Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Week 36 Happy New Year !!

Marie Rose is getting ready for the temple ahhhh :)

Hello everyone! We received transfer calls and all 3 of us are staying
in Ajaccio! :) I'm super excited. It will be my 3rd transfer with
elder Johnson and my 2nd with Elder Hall. I love them a lot and I'm
excited to stay in Ajaccio because the work is really picking up like
crazy! Also, Happy New Year to everyone! 2015 was such a good year and
I'm hoping 2016 will be even better as I'm fully on the Lords errand
:) So here is the week!

Monday: P day! Haha it was a crazy p day because we had 4 lessons
during the day and so we basically only had time to write emails which
was great. So after e mails we went and passed Micca and his wife
Immanuel and their 6 year old son Samuel! We shared Alma 5: 45-46 with
them and talked more about the role the Book of Mormon plays! And then
we set up a huge dinner for Tuesday at our apartment :)
Tuesday: Such an amazing day! So we contacted throughout the day and
passed a few potentials and then that night Micca and his family came
over and we cooked them big American cheeseburgers, played uno, and
then talked about the gospel and the Book of Mormon and it was soooo
amazing. We asked them to be baptized and they agreed! There are still
some things that need to happen before they get baptized but we are
super happy for them! We were teaching about temples and eternal
families and Micca said "I want to be there one day." It was awesome.
I felt especially touched because I was showing them a picture of my
family in front of the temple and it was just a really neat
experience. I love my family a lot :)  nights like Tuesday are nights
that I'll remember for the rest of my mission for sure.
Wednesday: Haha another great day :) so, we passed Marie rose and we
have been working on getting her prepared to go to the temple and
we've been working a lot with her on and guess what??
She has already 6 names printed off and ready to go to the Paris
temple when it gets dedicated this autumn :):) ah we are so happy for
her and what she's doing and the changes she's made and where she's at
right now. It's so amazing. After we went out porting and met a super
nice Peruvian Old couple that let us in and practically fed us. In the
end they weren't interested, but still a fun experience.
Thursday: The best New Year's Eve ever!! So to start off the day,
Bastia elders came down and we had district meeting and it was on
"Unleashing the Dormant Spirit" which is a super good talk and the
whole meeting was really uplifting and spiritual! Then after that we
did exchanges and I was with elder Johnson and then elder frost and we
went around and did tithing settlements with the members here in
Ajaccio. We made the drive to Frere Colonnas house and he is just
incredible and so faithful. One thing he said that I wanted to share
was, "Because I've paid my tithing, I've never had to run after or
chase money. Yes money hasn't always been there, but in paying my
tithing, I've never had to run after money." And I gained such a
testimony right then that paying tithing is such a blessing we have
and the Lord blesses us so much for it :) then later that night all 6
of us missionaries on Corisca went to Marie Roses house and she fed us
and we all sat around on family search telling stories of our
ancestors...and wow! I caught the family history fever big time I
can't lie. Before Thursday I never really was interested in it but it
hit me so hard how much I loved it and felt the spirit of Elijah while
reading all of my ancestors stories. I felt so close to them and so
grateful that I have had people already putting in information about
my ancestors so that I could read them. (I spent every free minute I
had the rest of the week reading about my ancestors and their stories
and I can say that the keys of Elijah have been restored)
Friday: Haha so at about 11:50 pm on New Year's Eve fireworks starting
going off and they didn't end till about 2:00 am. It was one of the
craziest things ever hahaha. Corsicans are super crazy and the
fireworks they were letting off were sooooo loud and honestly going
off everywhere haha I thought we were straight up in a world war. So
anyways, when we woke up we got our transfer calls and we are all
staying together for another transfer here in Ajaccio and all of
Bastia is staying together as well! So after that we went and ported
for the rest of the day and then passed Marie rose to see how she's
Saturday: Ah such a great day :) haha it was one of those days where
we woke up and had no rendez vous scheduled and so we prayed about
where to go and what to do for the whole day and we saw sooo many
miracles. Probably one of the most miracle filled days of my mission.
We just porter into so many people who Let us in and we fixed 4 RDV to
Come back :) just so cool.
Sunday: Another incredible day! So we had church at our apartment
again which was great again :) Sylvia bore her testimony for the first
time and it was incredible I am so happy for her!! Then after church
we went and gave the sacrament to Frere Colonna and then we took Frere
Colonna to his cousins house who lives by him. She is a non member but
was happy to see Frere Colonna! After that we had a huge
we ported into a Polish family on Saturday and we went and visited
them again on Sunday and they let us in. As we walked in, the parents
walked away and didn't join us for the lesson but we taught their 3
sons and they want to be baptized! So we are going to talk to their
parents about a date and voila! It was super awesome :)

I am learning so much and I wanted to share something that was really
on my mind this week...Heavenly Father has given us everything we
have, and so in return he could take it all back. He could take
everything we have away from us if he wanted to. But, there is one
thing he can't take away that is completely our own...and that's our
free agency. Our free agency is the only thing we have that is
actually ours. But, something very special happens when we take the
only thing that is actually ours to give (our free agency), and give
it to him. Special things happen. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and
know he lives.

Alma 12:33...I love this because it shows our Heavenly Fathers love for us.

I love you guys thank you!

Elder Wade

Alma 12:33
But God did call on men, in the name of his Son, (this being the plan of redemption which was laid) saying: If ye will repent, and harden not your hearts, then will I have mercy upon you, through mine Only Begotten Son;

  Actually a pic from a few weeks ago when I was in Nice with the

Cresto's :) I love love love them

 Micca, Immanuel and Samuel at our apartment eating burgers :)

Took this picture out porting haha how beautiful is the view...and
the swimming pool

Converted them....😈😈

 Photo with Frere Colonna and his cute nieces

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