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Week 58 Lot of pictures

Zone finding day. Merci elder Hoopes for the photo

Hello everybody! This week was crazy good and crazy busy highlighted
by zone finding day in Geneva, an exchange with 2 Italians haha and
then another exchange in the Spanish companionship, lots of miracles
and new Amis! Here is the recap:

Monday: P day! So we went and visited the big St. Jean Cathedral here
in Geneva and it was honestly really cool. It was one of the main
reformation cathedrals during the reformation! So then after we had
family home evening with the Bentele family. It was really good and
they always take such good care of us. Haha also we played a game kind
of like charades and they thought we would lose because they have all
spoken French their whole life but Elder Barnes, Battezzato and I took
home the trophy ;) good stuff. That night we shared a thought on
prayer and it was a really touching one for me and I was able to
better understand how I need to always have a prayer in my heart.
Tuesday: ¿cómo estás? Because here in Genève it is so diverse, we have
a Spanish set of missionaries haha so I got to go on another exchange
in the Spanish companionship with Elder Leon from Columbia! We started
the day off and my language study was so intense haha. I asked him
questions about Spanish for a straight hour and my Brian was pretty
fried after. But we contacted a little bit and then we had a lesson
with an 8 year old named Reubén! Haha he was such a funny kid and is
just about to be baptized so his Dad wanted him to take a few
missionary lessons. We taught him the 10 commandments and I sat there
and drew on the whiteboard for him because I didn't understand
anything haha I felt like I was back in the MTC. Then after we went
and had another RDV with one of their Amis and luckily she spoke a
little French so I was able to communicate! Haha okay so funny/cool
story...when we were contacting I got a call from Elder Barnes and he
wanted me to pass the phone to Elder Leon because they contacted a
Chinese speaker and Elder Leon speaks Chinese. So while he was on the
phone I was just walking by him listening to him when I a mom pushing
a stroller walked straight passed us and I just had the sudden feeling
to talk to her! So I turned around and did without Elder Leon seeing
me (so he kept walking) but the mom stopped and we had a great talk
about the gospel and families. Just before Elder Leon got out of my
sight he realized I wasn't by him and turned around to come get me and
right before he got to me some random guy just started screaming and
yelling at me haha. The mom I was talking to was kind of weirded out
by everything and walked away haha. There was so many people around me
when he was yelling as well haha. Great day though :)
Wednesday: So for lunch on Wednesday we went over to the Mueller fam
and ate! Again go watch their "I'm a Mormon" sometime! Then we tried
to go pass an old amie but she wasn't there! Then we went and saw Ali
and talked about the sabbath day and coming to church and we read in
the Book of Mormon with him! Right after we went and saw Anthony and
it was the first time we had seen him since his baptism so we kind of
talked to him about how he felt and then how we are going to start
going over the lessons again! Right after we went to the Cannalles
family and ate! Soeur Cannalles is such a good mom. She is from
Honduras and is divorced and is raising 2 kids here in Geneva but she
has the biggest heart ever. It was such a great night and at the end
of the RDV she asked us to give her a blessing and I had the
opportunity to give it to her and it was such an amazing experience
and I got just a glimpse of how much love Heavenly Father loves her. I
don't really know how to explain it but it was awesome.
Thursday: Viva Italia!! Hahaha funniest day ever. So we did an
exchange with the Salève elders! I was with Elder Trapani and Elder
Battezzatto in Salève! They are both Italian and are so funny. It was
definitely an exchange I'll remember. But we contacted a little bit
and then went and passed a few potentials they had. Then we got a call
from the Annemasse elders and they needed help with a lesson so we
went and helped them. I'll send a video home of what the exchange was
like hahsha. We had to cut the exchange a little bit early because we
had a meeting with the stake president to talk about how the
missionary work is going in the stake. After our meeting, there was a
movie theatre that was showing "Meet the Mormons" and our stake went
to it and we got permission to go! So it was pretty fun. Also weird to
be back at a movie theatre...Elder Barnes was getting too trunky
thinking about his 2 weeks left so we had to leave the movie theatre
early ;) haha I'm kidding Elder Barnes isn't even kind of trunky at
Friday: Zone Finding Day! It was a pretty miracle day too! So the
whole zone came here to Geneva at lunch time and we ate and then went
out and had a few contacting activities to do! It was honestly pretty
cool and we finished around 5 at "Place de Neuve" and there is a huge
reformation monument there which was really cool and we all took a
photo next to it! A lot happened during finding day but I'll keep the
details short! So after we drove to Annemasse and ate at a restaurant
with the Annemasse elders and a girl named Jamel and her boyfriend
Johnathon! Side story: The Annemasse elders have been teaching Jamel
for about a month now. Johnathon is a member in Annemasse and
introduced her to the church. Jamel lives in our sector and they
talked to President about the situation and President told them to
pass her to us! So we all ate together so that she could get to know
us before they passed her to us! She is 17 years old and is from
Brazil. Her mom doesn't want her to get baptized so she is waiting
until she turns 18 to do it. (But she came to church with Jamel on
Sunday and had a great time and she really felt the spirit) so we will
see! But voilà!
Saturday: haha crazy day. So we woke up and met the English elders at
the church and just did a little exchange! I was with them and waited
for Ebuka to come (he didn't), while Elder Barnes and Elder Battezzato
went and passed Serge! After that at about midi we went and passed Ali
and read the Book of Mormon with him! We then went and passed Anthony
and watched the restoration video! He is doing great. After we drove
out to Nyon to teach a family that was in our area book and it was
seriously such a good RDV. While we were eating, she talked about how
there is something different about our church and how she feels good.
We told her that she could have that feeling with her a lot more often
by being a member and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. I could go
on and on about the lesson, but the spirit was very strong and the mom
said that her heart wants her to start taking the lessons but she
wasn't sure yet. So we hope she calls us this week.
Sunday: Great for church it was like a big stake conference
for all of Western Europe broadcasted in Salt Lake! It was super good
and Elder Christofferson presided and it was really touching. Also our
amis Serge, Jamel, Jamel's mom, and Frere Clement came! It was great
and there were multiple Portuguese speaking members who came up to
Jamel's mom after and talked to her. After church we went and ate at
the Cornetta home! They fed us raclette which is my favorite dish
here! Haha I love them so much they are such a great famille. We then
planned a little bit and did zone numbers!

Thank you for the support! Have a great week!
Alma 30:44 really touched not only me, but Elder Barnes and Elder
Battezzato this week. Du coup, c'est l'écriture de la semaine.

Elder Wade

Alma 30:40
"And now what evidence have ye that there is no God, 
or that Christ cometh not? 
I say unto you that ye have none, save it be your word only."

Zone Photo in front of the reformation monument

Elder price, Barnes, me, burton...reform status haha

Exchange pic with Elder Leon in the Spanish equip!

Zone finding day = lots of boxes

Elder Leon and I with Reubén haha

Chez la famille mueller!

Elder Battezzato, Elder Trapani and I!

La famille Cannalles

Eating a patisserie with elder Trapani for lunch

 Filling up the gas selfie. It's like we're back in kaysville haha

Cornetta fam!!

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