Friday, May 8, 2015

Last good bye

People ask how can you let him go for 2 years.  That is such a long time.  And to be honest it is.  It is hard to have him gone.  In fact I was not prepared to feel what I felt when I said good bye for the last time for 2 years.  The only contact we have with him will be once a week when he emails, or if he sends a hand written letter. We will get 
to Skype him at Christmas and Mother's Day as well, but thats it.
Going from talking, texting, and seeing him everyday to not knowing 
when we will hear from him is hard to comprehend...

But... I have a testimony that what he is doing is far more important than missing him.  
I have felt the Savior's peace and love fill the void in my heart everyday.  
I am so excited for Jesse to be able to share the message of the Savior.  I have loved hearing his testimony already on the gift of tongues   I know that he is sacrificing so much, but that he also has been given so much, and 2 years is nothing when compared to eternity.

Here is our last good bye at the MTC (missionary training center).  It was so so hard to let him go.  This video clip is Jesse walking away for the last time for two years. It was so  hard to say good bye for everyone, but we would never want him to leave if we 
did not believe in what he is going to go share with the world.  

 A funny side note, after he walked away I jumped in the car and just sobbed and sobbed.  All the sudden I hear some guy trying to comfort Ellie on the sidewalk who was hyperventilating.  He was the traffic controller and he was probably saying to himself "where are her parents. "  I was like kids fend for yourself, there is no way I can help you right now.  Just try to make it in the car.
-Jesse's Mom

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