Monday, October 12, 2015

week 24 I am getting transferred to...

 Last picture with the Cresto family. I literally love them so much

and it hurt so bad to leave them haha

* Elder Wade took a boat over to the island.  It is about a 10 hour boat ride.

Hello family and friends! So, I have been transferred! I was
transferred to Ajaccio on the island of Corsica! So I'm going from
Nice to Corsica and I'm officially off the continent haha. Corsica is
the island south of France. It's closer to Italy than France as well
which is cool as well. Let me just start off by saying how much I have
loved Nice. I didn't think it was possible to love some of the people
here as much as I do. The ward here is amazing and I will always have
a soft spot for Nice in my heart because it is where I started my
mission and it's where I learned to speak French and learned the
gospel. It has been the most amazing last 4 1/2 months here and I want
everyone to know how amazing Nice is. I was heartbroken to leave so
many people that I love! Between the ward, our investigators, and the
city...I love Nice. But here's a quick recap of the week.

Tuesday: What a day! So we started off by playing soccer with some
members and their friends and it was super cool. After that, we went
and shared a thought and had lunch with a member! Then, we had a
lesson with Radolpho and it went so well!!! We asked him, "Radolpho,
is the Book of Mormon true, and is the plan of salvation his plan for
us?" And he looked us both in the eyes and said, "I prayed about
it...and it's true." AHH. It was so amazing. I can't even begin to
tell you how strong the spirit was. I love him so much! So anyways, he
is amazing and that was such a spiritual lesson. After the lesson, we
took a train to St. Raphael for an exchange with the elders there!
Wednesday: I went on an exchange with Elder Whitmer and we came back
to Nice! Not a lot...I'm keeping it short and worth reading. He is a
stud and I have a funny picture of him curling me with one arm that
I'll send haha he's massive.
Thursday: Coming back from St. Raphael there was a strike on the
trains so we didn't get back to nice until about 4! It was sad haha.
And then we contacted when we got home. For dinner, the apartment went
with a member named Donna and she took us to this amazing house and
cooked us one of the greatest meals ever. She's a professional cook
for real. It was good.
Friday: Crazy day! We waited for transfer calls and they finally came!
President Brown called and said, "Elder Wade, you are in for a huge are being transferred to Ajaccio on Corsica!" And I was
absolutely shocked haha. I definitely did not see it coming! But then
we had some contacting and then we ate with Bishop Meunier and his
family later that night at a burger restaurant! That family is
Saturday: So I told you all about the rainstorm that was insane last
week? We spent all of Saturday cleaning up the aftermath in Cannes. It
was unreal all the damage. We walked into homes that had water 4 feet
up on the walls! It was so sad. So we did that and then we ate at the
Tepuhuarii family! They made us sushi and it was so good!
Sunday: My heart absolutely broke on Sunday! I have more than adored
this Ward and the members here in Nice. Saying goodbye to so many
people that I love was one of the hardest things I've done! But we
went to church, and then after we went to the Cusick family for lunch.
I love them they are so awesome and it will be good to keep in contact
with them. They are great missionaries without the plaques as well!
Then Sunday night I went over and spent my last little bit with Cresto
family. Wow, I love them so much. I can say I absolutely fell in love
with Frere and Soeur Cresto and their 2 sons. To put it into simple
words, I cried a lot when I said goodbye to them haha. We figured out
that over the last 4 months I've been to their house 16 times. I want
to thank them for everything they have done. I will always consider
them as a part of my family. It might have been the hardest goodbye
I've said to someone before! If any of you have read my emails you
know how much I love and talk about them. Also I am their son Thomas'
godfather so that's a huge bonus ;) but really, I love them with
absolutely all of my heart. Anyways, they were amazing and I will love
them forever. After the Cresto's we went home and I packed a little
more and then went to bed.

I love you all so much! Thanks for the prayers and support. I
appreciate them a lot.
Elder Wade 🇫🇷

  The Tepuhuarii family! Love these 2.

My new comps who I met today!! 
Elder Richmond and Elder Johnson! 
love them so much and we are going to have an absolute blast on Corsica :)

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