Friday, March 18, 2016

Week 45

Hello everyone! Great week here in Geneva. Here's the recap:

Tuesday: okay so we woke up and we started an exchange with the
English elders here in Geneva! I went with Elder Peron and he's from
France and is learning English right now but we spent the whole day
speaking in French so it was pretty cool. We had a rendez vous with
Ali and his 17 yea old daughter Atoussa was there and so we went over
the restoration and temples again with her and we committed her to
baptism :) so her and her dad are fixed for the 16th of April right
now! We are super excited. So then we did some contacting in Geneva
and then we stopped by the institute and taught Alex by skype! He is
doing great. He didn't have a lot of time so We taught him Mosiah 2:41
quickly! Elder Peron is a great guy and has had a lot of adversity in
his life but still chose to go on a mission. He was a good example and
I learned a lot from him during the exchange! So then we went to the
Bentele family and did some service and then ate dinner with them!
Wednesday: so on Wednesday we had another exchange and it was with the
elders from Gex! I was with Elder Herf and he is from France as well
so we spoke in French haha. 2 days in a row! We went to the church at
10 and had our interviews with president brown by skype! I love
president brown so much he's such a great person holy. So then for
lunch there was a lady from the Spanish Ward who invited the Geneva
missionaries to lunch! She is from Peru and is so cute and loved
calling me "greenie". So then after we we to contacting and elder Herf
and I contacted a woman from Tonga pushing a stroller with 2 other
kids and we immediately started talking about eternal families and the
priesthood authority and she was so touched! It was such a cool
experience and she was so nice. She spoke English, so she will be
passed to the English elders but it was still awesome. Then we drove
out to Annemasse and met with Alex in person for the first time and
taught him the second half of the plan of salvation! He is from
Portugal and has a lot of family who are members and so he already
knew a lot of what we believed. He liked it a lot! Also, Elder Barnes
and Elder Golightly went and taught Ali and Atoussa and the mom
Parvine was actually there as well! So they committed her to baptism
as well!! So now the whole family is committed for April 16! Elder
Herf was so sweet and he has been a member for only 2 years!! I
learned so much from him and loved being with him.
Thursday: on Thursday we went and had lunch with Soeur Mueller which
was great. Then Elder Barnes and I went and taught Ali, Atoussa, and
Parvine! We watched the restoration video and it went great! They are
so awesome I love them a lot. Then we went to the church and skyped
Alex and taught him the word of wisdom and he committed to live it! It
was great. Then we got in the car and headed to Lyon for the exchange
with the assistants! It was fun to hang out with Elder Haws and
Huntsman haha.
Friday: So on Friday I was with Elder Huntsman for the exchange! He is
from Easy High in Utah! We basically contacted the whole day haha but
we saw some really cool miracles and it was so fun to hang out with
Elder Huntsman! He is such a stud. So then we went to the mission
office and I saw elder Boynton there! Haha I love him so much. Then
elder huntsman and I, and elder Boynton and his companion went out to
eat dinner! It was fun to catch up with elder Boynton and talk about
life with him since we last saw each other. FYI for everyone that
doesn't know he was my trainer! So then we all met back together and
elder Barnes and I drove back to Geneva!
Saturday: so on Saturday we woke up and went over to the Bentele
family home and did a bunch of service! We helped them take down some
armoires and out some others up. Then when we got back home we went
and had a lesson with Ali, Parvine and Atoussa but Parvine and Atoussa
weren't there so it was just Ali. We were talking about life and the
gospel and we felt inspired to give him a blessing and he said yes. So
we gave him a blessing and had a really amazing experience. I am so
grateful for the priesthood in my life.
Sunday: we had church! So in our building there is the French Ward,
English Ward, and Spanish Ward! So it's like a madhouse sometimes haha
it's so funny. Anyways church was great and unfortunately the Azade
family (Ali, Parvine, Atoussa) weren't able to Come because they were
sick, but they really wanted to and called us and felt so bad. So we
went and visited them after church and taught them about the Book of
Mormon and how to gain a testimony from it! I love teaching about the
Book of Mormon.  So then we went and did zone numbers at the church!
So I don't know if I explained this yet, but back when we had zone
training elder Barnes and I  felt really good about throwing our zone
a challenge to have 30 new engag├ęs (people with a baptism date) before
D. Todd Christofferson comes to our mission on March 15! So the last 2
weeks we have gotten 19 as a zone and so this last week we are hoping
to have 11 more! We have a big zone p day next Monday right before the
conference so if we meet our goal we will do something sick. It's been
so cool to see the number of people engaged to baptism in our zone sky
rocket over the last 2 weeks and we are seeing awesome things and feel
very blessed!

This week has been a little stressful at times and as I pondered about
what scripture I wanted to include it became very obvious for me!
Mosiah 2:41.

Thank you for the support!

Elder Wade

Mosiah 2:41
And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it.

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