Thursday, December 31, 2015

Week 35 Merry Christmas!!

Skype selfie :)

Hello everyone I'm super boring when I start these and usually say the
same things over and over haha. This week was one of the best so far!
Here's the recap! Also Happy 16th Birthday to my sister Olivia :) liv
just don't hurt Julius while I'm gone please and also don't go on a
date please ;)

Monday: P day! Probably the best p day yet too! So we woke up on the
ship and then got off in Toulon, and then drove to Nice for our big
zone p day! It was soooo nice to be back in Nice. Nice will always
have a special place in my heart I love that place so much. So we hung
out at the church and played basketball and just had a great time :)
then at about 5 we went and visited the Cresto family which was one of
the greatest things of this Holliday season. I love them absolutely so
much wow. We walked around nice and looked at the Christmas lights and
then we went to their house and just chatted for a little bit. And
then we drove from Nice to Aix-en-Province where we stayed the night
in a Best Western.
Tuesday: So we woke up and walked to the Aix en Province chapel where
a big bus picked up The Nice Zone and the Aix Zone and we road tripped
to Lyon! What a great day! When we got to Lyon the whole mission was
there and I saw my old companions and I saw so many people who I love
so much!! So we met up at the Confluence which is a really cool place
in Lyon where Le Rhone and La Sionne meet up and President Brown
talked about some really cool things there. Then as a mission we all
just hung out and played sports at a nearby park and I talked with
Elder Barnes for a good while. Love him a lot. Then we went to the
aquarium in Lyon and they have a big conference center that was rented
out for us and President talked to us and then we had some funny games
played and then we watched "The Lion King" :) haha I love Disney
movies so much.
Wednesday: Such a great day. We woke up and went to the Écully chapel
where we had the main part of mission conference and it was so amazing
and so spiritual! After conference we all got back on the bus and
headed back to Aix where we grabbed our car and then drove to Toulon
and then took the boat back to Ajaccio! So many good things happened
on Wednesday but I can't even begin to write them just know
it was an incredible day!
Thursday: Christmas Eve! So we woke up on the ship and then docked
into Ajaccio. We contacted a little bit and then we had a RDV at the
Antonetti's house and they fed us a huge Christmas Eve meal and it was
sooo good. My sweatshirt took fire as well which was kinda funny. Then
we went and door bell ditched Marie rose and left her a present from
"Papa Noel" which was awesome.
Friday: Joyeux Noël!! What an amazing day. So we went to Marie Roses
house and her and Sylvia and Noel made a big Christmas lunch for us
all and so we hung out there for a while and ate and played some games
:) then we skyped home!! Haha gosh it was so good to skype home I have
the greatest family ever :) also it was good to see that I'm still the
funniest in the family and still my moms favorite ;);) after skyping
we sang some carols and then went home! I know it's kinda cheesy and
some thing a lot of missionaries say, but it was the best Christmas
Saturday: The day after Christmas is always the worst day of the year
haha. We contacted and didn't have any success but still was good! We
passed Marie rose and then ported some more :)
Sunday: Haha such a crazy cool day! So here in Ajaccio church is held
at a hotel and this Sunday we all showed up for church and the hotel
was closed and so we decided we needed to hold church at our apartment
(our apartment is set apart as a chapel which is also why we can teach
in it) and so all the members followed us to our apartment and we
realized it was kinda messy still from Christmas (kinda as in really
messy) haha so we ran up stairs and just threw everything in the hall
way. Anyways, church was in our apartment and it was so cool and
spiritual still. It's not everyday that that happens haha. So then
after that we went to give Frere Coloma the sacrament but he wasn't
there because he spent the Christmas season in France so we just
ported for about 4 hours and had some really cool things happen!

Such a great week :) thank you for the support!

Alma 22:15

Elder Wade

Alma 22:15
And it came to pass that after Aaron had expounded these things unto him, 
the king said: What shall I do that I may have this eternal life of which thou hast spoken? Yea, what shall I do that I may be born of God, having this wicked spirit rooted 
out of my breast, and receive his Spirit, that I may be filled with joy, 
that I may not be cast off at the last day? 
Behold, said he, I will give up all that I possess, yea, I will forsake my kingdom, 
that I may receive this great joy.

Elder Barnes hahaha

 Elder Haws I love him
Elder Boynton my trainer
President Brown
La Mission Française de Lyon! 

 Zone p day  on Monday
 Zone p day again
 Only Lyon
Conference selfie!!

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