Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 8

You can find us on the streets every Saturday at 9😎

So we had no wifi yesterday and got permission to send them off
today!! So here is what I wrote yesterday...
Hello everyone! Another great week here in Nice.
First off Happy Father's Day to the greatest Dad and the person who
has given me everything in my life. I love you so much Dad. I'll send
you a personal message duh ;) just a public quick S/O
I'll just go through the days.
Tuesday: We contacted basically the whole day and it was sooo hot on
Monday but we ended up finding a family and talked to them for a
little bit and then fixed a rendez-vous (they cancelled) but that was
pretty cool. Hopefully we can get ahold of them sometime soon. But
then we had dinner with la famille Freeze and they are a member family
here in Veille Ville ("Old Nice" and it's like the pretty part of
Nice) and we had some crepes and that was good.
Wednesday: nothing too exciting other than the fact that we contacted
a lot and then caught a train to Toulon for our zone conference. Also,
I had a vivid dream where the whole dream was in French and when I
woke up I was sooooo stoked haha it was the coolest thing ever I
Thursday: we had some conference in Aix-En-Province and it was The
Roneys last conference so it was way sad but they are such amazing
people. They even said they would  cheer for me when Gonzaga and BYU
play ;) but it was really cool and sad to see them go, but I'm excited
to welcome President Brown and his family.
Friday: Long day of contacting again and at the end of the day we had
a lesson with 2 Sammy and Agnes and it went sooooo good! We challenged
both of them to baptism and they said they would pray about it and
then the next morning Sammy texted us and said how he felt so happy
and that it was probably a sign from God. So we are definitely anxious
to teach him again tomorrow. So we spoke a lot about the word of
wisdom with them, and Sammy was totally fine and Agnes said she was,
but literally 1 second after we walked out of the church building she
opened up some cigarettes haha. Elder Boynton and I started laughing
so hard.
Saturday: we played basketball again with everyone and they all had
searched me on YouTube and stuff hahaha so they all got pictures with
me and and it was funny. But we made some good friends and we are
going to start teaching some of them! Ball is life. Jk. So then
Saturday night we were at a members house who lives in Monaco (small
country next to France) and they lived on the complete other side and
we walked there so we basically walked across a whole country 😎 but
then we were going to miss our train so we ran 2 miles I kid you not
at a full on sprint and barely made it. Typical missionary moment.
Sunday: church again and I love the ward soooo much. I TOOK THE CUTEST
PIC OF ALL MAN KIND OF A BABY. He was crying and he saw my elder Wade
badge and took it off me and stopped crying. I'll send it don't worry.
And then we also had a barbecue at the Bishops house with his family
and they are sooo awesome. And I gave the spiritual thought on faith
and it was so cool.
So yes everything is going great! The language is coming and I can
feel the spirit so much every day. We really see miracles every day.
Today I had 3 conversations and then gave a lesson and talked with a
family for like an hour and after I realized...it was all in French!
So that was so cool. And ALSO, we heard Taylor Swift on the bus today
and don't worry...I still had all the words memorized ;)
Moroni 8:3--> I really do. I love you all.
Elder Wade

Moroni 8:3

"I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying to God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end."

His name is Jaona and he was crying and grabbed my badge 
and started eating it and became happy 
haha it was the cutest thing On this planet.

District P day! The beautiful village of Eze

Apparently this robot is world famous and everyone goes 
and gets a pic with it haha

The Cresto family. They are sooooo nice and I recorded this and it was so cute!!

*Last Zone Confrence for President and Sister Roney

Haha one of the members here took us out to lunch and took a pic of
me, and we showed up on Sunday and he had dropped it and made the pic
of me his background haha he is the coolest person ever.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 7!!! Nice, France

Nice, France!! P-day at the beach

Bonjour ma famille et touts mes amis! What a week wow! So I'll get right to it!
Monday we traveled and traveled and traveled haha. It was so long I
finished the Livre de Mormon encore so that was good stuff!
Tuesday we arrived in Lyon, France haha and I understood absolutely
nothing that was happening. So we got picked up by the APs and they
were so awesome. I love it so much. So then later that day I saw Elder
Barnes and Elder Hansen and that made me so much happier it was soooo
awesome. We also went out contacting later that night and that was
sooo fun I love talking to people even when I understand 10% haha.
Wednesday we got our new companions and found out I was serving in
Nice 😍 and my companion is Elder Boynton from England. He is such a
stud and I love him and we get along sooo well. It's seriously so much
fun. I also saw Elder Haws on Wednesday and we gave each other a giant
hug because we are actually on the same team for the next year ;)
Thursday we traveled to Nice by train and it took like 4 hours and the
whole time I sat next to this lady and gave her like the first 3
lessons IN FRENCH and she understood and I gave her a Livre de Mormon
and she promised to contact the missionaries and read it! It was so
cool honestly. So then we arrived and Nice is the most beautiful city
I have ever seen. It is sooo busy and so many people so we went and
put all my bags in the apartment, and got out to the streets and
started contacting immediately. It's so awesome just to be out on the
streets with elder Boynton talking to literally everyone we see about
the gospel. We had some good success as well!
Friday we woke up and played soccer with the members and some non
members and i needed Olivia on my team haha. But I actually scored a
goal so that rocked. They were all so good. Later that day we met with
a man named Ali and taught him and invited him to baptism and to pray
and we meet with him again tomorrow so that will be awesome to talk
with him about how he feels. Then we went back and made ratatouille so
s/o to that movie haha. I don't think it's as good as they portray in
that movie though...or we just made it wrong ;)
So on Saturday we woke up and actually played basketball with some non
members and stuff. It was so fun. Haha I dunked it and they started
calling me Dwayne wade and then one of the members looked up my
highlights and sent it out on his Facebook and next week he said a
bunch of his friends will come to play! But then we just hit the roads
again and contacted like crazy. My French has picked up a lot this
week by just contacting people and everything. But they speak soooo
fast it's hard to understand a lot of the time so thank goodness my
companion is good at French.
Sunday we went to church and during church they had me go up and talk
about myself and then bear my testimony and it was cool. The ward in
nice is sooo amazing and the people are so strong. And right before
church it was the worst rain storm I've ever seen and people still
walked there just to attend church. Good stuff. And we ate after with
the ward and let me tell you...the food is as good as they say it is.
But good thing me end elder Boynton buy healthy foods and work out
every morning don't worry ;) elder Boynton is such a hard worker it's
so awesome. I love serving with him.
So today we went shopping for groceries, came to the church and played
basketball (we have a companionship alley oop but it won't send) and
then went to a (secluded don't worry) area of the beach and it was
amazing. I will have pictures sending soon. Lots of pics from the
first week :)
Buuuut it's amazing! I know the church is true and that this is
exactly where I need to be. It's so fun outside in 90 degree weather
with I swear 28383% humidity, just to be talking and loving all the
people. Thank you for everything!
I love you all. Thank you for the support!!

Elder Wade


Jarom and I!!!
*Jarom is one of Jesse's best friends.  They played on the same High school basketball team.  
Elder Barnes has been out a year.  Jesse was hoping to get to see him when he got there and he did.

Lyon selfie with elder Barnes :) also I had been up for 37 hours
straight at that point haha

Elder Boynton and I !!

 on the same team for the next year ;)
*Elder Haws will play for BYU next year.  
Jesse and him have played against each other a few times ;)

 For Katelyn:) I told you I would do it!
*This is Elder Hanson from Kaysville Utah.  Elder Hanson has been out a year.  Before Jesse left he went and visited with his family and Elder Hanson's sister Katelyn asked Jesse if he would give him something when he saw him.  So Katelyn had Jesse go around the hall corner and pretend he was Elder Hanson.  So Jesse went and then came around the corner and Katelyn ran to him and jumped into his arms and hugged him just like
Jesse is hugging Elder Hanson. :) That is what she wanted Jesse to give him. 

This is the view from our church! Most beautiful place I've
ever shot at ;)

 we had a comp oop haha

 Elder Boynton walking down this cool street

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Elder Wade heads to France as his MTC experience comes to a close.

Jesse arrived in France on Tuesday!!  We got to talk to him for a few minutes at the Salt Lake airport, and then again when he landed in Paris.  He sounds so great and excited!!  Here are a few photos from the airport in Utah.  He had some friends that were leaving on a trip and got to see him and sent us some pictures and a video of him bearing his testimony in French too.  He is a little nervous about the language and scared too, so that made me a little sad, but I know he will be comforted and will be great.  We got 2 emails from the secretary at the Mission home in Lyon.  The first is him with his Mission President and wife, Brother and Sister Roney.  They are from Provo Utah.  The second is a photo of Jesse and his companion Elder Boynton.   Elder Boynton is from England, but was born in Arizona Utah.  They will be serving in Nice which is right on the coast.  It is beautiful!!  I am including a map of where he is at.  We should hear form him hopefully next Monday.

The gift of tongues is real.  Jesse is learning French very quickly!
Jesse ran into some classmates from Davis at the airport on his way to France!
Here is the MTC gang headed to Lyon

SLC airport

Elder Wade and Elder Connell at the SLC airport waiting to fly to France!

Jesse's mission president, President and Sister Roney were at the airport in Lyon waiting to pick them up!

9 juin, 2015

Dear Parents of Elder Wade,
We are happy to let you know your son arrived safely in Lyon this morning. He was met at the airport by President and Sister Roney. After arriving at the Mission Office he had lunch, his picture taken, took care of paperwork, and had an individual interview with President Roney. Tonight he will have dinner with President and Sister Roney as well as the other missionaries that arrived today. He will stay at the hotel in Lyon tonight. Tomorrow he will meet his new companion who will be his trainer. Then he will have training with President Roney and the Assistants to the President. After the short training he will leave with his companion to go to his first area. We will send you his address and companion’s name tomorrow.

Please see today’s photo in the attachments.
Thank you for sending us such a fine young man. We will take good care of him.
Soeur Sweeney (new from Alpine, Utah)
Secretaire  Mission Française de Lyon

Elder Wade with his trainer/companion Elder Boynton in Lyon!
June 10, 2015

Dear Parents, 

Elder Wade has been assigned a wonderful trainer/companion, Elder Boynton.  They are serving in Nice, France. 

Please address all mail or packages in this format.  See the picture of Elder Wade with his Trainer/Companion.
We are grateful to have your wonderful son in our mission! He has the fire of testimony and enthusiasm to do this work.

With Warmest Regards
Soeur Sweeney,
Mission Secretary
Mission Française de Lyon

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 6- Last days at MTC

Hello family and friends!! Last email until FRANCE! AH so excited. So
just really quickly we leave the MTC at 4:30 am on Monday morning, fly
to Cincinatti and then to Paris and then we arrive in Lyon Tuesday
morning at 10 am! So about 24 hours of travel!
So D Todd Christofferson came ans spoke to us on Tuesday night so that
was way cool. He stressed the importance of working with the members
and bore his testimony and the spirit was sooo strong and the whole
place was dead quiet and you could almost physically feel the spirit.
So in one week we heard from Elder Holland and Elder Christofferson!
Great week. We also skyped the same person as we did last week and
that was so cool. His name is Vincent and he has such a strong
testimony and it was so awesome to teach across the world with him
again. So then on Thursday we had infield orientation. We basically
were in and out of activities and learning how to teach in the field
and what to do and all that stuff! Its so cool to think that the next
time I write I will be in France! Hahaha and the letter might be a lot
shorter and the grammar might be way bad because I have heard that
they're keyboards are a lot different. Also we said goodbye to our
teachers who have taught us the last 6 weeks and that was sooo sad. We
have had 2 main teachers Soeur Hawkes (in the pic) and Frere Nash. We
will say goodbye to Frere Nash later tonight and its like saying
goodbye to your family all over again. And i love everyone in my
district so so so much so when we say goodbye that will be sad too.
Anyways...long email so im sorry! But this week I read the Book of
Mormon, and I know without a doubt that it is true. Moroni 7:33 (read
it) is sooo powerful. All we have to do is have faith. And also Alma
13:24 is so cool to read because it says "For behold, angels are
declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the
purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his
word at the time of his coming in his glory." Just open your mouths
and share the gospel. From the Mormon Message "Stay Within the Lines"
my favorite part of that is the end when it says "Brethren of all
ages, unbind your tongues and watch your words work wonders in the
lives of those who are only kept from the truth...because they know
not where to find it." (i cant remember if that is word for word) But
that's all we have to do. I am beyond excited to share my testimony of
the gospel with the people of France.

Je sais que ceci est la véritable chruch. Je sais que l'Évangile de
Jésus-Christ apportera le bonheur à ceux qui cherchent après. Ma vie a
été modifié au cours des 6 dernières semaines et je l'ai vu des
miracles ont lieu qui ne serait pas arrivé sans l'Esprit et de notre
Sauveur Jésus- christ . Je suis un peu nerveux pour aller à
Lyon...mais je suis tellement heureux de partager mon témoignage avec
eux. l'Évangile est vrai. Je le sais. Ce qui importe dans vie?
Je vous aime beacuoup!!
Next stop...France!

Elder Wade

I know that this is the true church.  I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring happiness to those who are seeking after.  My life has been changed during the last 6 weeks and I have seen miracles take place that would not have happened without the Spirit and of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I am a little nervous to go to Lyon...but i am so happy to share my testimony with them.  The gosple is true.  I know.  What is important in life?  I love you!!

Moroni 7:33
"And Christ hath said; if ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me."

Alma 13:24
"For behold angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive His word at the time of His coming in His glory.

 Honestly the BIGGEST S/O to this Elder!  The past 6 weeks I have had to look up at the Y on the mountain, and my VERY last normal day in the MTC this Elder strolls down the sidewalk while I was doing my personal study...REPPING GU!!  Haha i almost freaked out when I saw him and ran over to him and he recognized who I was and I gave him the biggest hug.  so yeah...Gonzaga is definitely repping in Provo at this time.

District 46 #Lyonbound

Study study study 

Im crying right now from being so excited and scared and all that.  i love you all.  Signing off with another #LiveEmail  Talk to you soon:)  #TeamSwole #JK

***Jesse will get to call us from the airport in Salt Lake City before he flies to Paris.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Week 5- Last week at the MTC

Hello family and friends!! Such a great week so I'll just go and get started! Im like 90% positive they will give us Saturday to write home really quickly before we head to France next Monday!!
On Tuesday Elder Holland came to the MTC haha so that was like the coolest thing ever. He talked on opening your mouth. Something cool he said was, "He couldn't kill Joseph Smith when he knelt down in that sacred grove, rather he did the next best thing...bound his tongue so he couldn't speak." It was soo cool to hear that, so everyone better open their mouths and speak now ;) But our lessons with Raul are going sooo amazing and he is progressing a lot. He said that he could see himself getting baptized soon, and we asked him to say the closing prayer and he said the most sincere prayer i have ever heard it was awesome. then we taught him again on Friday and it went soo amazing again and Elder Kwak told me a cool story..so during the lesson Raul asked a really hard question about Jesus Christ and Elder Kwak said that he said a way fast prayer in his mind that I would know something to say, and i remembered something i studied that day and it applied so well and the spirit was so strong!
On Wednesday we skyped a member from France and gave him a lecon on how to share the gospel. After we got done, he flipped his front camera and showed us where he was and he was right outside the Bern temple it was soo pretty, so that experience was awesome!
On saturday Elder Connell and I gave the Russian branch a tour of the church in French and that was so fun. The language is coming great fyi.
Sunday President Dowling and I talked about Gonzaga basketball for like an hour on our temple walk so that was nice to talk about that stuff again haha its been over a month. But also for the Sunday devo Janice kapp Perry came and talked to us, and it was probably the funniest devo yet, but at the end we sang the EFY Medley and it was probably the most i have ever felt the spirit in a song before. Ahh i love serving a mission!! So the last cool thing...this week i read past Alma 42 and in Alma 42 (coincidence cause its like one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon ) I wrote in the margin "8/25/14 Tonight for family study we talked about how there will be a time on my mission where I read past this chapter, and i will remember talking to my family about this exact moment." AND I READ PAST IT. It was sooo cool because i was just thinking about how fast time goes and how excited i am to serve. Anyways, Je sais que l'Evangile est vrai. Je sais que Jesus-
christ viendra encore. Je sais que si vous avez une desirée de comprendre ces choses, que nous puissions à travers L'Esprit. Je sais, sans une doute, que l'Evangile est vrai.
We got our travel plans, and we fly out of Salt Lake at 9 (wake up at 4:30) and then we fly to Cincinnati (2 hour layover), then fly to Paris (2 hour layover again), then to LYON :) So we get to Lyon around 10 am (France time i think) on Tuesday morning!

Je vous aime!!
Avec d'amour
Elder Wade

 Flight plans are official. 
 There are 5 flying to Lyon with Jesse and 6 flying to Paris

                                 My teacher (Soeur Hawkes) and I modeling my apron ahaha

temple selfie this morning with the district!

P day writing letters and eating moms caramel popcorn haha 

 Ryan Andrus is on campus now.  He will play for BYU after the mish

elder connell was looking at places in france, 
so i may or may not have searched the wade residence