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Week 57 Anthony's Baptism & Working on the farm

Us at his baptism the day before :)

Hello everyone! This week was amazing and it ended incredibly with
Anthony's baptism! I know it wasn't planned for this week, but he
wanted to be baptized this weekend so it happened! A lot of stuff
happened so I'll try to remember it all!

Monday: Once P day ended we went to the church and had our interviews
with President Brown! I seriously love President Brown so much. After
he took us out to a nice Mexican restaurant and it was so good. It's
been awhile since I've had some Mexican food and it hit the spot haha.
Tuesday: We had zone conference in Geneva and it was so good.
President really talked about finding new Amis and getting people to
teach. We presented on faith and how to have faith during planning and
also when we are out finding! After zone conference we went and passed
by Serge and we finally got back in contact with him and he was happy
to see us! We refixed his baptismal date for June 11th so we are
hoping all goes well! After that we started an exchange with the
Annemasse Elders! I was in Annemasse with Elder Oborn. Elder Oborn is
in his 7th transfer and started off in Nice and after 3 transfers went
to Corsica just like me haha so we had a lot to talk about! He
actually baptized Noel during his last week on Corsica! Noel is the
husband of Sylvia who was baptized when I was there and so it was cool
to talk about them and about their progression.
Wednesday: Elder Osborn and I woke up and after studies we walked like
an hour to a members house to do some service and when we got there
they weren't there haha. So we walked back and contacted a little bit.
During our lunch break we ate at a boulangerie and helped one of the
members with his English. Then we went and passed a members house and
when we got there....he had 2 nonmember friends with him waiting to be
taught! Haha it was definitely a best case scenario. So we taught them
and they wanted to learn more! Then we went out contacting and it
started to rain so hard and I was in my short sleeve shirt (I packed
away my sweaters and jackets about a month ago and will not put them
on again until it's winter) haha so then while we were out we got a
call from a few sister missionaries and they needed help with one of
their lessons and so we had to take a train to get out to the RDV but
we eventually got there and were able to help a little bit. Later that
night we finished the exchange and i was back in Geneva with Elder
Barnes and Battezzato.
Thursday: Exchange again! So we woke up and drove to St. Genis and
started an exchange with them. I was with Elder Brook who came out
into the mission field with me! Good stuff. They didn't have a lot of
things to be honest and sum it up, we spent most of
the day finding :) haha so then we realized that we still had the keys
to the apartment in Geneva so we drove back to Geneva at about 8 that
night! So long story short, Anthony's baptism was scheduled for next
week, but he wanted to be baptized this weekend! So we spent a lot of
the night on the phone making calls and arranging things but voilà at
the end of the night it was set for this Saturday!
Friday: So we woke up on Friday and drove to Gex for district meeting!
Elder Hoopes is the DL in Gex and he did a great job speaking on
finding new Amis. After we headed back to Geneva and went chez la
famille Zahnd and taught Anthony the remaining few things, and then
Elder Price came down from Salève and did the interview with him! All
went well and the baptism was a go! Then we went to the institute
building and had our Amis/members activity! The institute is closing
soon which is sad, so we profited of the institute while we still had
it and played games with Amis and members! Honestly a super busy day
haha we were all over the place but it was great.
Saturday: Anthony's baptism! So we had our samedi sportif and played
soccer with a bunch of people! Our new ami Ewet came and we were able
to teach him a little bit before we played soccer! After soccer we ran
back home and got showered and ready for the baptism! We still had a
few hours until we needed to fill up the font so we tried to pass a
few Amis and teach them and invite them to the baptism. But eventually
we got to the church and got everything ready for the baptism! At
about 6:00 we walked about 10 minutes to the Zahnd home and then
accompanied them to the church! Anthony was so excited when we got
there it was awesome. So we got to the church and took some photos and
then the baptismal service! The Muellers gave some great talks on the
baptism and the Holy Ghost. Anthony was then baptized by Frere
Allenbach, who is another member here. Elder Barnes and I were the
witnesses of the baptism as well. Haha Anthony forgot to close his
mouth when he went under so he came up all choking and gagging and we
were all pretty nervous for a few seconds...but then he got his breath
under control and started to laugh and then we all joined in haha. It
was a really cool baptismal service and right after Anthony was
baptized I looked at Soeur Zahnd and she was in tears and I asked her
how she felt and she said, "This is a day I've always hoped would
happen for my son." Really cool day :) also even though Anthony is
only 11 he said "I am doing this 100% for me. Not for my mom, but for
me." It was touching to see how sincere he was.
Sunday: Anthony's confirmation! So we all went to church and Anthony
was confirmed! Anthony asked me to confirm him and that was a cool
experience. He is seriously such a stud and I was so happy for him.
Serge also came to church!! When he walked in the whole Ward just ate
him up it was super cool. He had such a great time and said he would
come every week now! Haha and we sang "If You Could Hie To Kolob" at
the end and hahaha I was dying because I thought he was going to have
some crazy questions after the hymn, but he was singing so loud and
just loved all is well. Atoussa also gave a talk in sacrament
on baptism and it blew me away. She is doing so well and has made so
much progress since her baptism about 6 weeks ago. She said one thing
that really touched me: "I am grateful for my Heavenly Father because
I was once a lost sheep, but now I have found the way." The spirit hit
me so hard. We then went back home and planned a little bit for this
upcoming week, then we ate at the Austins house! Sister Austin made
some great homemade food. After that we went and did numbers for our

Voilà la semaine!
3 Nephi 14: 7-11 really touched me this week. I know we are all
children of a loving God who loves and bless us us. Thank you for the
support! Have a great week!

Elder Wade

3 Nephi 14:7-11
 7 Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
8 For every one that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh, findeth; and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened.
9 Or what man is there of you, who, if his son ask bread, will give him a stone?
10 Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?
11 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

Us with Anthony during church after his confirmation!

Haha funny selfie elder Battezzato took on our exchange in St.
Genis with elder Brook! We were walking and saw a guy out doing some
farming so we stopped and helped him for a bit.

 Zone Conference!

Exchange in Annemasse with Elder Oborn!

Gex district meeting haha

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