Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 10!!! Contacting and Ballin on the streets

What a week! Really quickly a huge congrats to my sister Ellie on
Kaysville idol :) she has such an amazing voice 😍 and she's cute :)
So on Tuesday we went clear up into the hills and ported and contacted
for like the whole day and we met honestly the funniest guy who said
"My wallet is my religion" and we talked to him for awhile and he was
funny...but he showed us his house and I've got to say, money is
really his religion haha. Anyways. Also while we were teaching a
lesson outside someone stopped us because they thought that I was Brad
Pitt? I don't know who that is but they were pretty convinced that I
was hahaha it was so weird. Had some great convos and met some awesome
Wednesday: Wednesday was awesome! That night we went on splits with
the members and I was with Frere Grattapunch and we taught 3 people
and testified to each one and the spirit was so strong there. It's
times like that when I'm testifying of the church to a complete
stranger and can feel the spirit that I know it's true!
Thursday: We went out contacting hard again and had some great
conversations with people! Just an all around grind it out for the
Lord day! Always good stuff.
Friday: On Friday we went to the nearby basketball area (Vaughban) and
balled it up and proselyted during it, and that was the most success
we've had yet! It was so fun to be playing mid game talking about the
gospel. But we got some new people who love basketball and who are
interested and who we are talking with. One of their names is Gerard
and he was especially cool and interested...and on top of all that he
was wearing some retro 11s that were sick.
Saturday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!! Hahaha honestly such a fun day. The
ward threw a huge party and we played a ton of basketball (videos
coming later duh) and met a bunch of people who weren't members and it
was awesome. Such a fun activity. The members here are amazing. And
then later that night we planned so that elder Boynton and I, and the
other companionship we share an appt with would eat dinner at the end
of the day with each other and celebrate we did and had a
huge party while watching 17 miracles (such a good movie wow). But yes
such a fun day!
Sunday: another wonderful day at church! It was fast and testimony
meeting and guess what...ok bore my testimony! I was so scared at
first but the spirit definitely helped me out. Honestly it was about
100 degrees and people were walking 2 hours to church too. Made me
feel sooo humbled about how sometimes I wouldn't even walk the 2
minutes to my church when it was like 70 degrees. Anyways.
Another amazing week! The lords hand is in everything. I see it every
day! I love you all. Thank you for all the support!
Elder Wade

The Vaysse family! 

 But I sleep like this now to keep the bed bugs away and I sweat like crazy

but ca va. Hahaha

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