Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week 25 First week on the Island Corsica

Found donkey from Shrek as we were porting

Hello everyone! First off, happy Birthday to my mom!! Again I go back
to elder Hollands talk from conference about moms and that's how I
feel about mine!! She can still beat me in basketball games
too...she's got the whole package. Love her so much. Anyways, Great
first week here in Ajaccio! We saw some really cool things and had
some funny things as well haha. Overall, Corsica is so cool and the
people here are super funny. Here is the recap!

Monday: P day! Elder Anderson and I took a train to Marseille and from
there he went to Lyon and I stayed in Marseille and met my companions!
I am with Elder Johnson and Elder Richmond and they are such studs I
love them so much! Elder Johnson is from Las Vegas and Elder Richmond
is from Ohio! So then we drove to Toulon and took the overnight boat
to Ajaccio! It was like being on my first cruise haha.
Tuesday: so Tuesday we had a lesson with one of our amid named Marie
Rose and she is so awesome! We taught tithing and she loved it. Then
later that night we had a family home evening with one of the members
here in Corsica named Soeur Hermeroso and we had another ami Sylvia
come! Sylvia is married to a guy named Noel (a funny story with him in
Saturday) and we are trying so hard to get them to set a baptismal
date! They are so awesome though I love them.
Wednesday: so on Wednesday we had a lesson with someone who lived in a
village so we drove out to that (yes we have a car) and it was such a
weird rendez vous hahaha. I think he was really drunk or something.
Regardless, probably won't be seeing him again haha :) so then we had
a whole night free so we honestly destroyed this area in Ajaccio and
ported (knocked on doors) honestly like 4 apartments and finally,
after a whole night of no's the very last door opened and let us in
and we talked about the family and it went so great! We fixed a rendez
vous for Saturday so it was cool! (The rendez vous Saturday fell
through because the girls dad answered the door and told us he
wouldn't let us come in) but none the less it was so cool!
Thursday: What a day! So to start off we had a rendez vous with Marie
Rose and it went so great. We talked about tithing and fasting and she
accepted! We also solidified her on a baptismal date for the 14th of
November! So we are praying for her! After that we went porting for
about 2 hours and didn't really have any success so we drove in Ville
and contacted for a few more hours. Then we had a lesson with a recent
active named Alice and her daughter who is not a member. We are going
to try to really start teaching her. Missionary work is so much
different here on the island in Ajaccio compared to Nice haha.
Friday: we had a rendez vous with Marie Rose and we sang "Merci dieu
pour le proph├Ęte" and it sparked her haha. Then we talked about
following the prophet. After that we were supposed to have another
family home evening with a member but she wasn't there so we just
contacted for a few hours and we had another way cool miracle as the
very last person we contacted was interested and set a rendez vous for
Saturday: Hahahaha I promise Saturday was the craziest day of my
mission. As I tell this story keep in mind we had 6 lessons planned
for the day haha. So, we wake up and go run to a basketball court and
do our morning work outs and I have the keys to our apartment and so I
set them on the court. We finish the work out and start running back
and then I realize I don't have the keys, so we just Head back to grab
them and they aren't there!! So, we panicked and had no idea what to
do. After 2 hours of walking around Ajaccio trying to find a lock
smith and everything, we didn't know what to do. At this point it's
like 9 am. So we can't get into our apartment or use the car and we
had left the phone in the apartment so we couldn't call anyone. We
were locked out completely haha. So, 12 pm rolls around and we were
supposed to have a RDV with Sylvia and Noel at our apartment (we can
have RDVs at our apartment because it's set apart as a chapel) and so
they showed up and we were just sitting on the curb like bums just
waiting for them haha. So, we went up to our apartment all together
and Noel reaches into his pocket and jokingly says that his keys will
work....and they don't. So we were about to head down and they were
going to drive us to a lock smith when Noel says "let me try my keys
again" and he pulls his keys out and tries to open it and we hear him
start to yell and so we look and his keys are budging our door until
eventually the freaking door opened hahahaha. We all doggy piled him
in our room and just laughed forever hahsha it was the craziest thing
ever!! And then shortly after that, someone came up to our apartment
and randomly and gave us back our keys to the car and the apartment.
This all happened in like 5 minutes. I'm a really bad story teller and
I get lazy to type it all but it was such a funny/crazy experience.
Anyways, so then we went and had 4 tombez vous (the people weren't
there) and finished with 2 lessons on the day. Haha crazy day.
Sunday: Church was an amazing experience! This week for church we
rented out a hotel room and had sacrament there! We had 9 people
including 3 missionaries, 3 members, and 3 Amis (Marie rose, Sylvia,
Noel) and it was so spiritual. One of the greatest sacraments ever. It
reminded me of 1 Ne 14:12-14 when it talks about the church being
small. Because it was haha. But anyways it was so amazing. After that
we ported a lot! Anyways, great day!

Thank you! I love you!
Elder Wade
Mosiah 2: 41

Elder Wade

Mosiah 2:41
 "And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it."

Where we played basketball for P Day! So beautiful 

Porting haha

 Another picture right before we ported a house with a nice view 

Car selfie. I know we look  apostate in this picture but we aren't
I promise haha
*Yes, Elder Wade is driving

 Hahsha the miracle man!! This was moments after he opened our
apartment door with his keys hahaha

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