Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week 78 Happy Halloween

Hello!! Haha this past week was pretty busy to say the least. So much
happened that I'll just give a nice little recap of each day!

Monday was transfer day throughout the mission which meant that it was
a busy day with phone calls haha. Elder Menzel and I spent the day
with the departing missionaries which was sad haha...and especially
sad as I said goodbye to Elder Landry! I honestly love that guy so
much and again I am so grateful to have been with him for 2 transfers.
I learned so much from him and we will be life long friends. The
departing missionaries testimony meeting is always so powerful and
this time was no different!

Tuesday of week 1 is nice because it's a completely different feeling
than Monday! On Tuesday at around 11:00 we picked up 11 new blue
missionaries from the airport and welcomed them to the mission! Haha
so one of the missionary rules that everyone is familiar with is the
fact that if you have a car, one of the missionaries needs to be
behind the car whenever it is going in reverse! Haha so Elder Menzel
and I had 3 new missionaries in our car and it was absolutely POURING
rain and Elder Menzel made a wrong turn and I had to get out and back
him really quickly and all of the blues in our car thought I was crazy
for getting out. I honestly got soaked too because Elder Menzel was
having a trouble getting turned around so I stayed in the rain for a
little bit ;) haha I just read that story and I promise it was funnier
in the moment. Anyways...we spent the rest of Tuesday with blue
orientations stuff and then we all went to Presidents home and hung
out and played games and got to know the blues! Always a good time.
Then afterwards we met with President and put the blues with their
trainers! After we did that, Elder Menzel and I had a really cool
moment with President as he talked about life and the mission. A
conversation I will definitely always remember!

Wednesday was Blues Conference! This group of blues is so good and was such a good Conference. The missionaries just
keep on getting better and better it's crazy! Blues Conference is
always fun because you have a lot to present on (we had 3 hours!) but
at the same time the blues are all soooo jet lagged and tired haha so
we try to make it fun and interesting. But the conference went really
well! We spent most of the day at the church with the blues and their

Thursday was full of planning and at the office! We had to plan for
Bounce Back Conference (it's where all of the missionaries who just
finished their first 6 weeks in the mission field come back to Lyon)
on Friday and we also had to plan for a meeting that we had later that
night with all of the ZLs and STLs and ward mission leaders in Lyon.
This last week was Stake Conference in Lyon and the Stake President,
President Léporé, put Elder Menzel and I in charge of some workshops
on Saturday morning to help the members with missionary work! Anyways,
great day. It's always so humbling to watch as the Spirit helps you
plan and prepare for things.

Friday was Bounce Back Conference! Honestly one of the best
conferences that I have ever been at. Some of the companionships
traveled 2-3 days to get to Lyon and President really felt like this
was such an important conference and so I was pretty nervous before
it! President Brown is so amazing and he brought the spirit into the
room like I've never seen before. The whole conference was very
powerful, yet very fun. Sister Brown is so cute and had some ice cream
activités haha.

Saturday was really busy but really spiritual. From 10:00-4:00 we were
at the church helping out with the Stake Conference workshops! We were
in charge of helping members invite friends and it was super fun.
Honestly the members of France are so incredible I love them a lot.

Sunday was Lyon Stake Conference! It was so good and seriously the
spirit was so strong. Ah! So Sister Brown was asked by the Area 70 who
was there to get up and testify :) so she did and President went up
and translated for her. At the end of her testimony Sister Brown
recited a little testimony in French and every heart in the conference
center absolutely melted. She is honestly the cutest!!! I died.

As you can see it was very very busy but very fun!

John 21:25 is a scripture that I have spent a lot of time lately
pondering. Honestly think about that scripture! He is the Christ.

Elder Wade

Ps...Happy Halloween!! We met with President Brown today to talk about
District Meeting outlines.... it first we had to trick or treat Sister
Brown (and he cute red slippers) ;)
John 21:25 
And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.

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