Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 74- Joseph Smith told the truth

Conference chez la famille Zinn! They are so great I love them.
They have us over every Sunday and Sister Zinn is such a good cook!

Hello! What an amazing week. I don't even know where to start! My
thoughts are going to be all over the place during this email but I'll
try my best!

On Monday night we got to go and visit Sister Barachant in the ward!
She is an absolute angel. Her husband passed away a few months ago and
she's been having a hard time and so last week Sister Zinn gave us
some flowers to go take to her and brighten her day! It was so much
fun and we laughed a lot :) she is such a sweetheart and it's funny
how stuff like that works...We went to her house to help her out and
try to make her happy...but in all reality when we left her house
she's the one that helped us out and made us happy! I love the gospel
for that reason.

I was also able to go on 2 exchanges this week! Our first exchange was
with the Nice zone leaders and I was with Elder Sauro! He is from
Montreal, Canada and is a great missionary and I learned a lot from
him. On the exchange we were able to teach Renée and pass some cool
members and find some cool people. It was a great exchange! My second
exchange was with the Bordeaux ZLs and I was with Elder Hall!!! :)
haha I literally love him so much! During the exchange we talked a lot
about our 2 transfers together on Corsica. Our exchange was a little
different because we got a last second text message from a member in
the ward telling us that a family that he knew needed help with
moving! So we thought that it would only take a few hours but it ended
up taking the whole day! Halfway through the day we went and taught
Renée the second half of the plan of salvation and it went well. Elder
Hall is a great teacher. Then we went back and helped with the service

HAHAHA!! Okay so before I tell this story, you have to know that I got
permission from Elder Battezzato to include this in my email haha. SO,
right now in Lyon all of the McDonalds have a deal that if you buy a
meal, you can add 5 euros to it and get a little soccer cleat (it's
more like a key chain) of the soccer club here in Lyon "Olympique
Lyonnais". Hahaha but on the advertisement of the menu, McDonalds
makes it seem like for 5 euros they will give you a pair of nice
soccer cleats to play in and stuff...but like clearly from McDonalds
you're not going to pay 5 euros and get a pair of soccer cleats. Haha
so anyways on Friday night we were at McDonalds and all of the sudden
Elder Battezzato says, "I can't wait to try these shoes out tomorrow
while we are playing." And I laughed because I thought he was kidding,
but then I noticed he was dead serious hahah so Elder Landry and I
looked at each other and both knew exactly what we were going to do!
So we started saying things to him like, "Dang, Elder Battezzato that
is such a good deal I can't believe you noticed that and we didn't!"
Etc. And he was just eating it up as well haha. Like he literally
thought he was going to get soccer cleats! Hahahaha honestly as I'm
writing this up I am laughing my head off. Okay so, eventually they
call his number to go get his meal (we were recording it and it's the
funniest video I have ever seen) and so he walks to the register like
he owned the place with literally the biggest smile on his face and
they give him his meal. Meanwhile I was bent over a chair laughing so
hard. Hahaha so he gets his sack and he has the most confused look on
his face and with his Italian accent he says, "How is possible? How is
possible that shoes be in the sack?" Hahaha!! So he then opens up the
sack and looks in and sees his "soccer shoes" aka the keychain and
says "Are you flipping kidding me!! Come onnnnn!!!" Hahaha oh my gosh
I was dying. Anyways, I know that took a lot of time but it was
seriously the funniest thing on the planet hahah! I know it wasn't the
most spiritually uplifting story, but if you try hard you could pull
something out of it ;)

Renée is doing great! We saw her 4 times last week and each time we
saw her we had a different member in the ward help us out! She is
loving it. We have a little problem right now as her phone is broken
and we haven't been able to get in contact with her for 2 we
are hoping that gets fixed soon haha. She is progressing very well and
she understands everything we teach.

I absolutely loved General Conference so much. It is the most amazing
time of the year and I came away from it feeling better than ever. I
had a few thoughts after conference that I would  like to try and put
into words! Everything we have in the church leads to one
question...did Joseph tell the truth? If Joseph told the truth it
means that eternal truths were restored to the earth. Some of these
eternal truths include the following...
- God is real, and that he loves us perfectly.
- Jesus is the Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world. He atoned
for the sins of all mankind and because of Him, and through the
Atonement, we can be made pure and whole. Christ not only resurrected
the third day, but that He lives today. Christ is the creator of this
earth and everything that is on it.
- The power to act in Gods name has been restored on the earth and
that through the Priesthood we are able to perform the necessary
saving ordinances for all of His children.
- The Plan of Salvation is a real. It means that there is no lasting
pain in death because families can be together forever through Christ.
(I personally know that is true and it is one of the most comforting
things in this life. How lucky are we to know that the sting of death
is swallowed up in Christ?)
- The Temple is real and is the House of the Lord. Every person that
has ever taken a breath on this earth will have the opportunity to
accept the Gospel because of sacred ordinances such as Baptisms for
the Dead.
- We have living Prophets and Apostles who lead and guide the Church
of Jesus Christ on the earth, and that if we listen to them, we will
never be led astray.

There are many more but I won't go on and try to list all of them! But
when you think about it, all of these things come down to the honesty
of one man. If Joseph was honest, then all of it is true. I was
especially touched in reading D&C 76 this week when I came across
these verses...
22 And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him,
this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he
23 For we saw him, even on the right hand of God; and we heard the
voice bearing record that he is the Only Begotten of the Father--
24 That by him, and through him, and of him, the worlds are and were
created, and the inhabitants thereof are begotten sons and daughters
unto God.

I know that Joseph told the truth.

This next week will be a good one as we have got a few Zone
Conferences to go to! I love conferences and always love road tripping
with President and Sister Brown haha they are a blast!  I'm sure I
left out a bunch of things from last week, but that's everything I can
remember for right now!

Elder Wade

Candid' photo with Sister Barachant hahah I love her.

Exchange with Elder Hall! Also pictured is Renée and Elizee!

Exchange with Elder Hall! Also pictured is Renée and Elizee!

Monday night when we are chez Sister Barachant!

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