Thursday, June 4, 2015

Week 5- Last week at the MTC

Hello family and friends!! Such a great week so I'll just go and get started! Im like 90% positive they will give us Saturday to write home really quickly before we head to France next Monday!!
On Tuesday Elder Holland came to the MTC haha so that was like the coolest thing ever. He talked on opening your mouth. Something cool he said was, "He couldn't kill Joseph Smith when he knelt down in that sacred grove, rather he did the next best thing...bound his tongue so he couldn't speak." It was soo cool to hear that, so everyone better open their mouths and speak now ;) But our lessons with Raul are going sooo amazing and he is progressing a lot. He said that he could see himself getting baptized soon, and we asked him to say the closing prayer and he said the most sincere prayer i have ever heard it was awesome. then we taught him again on Friday and it went soo amazing again and Elder Kwak told me a cool during the lesson Raul asked a really hard question about Jesus Christ and Elder Kwak said that he said a way fast prayer in his mind that I would know something to say, and i remembered something i studied that day and it applied so well and the spirit was so strong!
On Wednesday we skyped a member from France and gave him a lecon on how to share the gospel. After we got done, he flipped his front camera and showed us where he was and he was right outside the Bern temple it was soo pretty, so that experience was awesome!
On saturday Elder Connell and I gave the Russian branch a tour of the church in French and that was so fun. The language is coming great fyi.
Sunday President Dowling and I talked about Gonzaga basketball for like an hour on our temple walk so that was nice to talk about that stuff again haha its been over a month. But also for the Sunday devo Janice kapp Perry came and talked to us, and it was probably the funniest devo yet, but at the end we sang the EFY Medley and it was probably the most i have ever felt the spirit in a song before. Ahh i love serving a mission!! So the last cool thing...this week i read past Alma 42 and in Alma 42 (coincidence cause its like one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon ) I wrote in the margin "8/25/14 Tonight for family study we talked about how there will be a time on my mission where I read past this chapter, and i will remember talking to my family about this exact moment." AND I READ PAST IT. It was sooo cool because i was just thinking about how fast time goes and how excited i am to serve. Anyways, Je sais que l'Evangile est vrai. Je sais que Jesus-
christ viendra encore. Je sais que si vous avez une desirée de comprendre ces choses, que nous puissions à travers L'Esprit. Je sais, sans une doute, que l'Evangile est vrai.
We got our travel plans, and we fly out of Salt Lake at 9 (wake up at 4:30) and then we fly to Cincinnati (2 hour layover), then fly to Paris (2 hour layover again), then to LYON :) So we get to Lyon around 10 am (France time i think) on Tuesday morning!

Je vous aime!!
Avec d'amour
Elder Wade

 Flight plans are official. 
 There are 5 flying to Lyon with Jesse and 6 flying to Paris

                                 My teacher (Soeur Hawkes) and I modeling my apron ahaha

temple selfie this morning with the district!

P day writing letters and eating moms caramel popcorn haha 

 Ryan Andrus is on campus now.  He will play for BYU after the mish

elder connell was looking at places in france, 
so i may or may not have searched the wade residence

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