Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 7!!! Nice, France

Nice, France!! P-day at the beach

Bonjour ma famille et touts mes amis! What a week wow! So I'll get right to it!
Monday we traveled and traveled and traveled haha. It was so long I
finished the Livre de Mormon encore so that was good stuff!
Tuesday we arrived in Lyon, France haha and I understood absolutely
nothing that was happening. So we got picked up by the APs and they
were so awesome. I love it so much. So then later that day I saw Elder
Barnes and Elder Hansen and that made me so much happier it was soooo
awesome. We also went out contacting later that night and that was
sooo fun I love talking to people even when I understand 10% haha.
Wednesday we got our new companions and found out I was serving in
Nice 😍 and my companion is Elder Boynton from England. He is such a
stud and I love him and we get along sooo well. It's seriously so much
fun. I also saw Elder Haws on Wednesday and we gave each other a giant
hug because we are actually on the same team for the next year ;)
Thursday we traveled to Nice by train and it took like 4 hours and the
whole time I sat next to this lady and gave her like the first 3
lessons IN FRENCH and she understood and I gave her a Livre de Mormon
and she promised to contact the missionaries and read it! It was so
cool honestly. So then we arrived and Nice is the most beautiful city
I have ever seen. It is sooo busy and so many people so we went and
put all my bags in the apartment, and got out to the streets and
started contacting immediately. It's so awesome just to be out on the
streets with elder Boynton talking to literally everyone we see about
the gospel. We had some good success as well!
Friday we woke up and played soccer with the members and some non
members and i needed Olivia on my team haha. But I actually scored a
goal so that rocked. They were all so good. Later that day we met with
a man named Ali and taught him and invited him to baptism and to pray
and we meet with him again tomorrow so that will be awesome to talk
with him about how he feels. Then we went back and made ratatouille so
s/o to that movie haha. I don't think it's as good as they portray in
that movie though...or we just made it wrong ;)
So on Saturday we woke up and actually played basketball with some non
members and stuff. It was so fun. Haha I dunked it and they started
calling me Dwayne wade and then one of the members looked up my
highlights and sent it out on his Facebook and next week he said a
bunch of his friends will come to play! But then we just hit the roads
again and contacted like crazy. My French has picked up a lot this
week by just contacting people and everything. But they speak soooo
fast it's hard to understand a lot of the time so thank goodness my
companion is good at French.
Sunday we went to church and during church they had me go up and talk
about myself and then bear my testimony and it was cool. The ward in
nice is sooo amazing and the people are so strong. And right before
church it was the worst rain storm I've ever seen and people still
walked there just to attend church. Good stuff. And we ate after with
the ward and let me tell you...the food is as good as they say it is.
But good thing me end elder Boynton buy healthy foods and work out
every morning don't worry ;) elder Boynton is such a hard worker it's
so awesome. I love serving with him.
So today we went shopping for groceries, came to the church and played
basketball (we have a companionship alley oop but it won't send) and
then went to a (secluded don't worry) area of the beach and it was
amazing. I will have pictures sending soon. Lots of pics from the
first week :)
Buuuut it's amazing! I know the church is true and that this is
exactly where I need to be. It's so fun outside in 90 degree weather
with I swear 28383% humidity, just to be talking and loving all the
people. Thank you for everything!
I love you all. Thank you for the support!!

Elder Wade


Jarom and I!!!
*Jarom is one of Jesse's best friends.  They played on the same High school basketball team.  
Elder Barnes has been out a year.  Jesse was hoping to get to see him when he got there and he did.

Lyon selfie with elder Barnes :) also I had been up for 37 hours
straight at that point haha

Elder Boynton and I !!

 on the same team for the next year ;)
*Elder Haws will play for BYU next year.  
Jesse and him have played against each other a few times ;)

 For Katelyn:) I told you I would do it!
*This is Elder Hanson from Kaysville Utah.  Elder Hanson has been out a year.  Before Jesse left he went and visited with his family and Elder Hanson's sister Katelyn asked Jesse if he would give him something when he saw him.  So Katelyn had Jesse go around the hall corner and pretend he was Elder Hanson.  So Jesse went and then came around the corner and Katelyn ran to him and jumped into his arms and hugged him just like
Jesse is hugging Elder Hanson. :) That is what she wanted Jesse to give him. 

This is the view from our church! Most beautiful place I've
ever shot at ;)

 we had a comp oop haha

 Elder Boynton walking down this cool street

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