Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week 84- Transfers...Staying in Lyon for Christmas


I don't even know where to start!! I'm sorry I didn't send out a weekly email last week. I actually typed one up and was ready to send it out on Monday but then we got a few calls and had to take care of some things...and then the next thing I knew it was Thursday night and I went to my drafts and saw that my email was still there and that I never sent it haha! Sooo, I just decided not to send it, but I'll take about the last few weeks in this email!

Haha I swear the past 3 weeks have felt like one continuous week! 2 Sundays ago we were in Toulon and went to church there! FYI in Toulon they had the primary program which was so good! Then from Toulon we drove to Montpellier and had Conference on Monday and then drove back to Lyon and had Conference in Ecully on Tuesday! On Wednesday we drove to Bordeaux with the Browns and had conferences in Bordeaux and Toulouse on Thursday and Friday! We drove back home to Lyon from Toulouse on Friday and got home pretty late but it felt good to be home! Then at church in Ecully on Sunday we showed up...and it was the primary program for our ward!! 2 weeks in a row! That's what I'm talking about ;)

Which brings me to my next quick thought...the mission conference tour was so great!! Seeing all of the missionaries and being in all of the different parts of France was a great experience. I am so grateful for all of the things that I have learned over the past 2 weeks at the Conferences! Again we spent a lot of time in the car from driving with President and Sister Brown this past week and they are honestly so funny! They started telling stories about their lives and they are such great examples. I love them so much. And yes, Sister Brown and I laughed a lot over the past few weeks ;) we did some math and we figured out that over the mission tour we spent about 40 hours in conferences and 35 hours in the car as we have been traveling all over the mission with President and Sister Brown! Good stuff :)

This past week was sooooo good! It was the last week of the transfer which meant that Elder Menzel and I spent a lot of time in President Browns office working with transfers (and in Sister Brown's kitchen eating;))! The transfer process this week was really spiritual and a lot of really cool things happened. I feel very grateful every time to be apart of the process. 

So the transfer news for me! I'm staying for another one here in Lyon. It will be fun and I'm excited to spend the Christmas Season in Lyon. It will be a very busy next 2 weeks but then it should calm down a bit before Christmas.

This next week will be a crazy week as we say goodbye to the returning missionaries, hello to the new ones, have a few conferences, and prepare for Elder Sabin to come to our mission next week!! It should be a good one!

#LightTheWorld! Even though it may not be possible, I hope you are all getting into it as much as Elder Menzel and I! Haha! But seriously I think I watch this video an average of 7-8 times per day no joke.

Anyways, everything is good here in Lyon and it's all going well! I'm grateful for everything that is happening and for all of the experiences!! Have a great week!!

Elder Wade

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