Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 3

Hello family and friends! Another amazing week! It is sooo good to hear from all of you and to hear about your weeks. So this week was awesome. We had a devo about ipads and how we can use social media a lot more to spread the gospel. Also, I had the opportunity to give 2 blessings this week which was really cool. There was a sickness going around the place and 2 Elders wanted one. Also i was made Zone Leader this week. It's funny because they give you a cell phone and they have honestly a password for everything so its soo worthless. Haha i got a call this week and i missed it and i tried to see who it was but the password blocked me from calling back or anything. So thats exciting haha. 
So on Monday mon collegue Elder Kwak was sick and so we stayed at the residence for like 10  hours and he was just sleeping so i honestly had personal study for soo long haha it was awesome. But Elder Bastien (my companion at the beginning) left this morning at 4 am so that was kinda sad Haha its like saying goodbye to your family again. Also the Soeurs left Monday morning so that was sad too. It's way exciting too see them go out in the field and i cant even wait 3 more weeks. 
So at our devotional they started off by singing "Praise to the Man" (my fav) so then i turned to my companion and said "The next song will be 'If You Could Hie to Kolob'" (my second fav) and the BAM she got up and announced we were singing If You Could Hie to Kolob and i basically yelled at the devo haha it was awesome. So that was cool.Thats all for this week...thought for the week is dont "endure to the end", "enjoy to the end". Whatever you are going through, just ENJOY it. As long as we are living our lives in harmony with our Saviors, he will bless us. I know that for a fact. I love you guys! \

Elder Wade

the dorm we stay in. me, elder connell, elder bastian, elder warner, edler brook, elder kwak

the original trio aye

Elder Dudfield from Austrailia 

 Like 86 ppg right here hahaha
Colgate, Utah St, Gonzaga, BYU. We all gotta play against each other one day haha

 President Burgess wanted a pic with the guys so this was last week.

 Elder Miller and Johnny G.  Brock left for Argentina on Monday.

 hahaha the one on the right plays football at suu and had i promise the biggest biceps ive ever seen.

 President Dowling (loves basketball) and his wife

Study selfie while my companion is throwing up :))))

 haha there was fireworks outside so we all ran and recorded it 
because it was like we could see the outside world for a little bit haha

 this girl said she loved gonzaga so i snapped a selfie with her.
 she had them winning the national championship too haha

 the people in my dorm play this ninja game in class while im studying. i have a video but it wont send, so this pic will have to do haha. this is through the peep hole and you can see them all the time.

 this pic is 10 seconds old so technically its #LiveEmail

 Elder Harris

The dorm with the soeurs right before they left for the west indies!

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