Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 12

Sorry this one is is so long. Such a good week though!! :) know probably 5% of you probably even read my whole emails anyways so I'll start off with my testimony so if you don't read anything else each week you read this :)
Really though, it's amazing here. Some days when it's soooo hot and humid and we are out contacting, I just think of how much my Savior has given me. The least I can do is give 2 years of my life for him. 
My scripture for the week is:
Alma 7:11-13. One of my favorite parts of that scripture is verse 12 where it says, 
"12 And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities." Really I know that is so true. If you allow him to, he knows how to help you. And he wants to help you. That is my testimony. I know Jesus Christ lives. 
TUESDAY: Honestly such a fun day. I went on an exchange with one of my best friends in the mission Elder Warner! We were in the MTC with each other. So we were in Nice the whole day and we are both "blues" so we had so much fun and out contacting we had 2 lessons with people! It was so cool. Later at night we were both laughing at how much better fun it was teaching with each other after we had 6 weeks of straight French out here. It was so cool to see how different of teachers we were after only 6 weeks, and to see our French a lot better! Haha and then I took a wrong bus and we got absolutely lost for 2 hours but we still had sooo much fun it was seriously so awesome. I love Elder Warner so much he's such a good guy. And he lives in Washington so go zags! (Speaking of which I absolutely love you Zag fans thank you so much for all the emails. Zag upppp) 
WEDNESDAY: Miracle Day!!! Okay so, to be honest, we found the best way of contacting. We go to the nearest basketball court and just ball. While I am playing, Elder Boynton talks to people about while we are here and stuff. And while I'm playing I talk to people too. In all honesty these players are pretty good and lots of them play for the Nice Academy. So anyways, one of the players who is pretty good started talking to me about what a mission is etc. so we got along really well! So then Wednesday night we had ward council and when we got to the church, I got an email from him just talking about basketball and stuff. So then I emailed him back and we exchanged numbers and we had 3 rendez-vous last week where we played basketball and then shared something after. My favorite type of rendez-vous😎👌🏼 but then he showed up with his girlfriend and that made it even better. I honestly love them they are the nicest people ever and have already invited us over to their house to eat. Jérôme (his name) is a stud and can honestly stroke! And he is teaching his girlfriend how to play. But for our rendez-vous we just go to the church because the church court is the nicest out door court I've seen here, and we took the, through a church tour as well! So yes we have found multiple Amis through basketball! I absolutely love the people too they are all so cool.
THURSDAY: we had District meeting at our church in Nice. It was really awesome. Honestly every time we have a meeting its like a spiritual overload. Then after we taught and played with Jerome and Anne-sophie at the church again for a lesson. Great day. 
FRIDAY: Transfer calls.......IM STAYING IN NICE WITH ELDER BOYNTON. Haha okay so Me, Elder Boynton, Elder Andrew and elder burton all share an apartment in Nice and Elder Andrew has 1 more transfer left and he said he's never had an apartment like ours. We have such a good time, but it's like spiritual all the time but we still laugh and just love each other...hahaha so we were waiting Friday morning for transfer calls and President called our companionship first so we went in the other room and he told us we are staying together (and Elder Boynton is the DL) so we got excited. Then we stayed in the room because president called Andrew and Burton and then we heard them hang up. So we walked out of our room, and they walked out of theirs and we were like "We are both staying..." They said "us too...." And then there was a moment of silence and then we just started screaming and laughing and going crazy. Haha we love each other. Elder Andrew is from Cali and played LineBacker at USC and elder Burton is from cedar city and played soccer! Ah I LOVE IT HERE. 
SATURDAY: So another REALLY COOL thing is that we have made friends with a lot of people, and they want to play with us, so we told them if they come to our church to play then we will. So Saturday we had 12 people who took the tram or bus to come play with us at the church and of course we start with prayer and a spiritual thought and it's just soooo awesome. We have used basketball to find so many people it's been honestly so fun. And then we also had some RDV (rendez-vous means a lesson) and then had dinner with the Cresto family who I love dearly (pic later with me teaching their baby hoe to play basketball). I love them to death seriously. 
SUNDAY: I gave my first talk in church on Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ and how the Book of Mormon can help us in our life. And guess what?!?!....Jérôme and Anne-sophie showed up!! Earlier in the week I told them I was giving a talk at 11, and they showed up. Honestly I love them. They are sooooo cool. (Pic later) just such a day. And I can't even express how much I love the people here. 
I love you all so much :) thanks for the support. 
Elder Wade

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