Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 8

You can find us on the streets every Saturday at 9😎

So we had no wifi yesterday and got permission to send them off
today!! So here is what I wrote yesterday...
Hello everyone! Another great week here in Nice.
First off Happy Father's Day to the greatest Dad and the person who
has given me everything in my life. I love you so much Dad. I'll send
you a personal message duh ;) just a public quick S/O
I'll just go through the days.
Tuesday: We contacted basically the whole day and it was sooo hot on
Monday but we ended up finding a family and talked to them for a
little bit and then fixed a rendez-vous (they cancelled) but that was
pretty cool. Hopefully we can get ahold of them sometime soon. But
then we had dinner with la famille Freeze and they are a member family
here in Veille Ville ("Old Nice" and it's like the pretty part of
Nice) and we had some crepes and that was good.
Wednesday: nothing too exciting other than the fact that we contacted
a lot and then caught a train to Toulon for our zone conference. Also,
I had a vivid dream where the whole dream was in French and when I
woke up I was sooooo stoked haha it was the coolest thing ever I
Thursday: we had some conference in Aix-En-Province and it was The
Roneys last conference so it was way sad but they are such amazing
people. They even said they would  cheer for me when Gonzaga and BYU
play ;) but it was really cool and sad to see them go, but I'm excited
to welcome President Brown and his family.
Friday: Long day of contacting again and at the end of the day we had
a lesson with 2 Sammy and Agnes and it went sooooo good! We challenged
both of them to baptism and they said they would pray about it and
then the next morning Sammy texted us and said how he felt so happy
and that it was probably a sign from God. So we are definitely anxious
to teach him again tomorrow. So we spoke a lot about the word of
wisdom with them, and Sammy was totally fine and Agnes said she was,
but literally 1 second after we walked out of the church building she
opened up some cigarettes haha. Elder Boynton and I started laughing
so hard.
Saturday: we played basketball again with everyone and they all had
searched me on YouTube and stuff hahaha so they all got pictures with
me and and it was funny. But we made some good friends and we are
going to start teaching some of them! Ball is life. Jk. So then
Saturday night we were at a members house who lives in Monaco (small
country next to France) and they lived on the complete other side and
we walked there so we basically walked across a whole country 😎 but
then we were going to miss our train so we ran 2 miles I kid you not
at a full on sprint and barely made it. Typical missionary moment.
Sunday: church again and I love the ward soooo much. I TOOK THE CUTEST
PIC OF ALL MAN KIND OF A BABY. He was crying and he saw my elder Wade
badge and took it off me and stopped crying. I'll send it don't worry.
And then we also had a barbecue at the Bishops house with his family
and they are sooo awesome. And I gave the spiritual thought on faith
and it was so cool.
So yes everything is going great! The language is coming and I can
feel the spirit so much every day. We really see miracles every day.
Today I had 3 conversations and then gave a lesson and talked with a
family for like an hour and after I realized...it was all in French!
So that was so cool. And ALSO, we heard Taylor Swift on the bus today
and don't worry...I still had all the words memorized ;)
Moroni 8:3--> I really do. I love you all.
Elder Wade

Moroni 8:3

"I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying to God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end."

His name is Jaona and he was crying and grabbed my badge 
and started eating it and became happy 
haha it was the cutest thing On this planet.

District P day! The beautiful village of Eze

Apparently this robot is world famous and everyone goes 
and gets a pic with it haha

The Cresto family. They are sooooo nice and I recorded this and it was so cute!!

*Last Zone Confrence for President and Sister Roney

Haha one of the members here took us out to lunch and took a pic of
me, and we showed up on Sunday and he had dropped it and made the pic
of me his background haha he is the coolest person ever.

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