Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 11 Bed bugs back...

 Elder burton and I taking apart our apartment because of the bed bugs haha

Tuesday: Such a spiritual day! We got to meet President and Sister Brown and they are so amazing! The spirit is sooo strong with them and Soeur Brown is like an angel! Haha it was funny because when she saw me for the first time she made like a basketball shot motion and laughed and then we talked for so long. And President Brown is honestly so close to the spirit. Gosh I already love them. His main focus is on the temple and how we need to get people there and I just got such a powerful feeling from the spirit that this idea is in fact from God. It was awesome. But yea because he had to interview everyone in the zone, the conference went until like 6 but we went out contacting like halfway through and I started talking to a guy in a taxi and he got really excited about the church and I gave home a Livre de Mormon and he kissed it and got all excited. That was cool. 
Wednesday: we saw some cool things on Wednesday. So we were out contacting and we met someone named victor. We walked by him on a bench and asked if we could do anything for him and he said no but we just sat down right next to him haha. So we started talking more and he wanted to meet with us on Thursday and everything and we actually ran and grabbed him a Livre in Portuguese (native language, but he speaks some French) and then the coolest moment  happened!!...We were kind of stuck in the lesson  and literally I had the feeling to share Alma 7 and just as I went to open my scriptures, elder Boynton started sharing that exact scripture! It was really cool :) the spirit really is amazing. So he was way awesome and we had a good lesson and we scheduled another for this week! Also, we met someone on the streets later that day who came to church like 5 years ago, and he committed to come to church right then and there on the street! He didn't come haha but ca va it was still cool!
Thursday: Thursday was another awesome day! We went to teach Victor and he wasn't there, but we scheduled another time! We then went to the Renuzzie's and had such a spiritual lesson on Christ! They are converts as of about 3 years and so awesome. We also contacted a bunch and had some awesome people who we met!
Friday: So bed bugs again hahaha nooooo. So we spent basically all of Friday cleaning the apartment (President said that getting rid of them was what we needed to do) and we bought some different sprays we were told to get and basically bombed our apartment and slept at another missionaries apartment that isn't being used right now. But it's okay now because we got them and they aren't there anymore 😋😅 so then after all that we had a few lessons amd it was awesome. 
Saturday: Saturday was so awesome. We prayed for some miracles and found some awesome people out on the streets. I had a 40 minute conversation with a man named Dominique and it was honestly a convo I will never forget. He was the nicest man and he said that he wishes he could have known the stuff that I bore witness and testimony of when he was younger. It was really cool. I took a selfie with him that I'll send :) then we had a rendez vous with a Tahitian family and had SUSHI my favorite food ever! The funniest thing is that honestly earlier that day when we were out contacting I told Elder Boynton "Honestly all I want is sushi right now." And then I got some! Hahaha it was honestly so funny when they brought it out we were laughing so hard. But they are one of the coolest families I've ever met!
Sunday: MIRACLE. We have been teaching these 2 people Yoan and Vlad and we were doing really good with them but we lost contact with them for a few weeks, and they showed up at church miraculously and we had been praying so hard for them! Even better though...we had a great lesson with them and we asked them to be baptized on the 15th of August and they said YES. It was one of the coolest moments of my life! So we are praying for them that's for sure. 

Really such an amazing week. I LOVE it here. Transfers are this week so that's a little scary haha. I love Nice so much and have become soooo close with all the members. I love them to death. Anyways, I love nice so much and the work here is really picking up. Elder Boynton and I are ready to hit this last week so hard!!

I love you all. 

Elder Wade
 * If you know what he is saying please let us know :)

one of the people we play ball with wore a D Wade jersey for me
cause of the last name haha

 The baby stole my plaque (broke it off so that was sad) haha but i
got a cute pic again

thr apartment on p day

 i had to add this pic in! One of the members took this pic from the

ward barbecue and I got it this week.

 Dominique selfie
 The Tahitians in the ward at their house :)

 Zone conference selfie with the AP Elder Nadauld

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