Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 23 The flood in France

The crazy rainstorm pic with the elders of Nice.

Hello everyone! What a week and what an amazing way to start it off. Honestly conference was amazing and I learned so so so much. I really was able to feel the spirit testify it's all true. So, I want to share one of my favorite quotes (I had many) from conference by Elder Holland..."No love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child..." I want to publicly tell everyone how much I love my mommy and more than appreciate her for everything she has done for me. Between going to the gym with me and rebounding for me for hours, to giving me a few extra dollars on the weekends, to watching my mom download a fart app and then playing jokes on people (lol), to being my late night movie buddy, and to much, much more. I love her and testify that is true. Conference was amazing everyone. I learned so much. 
Here's a recap of the week :) 
Monday: P day! So Elder Anderson and Elder Burton went to Eze and Elder Andrew and I stayed in Nice and just hung out. I love Elder Andrew he's such a stud. He goes home in one week and I've spent the last 4 months with him so it will be sad. So after P Day, we had FHE at the Cresto family and they invited a friend for us to teach and she is sooo awesome. Her name is Sonia and she is honestly golden! We talked about God and how he's there for us and loves us and she really liked the idea and asked some great questions and really loved it. 
Tuesday: Such a cool day. So we were contacting and we had someone call us and ask "Is Elder Wade there? He gave me a book a month ago and I can't quite understand it but I feel like I want to...can I meet with you guys?" And apparently I contacted into him and gave him a Book of Mormon and after all this time he had been reading it and wanted to know more! So cool. So, we met at the church and went over the Book of Mormon and the restoration and we asked him to be baptized if he comes to know its true and he said yes! His name is Radolpho from the Philippines. So that was a super cool miracle. Other than that, we contacted and that was it! 
Wednesday: Such an amazing day for real! So I went on an exchange with Elder Barbin from Northridge High School. He is such a stud and I love him and We came to Nice for the exchange. So we had a straight up miracle that just testified to me that this is the Lord's work. So, about 2 weeks ago Elder Anderson and I contacted into someone and had an amazing discussion with him about the plan of salvation on the street and he absolutely loved it and wanted to learn more. Somehow we lost the card and weren't able to call him and so we said a big prayer on Tuesday (the day before today) so that we could find him. So Elder Barbin and I are walking and contacting and I happen to look into a grocery store and he was in there just checking his groceries out!!! I literally ran into there and gave him a big hug and he was sooo happy and we got his number again and we scheduled a rendez vous for Thursday! Everyone thought I was so weird for just running in and hugging him but I was just so grateful that our prayer was answered!! It was honestly a miracle.  
Thursday: Great day. So Thursday we went and had District Meeting in the morning which was super good. Then after that we had a lesson with Radolpho and it went so cool. We taught the Book of Mormon the "Donaldson Paper" style and it was super amazing. We committed him to baptism for the 28th of November and I am super excited for him to be baptized. He is super ready and it's crazy how much he loves it. He came to the RDV talking all about Nephi and Sam and all these guys and Elder Anderson and I were blown away with how much he knew and how much he had read! We also went and contacted right by the beach which after that which was cool (Don't worry it was raining no one was there haha). Our apartment is about a 30 second jog from the beach as well. 
Friday: Never in my life have I seen so much rain. I'm not even kidding!! 14 people in Nice died because of flooding and all sorts of crazy ways. When I woke up I started laughing because like every 3 seconds there was thunder and lightening and I thought it would stop by the time our studies nope. I'm not kidding it rained all day. And it rained that hard every second of the day haha. Needless to say my umbrella got a good use. And the worst part of the day was we had no RDV scheduled so we just went and contacted haha. And yes, You guessed it...nobody stopped to listen. Haha I hope you don't think I'm exaggerating I would send a video but it's too long. It absolutely poured for about 36 hours straight. It was crazy. So that sums up Friday haha. 
Saturday: Okay Saturday was awesome. So we played basketball at Vauban in the morning, and then after that we went home and got all showered up because we had a RDV at Nicetoile which is this huge mall in Nice with our Amis from Hungary. It was a cool RDV because we were just sitting in the mall in this coffee shop place and we gave them their Book of Mormons in Hungarian and they loved it so much. It was a really cool experience. So then after that, we went to the church and watched the Saturday morning session (8 hour time difference) and it was so amazing. Then after that we went home and went to bed and it was so loud all night from all the thunder and rain again haha it has rained so much. 
Sunday:  To sum up Sunday we went to the church and watched the Priesthood session, Saturday afternoon, and then Sunday afternoon session! Radolpho came for the Saturday night session and then we had a lesson right after it. He is so awesome. But this conference was so amazing wow. I was so touched by so many of the speakers and I really felt the spirit testifying that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet as he was battling through the last bit of his testimony. What an amazing man. 

Thank you so much for all of the support and all of the prayers. I want you all to know how much I love and appreciate you! This is the Lords work and I know It! Have a great week :) 


Elder Wade

 Elder Anderson and I at Place Massena. I love Nice so much.

 Exchange photo with Elder Barbin!! Love him.

 The Nice missionaries watching conference on an iPad.

 Another pic of place Massena. Spent hours and hours and hours

contacting here over the last 4 months haha.

Elder Duffy from Davis High! Great missionary. It was great to see him.

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