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Week 46 Goal 22- Final 39...

Exchange with Chambery and elder Amerjan! This is Stephan and he is

the guy who we committed to baptism!

Hello everyone! This email is coming sooner than normal because we are
having a big zone p day today in Geneva and the Lausanne zone will be
here with us! Haha this last week was a crazy   week highlighted by 3
exchanges (one of them in Spanish haha), a big zone finding day, and
our zone getting lots of engagés (people who have accepted baptism).
Quick explanation, at the beginning of this transfer President Brown
launched the challenge of getting 187 new engagés in our mission
before D. Todd Christofferson comes (which is tomorrow!!). He picked
187 because there are 187 missionaries in our basically 1
engagé per missionary. At the beginning of this transfer Elder Barnes
and I were preparing for zone training and we have 22 people in our
zone which means we would only need 22 engagés to get our goal, but we
thought that our zone could get 30 engagés. So we challenged our zone
to try and get 30 engages! We started the week off with 19 engagés and
we needed 11 more so we were really trying to get our zone to reach
the the end of yesterday we had 39 new engagés! We got 20 in
this last week! It was so awesome because everyone in the zone was
working so hard to get engagés and there are some really cool stories
in this email about it all! Here is the recap!
Monday: Monday night we had a huge FHE with the Azade family! We went
to the Volpicelli's house with them and had a big snack and then
taught the plan of salvation. It was such a cool experience to get to
talk about the temple with them and see how they want to go there so
badly! The Volpicelli's are so awesome and helped us a lot.
Tuesday: I went on an exchange with the Spanish elders here in
Geneva!! I was with Elder Leon and he is from Colombia/Canada and for
language study he taught me how to pray in Spanish and I eventually
got it and was able to pray in a few RDVs that they had haha. We
taught a less active member, and then we contacted. So then we went
and taught their ami Joao who is so awesome. He speaks some French so
we were able to teach in French which was soooo nice considering the
fact I had just spent 2 straight rendezvous in Spanish and I
understood absolutely nothing. But Joao is awesome and is going to be
baptized here soon! He is really sick with a cancer, so we gave him a
blessing. Then we drove out to Annemasse and ate with a Peruvian
member family! Haha they were so funny and none of them spoke English
or French so I couldn't really communicate with them but I tried
speaking some Spanish I picked up throughout the day. Elder Leon
speaks English, Spanish, French and Chinese so he helped me
communicate. He is a great guy and I really enjoyed being with him! So
voila, I was assigned to speak Spanish for a day haha.
Wednesday: another exchange! I was in Chambéry with Elder Amerjan! He
is from California and he's a stud. So, we started off the exchange by
teaching one of their Amis named Stephan who is 17 and from somewhere
in Africa and he was soo funny. Super good guy though. We taught him
the plan of salvation and we committed him to be baptized on May 7th!
Then we contacted for a good while ha. Then we taught another one of
their amid named Jennifer and she was way cool. She has a baptismal
date fixed and we taught her how to read the Book of Mormon! I loved
being with elder Amerjan and learned a lot from him.
Thursday: Zone finding day!! So we drove from Chambéry to Geneva and
our whole zone met at the church! At this point in the week we had 24
engagés. There were a few areas in our zone who needed some help and
so we ate lunch in Geneva and then sent the different equipes in our
zones to the areas that were struggling. Before we all left and went
to our areas, we challenged the zone to be bold and not be afraid to
invite people to be baptized on the streets! So elder Barnes and I
blitzed St. Genis with the elders there! As elder Barnes and I pulled
into st. Genis we pulled up to some apartments and we both felt like
we shouldn't go there, so we left. Then we pulled up at some more
apartments and again we felt like we shouldn't be there. Then finally
we showed up at a spot and felt good about it, so we got out of the
car and we saw someone across the street so we ran across the street
and started talking to him about the apostasy and he agreed with
everything! So then we talked about the restoration with him and about
20 minutes later he was engaged to baptism!! Haha it was the coolest
thing ever and the first time I've done that on my mission. He will
start to meet with the st. Genis elders now and his name was Ozmond.
Anyways, so we spent a few more hours there contacting and porting! It
was cool and we saw some other cool stuff. Then at 6 the whole zone
met back up in Geneva and we ate dinner and shared stories of what
happened throughout the day!
Friday: another exchange! We did an exchange with the Annemasse
elders! I stayed in Geneva with Elder Tew! He is a great guy and in
his 5th transfer. Haha he is from Memphis and honestly is so funny. We
ate lunch with the cornetta family and then we contacted after! Then
we had a few rendez vous fall through. Then we met with a person that
elder Barnes contacted earlier in the week and he was so cool. His
name is Prince and he is from somewhere in Africa as well and we
taught him the restoration and he loved it and we engaged him to be
baptized May 14! Then we went and taught the Azade family except Ali
was the only one that was there. Ever since we gave him the blessing
last week and talked about the temple and what we do there, he has had
some pretty cool experiences to say the least. Ali is such a good guy
and already has a great testimony and understanding of the
Saturday: Saturday morning we woke up and had a RDV with a guy named
Eloage! We met him at out institute building and taught him the
restoration. He is very smart when it comes to knowledge of the bible
etc so it was a fun rendez vous and it was awesome because he was kind
of confused about stuff and then it was like a light clicked on in his
head and he understood it! We committed him to be baptized May 7th!
He's such a good guy and it will be fun to continue to meet with him.
Then there was a baptism at our church so we went to it! Then a bunch
of random stuff happened and we had to take care of some things and so
pretty much our whole afternoon and night got hammered. But we did go
and see Ali and his wife Parvine! They are great. Parvine is actually
going on vacation for 3 weeks which is sad, but we will continue to
see Ali and their daughter Atoussa! We taught them about faith and how
we need faith to be baptized and go to the temple. It went well
Sunday: church! Church was awesome and I really tried to repent and
take the sacrament and focus as much as I could in preparation for
meeting an apostle. We also gave a blessing to a cute little girl
after church who is sick :) After church we got a call from the
Spanish elders and we had to run and to a baptismal interview for
their ami Joao! He was the person I taught on the exchange with elder
Leon! It's so awesome he will be getting baptized :) then we went and
taught Ali and Parvine! It was sad to say goodbye to her for 3 weeks
though! Then we went to the church and did zone numbers and our zone
is killing it! Seriously we are so happy for how hard everyone has
worked and how we just blew our goal out of the water.

Haha sorry this email is so long it was just a crazy week with a lot
of cool things going on. We have an Apostle of the Lord coming
tomorrow to our mission and I am so excited!! I know you can't pick
favorites, but he may be mine. I am so excited to listen to him speak
the words of the Lord. Thank you for the support!

Elder Wade

1 Corinthians 15:22..I love this scripture so much.

1 Corinthians 15:22
For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

Exchange with Spanish equipe! Elder Leon and I with the Jara family :)

 FHE with the Azade family with the Volpicelli's!

 Zone finding day pic!

  gave Elder Austin a Gonzaga shirt last p day ;)

Exchange in Annemasse with Elder Tew! This pic was actually taken
yesterday but this is elder Tew!

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