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Week 47 Elder Christofferson's Visit

Mission Photo with Elder Christofferson! :)

Hello everyone! This week was a crazy one again but definitely a good
one. Also, congrats to the Zags on making it to the Sweet 16!! Zag
up!!! Here is a recap of the week highlighted by D. Todd
Christofferson coming to our mission! I really learned so much this
week but I'm too lazy to type it all so just know it was incredible
week :)

Monday: Zone P Day! Our whole zone came here to Geneva and we went to
a park and had a BBQ and played games! It was so fun to be with the
whole zone, especially after we surpassed our goal of 30 engag├ęs with
40! Honestly I love our zone so much. The Lausanne zone was with us as
well and we played Geneva vs. Lausanne zone in soccer and we won 5-1
;) then we went and taught the Azade family about faith! It went
really well!
Tuesday: Elder D. Todd Christofferson!! So we woke up at 3:45 and took
a train out to Lyon to listen to him speak to us! It was an amazing
experience. The Geneva zone got to sit in the front as well and it was
so cool to be so close to an apostle! Before it started we all got to
shake his hand also! Haha he looked at me and elder Barnes and said,
"You 2 must be companions," and then smiled Because we were just
having a good time together haha. I can't even begin to tell you all
of the things that I was so uplifting and I just know
that he is an apostle of the Lord. He did a Q&A and it was incredible
to watch him answer questions. One thing that he did that I noticed
was that he always used a scripture out of the Book of Mormon to
answer a question. There was a question that was asked about "virtue"
and I absolutely loved his response. He said, "Think to
yourself...what is virtue? We tend to think it is only moral purity.
That is a part of it. But it has a broader meaning. It is truth in all
good things. That's what should garnish our thoughts unceasingly.
Virtue is the truth about Jesus christ and his atoning power. And that
is a foundation for every good thing. And for the healing of our
souls." It was so incredible and blew my away. It was the second time
on my mission I have been able to hear him speak in person and I love
him so much! Honestly it was just an amazing experience. At the end we
all sang our mission song "Les anges dans nos compagnes" and it was
very special to be united as a mission with an apostle singing it.
Sooooo amazing!
Wednesday: we had an awesome miracle Wednesday morning! There was a
random person who called us to give them a blessing of health. So we
showed up and it was the parents of a me,bet in the Ward! The parents
are not members but they wanted a blessing. So we gave her a blessing
and she said she felt really good and warm during it. We told her God
loved her and that we would visit them this next week and explain more
about our church! Then after we went and taught Elauge at the
institute! We watched the restoration video and then taught him how to
read the Book of Mormon! Then we went and saw Atoussa and Ali and
taught them about repentance! Ali really liked the concept. Then we
drove to St. Genis and started an exchange! I was in Geneva with Elder
Thorley from Davis High!
Thursday: we called up Ali and he said that he wasn't doing too great
for a few reasons, so elder Thorley went over and taught him Mosiah
2:41 and calmed him down a little bit. We also saw our ami Sultani at
the institute! Then we went and contacted at this big plaza in Geneva.
Haha so we taught these 2 girls about the restoration and they really
liked it. So at the end we prayed with them right on the sidewalk and
as soon as I started to pray there was an ambulance who turned on his
sirens literally right by us and he was stuck in traffic so I was
pretty much yelling the prayer as loud as I could haha. Good stuff.
Anyways I loved Elder Thorley he is such a stud! He is only in his 3rd
transfer and he is a great missionary.
Friday: haha Friday afternoon was pretty long! Elder Barnes and I
spent most of the afternoon doing transfer recommendations because of
the transfer coming up! Can you believe how fast this transfer has
gone?? It had gone unreal fast haha elder Barnes and I were saying
that if one of us gets transferred it will feel like we never served
together. So anyways we did transfer stuff and then we went and taught
Ali and Atoussa and Atoussa had a friend with her named Mandy so we
changed the lesson plan last second and taught Mandy about our church
and stuff and she liked it!
Saturday: haha Saturday afternoon was even longer than Friday! We had
a few stake meetings we had to go to from 2-6. It was super good
though and President Coppel spoke at the end and his talk was so good.
I loved on thing that he said in particular that I would love to
share. He was talking about the young rich man in Matthew 19:20-22 and
he said "Don't just be humble enough to ask the lord for help, but be
faithful enough to follow it." That really touched me. Anyways so we
went and taught Ali and Atoussa and Mandy was there again! So we
watched the restoration video! We are going to have to start teaching
them separately to be more effective but it was great!
Sunday: church! Haha right before sacrament started I was informed
that I needed to give a talk prophets! So I whipped something up and
talked about it. I focused my talk on 3 main questions about why we
wouldn't have a living prophet today ("Profile of a Prophet" by Hugh B
Do we not have a prophet today because...
1. God loves his children in ancient times more than he loves us?
(Because they had prophets to lead and guide them)
2. Does God still have the power to speak to us? (Yes, he is God)
3. Do we have a need of hearing the word of God today with everything
that is happening? (My answer would be yes)
I know that God has again called a prophet to the earth to restore the
plain and precious truths that were lost. Also!! Atoussa and Mandy
came to church and they loved it! The Ward just ate them up. Ali
couldn't make it but at least Atoussa and Mandy came! :) then we went
and ate at a members house for dinner and it was super good. Also we
went and saw Ali and talked to him a little bit about the word of
wisdom. He wants to stop smoking and drinking so bad. While he was
smoking we told him to break his cigarette and he did! :) the next
time we see him we are going to break every cigarette he has and he
agreed to it. So please keep him in your prayers because it will be
difficult for him but he can do it! Then we did zone numbers at the

Elder Christofferson's answer about virtue really touched me and he
used the scripture Alma 31:5. So that's my scripture for the week!

Have a great week!

Elder Wade

Alma 31:15
 Holy, holy God; we believe that thou art God, and we believe that thou art holy, and that thou wast a spirit, and that thou art a spirit, and that thou wilt be a spirit forever.

 Zone P day!

 Haha some graffiti I took a pic next to

 Selfie with a cute little girl from the Spanish Ward :)

Elder Johnson and Elder Hall! Haha funniest thing...I wore the tie
that elder Johnson gave me, elder Johnson wore the tie that elder hall
gave him, and elder hall wore the tie that I gave him! And all that
happened with no planning haha. That's what happens when you spend 2
straight transfers together on an island ;)

 1. The group I came in with :)

 Elder Boynton my trainer!

 Elder haws (ft. Elder Tew haha) It was the last time I will see him
on my mission haha. We have some good times ahead though!

 Exchange with elder Thorley and photo with sister mueller!

The Allenbachs

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