yes, I have talked about my
missed shot against Brighton in the state semi finals plenty of times
(s/o to my boys brocky and johnny g) and related it to the gospel :)
....still can't believe that didn't go it ;)))
Sunday: another awesome Sunday! Since elder Davis leaves Tuesday
morning (๐Ÿ˜”)  all the missionaries got up in sacrament and sang
"souviens-toi" my fav :) and it was so good. I am so bad at singing
haha random fact. Elder Davis and soeur zenger are literally amazing
at singing. But then we had so
Elder Wade

Call me Olivia or Kayla Wade

 La famille freeze last day in nice! They are moving to the USA
 Elder Davis last Sunday in France :(
 The manas family whom I dearly love!
Words cannot describe how much I love these 3 people right here.

Honestly some of the coolest people I know. Frere Cresto, Vaysse, et


Week 13 Blues Confrence


 This was such an amazing week wow. Might be the best week in France yet (I say that every week but it's because every week is the best as a missionary) seriously I know that this is the Lords work. It's amazing the things that happen when you have faith and pray! Also huge congrats to my sis Olivia for balling out on the pitch and getting the MVP of the national championship :)

Tuesday:  So we had Blues Conference (In France they call new people "blues" not greenies) in Lyon from Tuesday to Thursday and Tuesday morning we left to Lyon on the train. Halfway to Lyon (2 hours in) we got a call from the office saying that we needed some documents to do my legality in Lyon! So we had to get off at the next train stop, get some tickets back to Nice, and get all my documents. So the Elderly couple here in Nice (The Burtons and I love them so much!!) have a car, so when we got to Nice we had to take their car back to Lyon. So Elder Boynton and I had a 5 hour road trip to Lyon just driving through the southern country side of France ๐Ÿ˜ it was so pretty. So we got to Lyon super late. We also met our new companion Elder Davis who is such a stud! He served as an AP like 5 transfers ago, and he's only our companion for 2 weeks because he has the weirdest missionary situation but he leaves August 5 so that will be sad but I love him! That pretty much sums up Tuesday. 

Wednesday: We woke up sooo early and went and did my legality at a place in Lyon with all the Blues aka all the people I went to the MTC with. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. We had so much fun in thr MTC and it is honestly so fun to see them after 2 months in the field. Then we went and had studies and we walked into one of the LDS centers in Lyon and Elder TJ Haws was there! So we had personal study right next to each other and talked about life and of course Gonzaga and BYU ;) he's a stud I love him. Also I saw Elder Barnes like every day in Lyon and I love him soooo much haha it's crazy. It was sooo fun to just be speaking another language to each other and joke about funny things we will do after the mission. Haha, anyways so Wednesday night we went contacting as part of an activity and I contacted with my boy Elder Connell from the MTC and it was sooo cool. We honestly taught about 3 solid lessons in 2 hours out contacting. Such a sweet day. 

Thursday: Thursday was the actual blues conference at the head quarters in Lyon. Honestly it's so amazing how much I learned and how much I still have to learn. We were in the conference for a total of about 4 hours. President Brown taught us and he is the best at telling stories. The spirit is honestly so strong with him. We also talked about all the cool things that had happened to us after only one transfer in the field and it was so cool to see how many things we had all experienced. And then Elder Barnes and Elder Nadauld presented! It's so weird when you think about how your best friend is right there and your in France together on a mission. I love Elder Barnes! So then after it ended we got some pics (there will be a lot of pics from this week because it was SOOO amazing). Then with the new companion, Elder Boynton, Elder Davis and I drove back to Nice!

Friday: Friday was your typical missionary day! We actually had some cool things happen and had some good conversations with people. We really are working so hard it's so fun. At the end of each day after accomplishing so much, I basically fall right onto my bed and am out like a light. 

Saturday: SO AWESOME. We have gotten to the point where people have texted us wanting to play basketball and stuff so we told everyone on Saturday morning we would all play at our church. So Saturday morning we had 14 people there and 12 Amis! Just so everyone knows "ami" means "friend" in church and they call investigators Amis here in French. So we started with a prayer and gave a thought in ether 12:4 and it was just so cool. So then the rest of the day was contacting and doing random stuff we needed to do. 

Sunday: Sunday was soooo good. Hahaha I can't stress enough how much I love this ward!! They are amazing. So last transfer there was just 4 Elders in Nice but this last transfer we actually got a sisters companionship which is awesome! Soeur Zenger and Soeur Cahier! And we also gained elder Davis for 2 weeks so in one week our ward went from having 4 missionaries to 7! So we had 2 Amis come to church (Sammy and Mary Jane) and it was honestly perfect. AHHH it went so good. The spirit was so strong. After church the ward eats together and we passed out hymns and started singing hymns with the whole ward and honestly it was so good. There is a song called "Souviens-toi" in the French hymn that is my favorite hymn in the world and we sung it. It's such a beautiful hymn about just life and the plan of salvation. We are definitely singing it when I get home :) After that we actually committed them to prepare for baptism on the 29th of August! It was an amazing moment. So we are praying for them. If everything goes as planned we should have at least 4 baptisms this month which would be so amazing. 

I love you guys so much! Thank you so much for the support :)

Elder Wade

The trio!!

Titanic with elder Boynton haha

Went to go study at the conference and walked in and there was Elder Haws.  We studied and talked about BYU and Gonzaga basketball.