Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 20 Stake conference Testimony Time

Cool pic that Frere concha took from our RDV with his friends!

Family and friends! We had another great week here in Nice. I fall
more in love with this Ville and the people every day! I'll just go
ahead and get started!

Monday: Okay so honestly we had the COOLEST miracles right in a row. I
know that God loves his missionaries! So, we had a rendez vous in
Monaco with the Concha family. Monaco is a little country right next
to France and it is actually in our sector, so we can go to it. But,
since it's far away, we have to take a train. Okay so we go to the
Concha's home and have an awesome lesson with their non member friends
about the temple and they were really interested. So after we shared
the spiritual thought with them, we looked at our watches and they
said 8:34 and our train left at 8:41! And the only problem was, we
were a solid 1 1/2 mile away from the train station. So we literally
just run out the door and they give us food to take home and eat
hahsha so we are just running to the station and we knew we were going
to be late, but as we were running we said a prayer for a miracle and
we showed up at the station at 8:47 and the train happened to be late
7 minutes and so we got on the train and barely made it! SO then the
second miracle happened....we get to Nice at 9:10 and we had to be
home by 9:30 (its the rule) so as soon as we get off the train we just
start sprinting to the bus stop and we miss the LAST bus of the night
by 2 minutes. So we were about 2 1/2 miles away from our house and had
20 minutes to get home and I turned to elder Anderson and said "We do
hard things for the Lord." And we tightened our backpacks and just
started sprinting home haha. So it's about 9:26 and we are still
running as fast as we can but we realize that we aren't going to get
home on time. BUT, as soon as we said that we both said a prayer and
we prayed for a miracle because we wanted to be 100% obedient to the
rules...and then I kid you not, as soon as we said "Amen" some random
car pulled up and said "Get in, I've seen you guys before and know
where you live." And I almost died. When that happened I honestly
couldn't believe it. So we got in the car, he drove fast, and we got
home at exactly 9:30. I  know for a fact that this is the Lords work.
Ahhhh it was so cool.
Tuesday: So on Tuesday we played soccer in the morning with some
people from the Ward and a few of their friends. Haha I'm so bad at
soccer compared to some of these 10 year olds here. Par contre, we had
a good day contacting. We also officially moved as well! The moving
equipe came and helped us move out during the night. It was sad to
change apartments because that apartment is where I started off my
mission so I was a little sad. But it's okay, because our new
apartment is so much bigger and nicer. But really just a solid day out
contacting haha and we had some weird conversations that will
definitely not be making an appearance in the email haha.
Wednesday: haha I can't lie one of the longest days of my life we had
no rendez vous scheduled so we contacted all day and no one listened
to us :) for some reason at the end of the day when it was over I felt
so accomplished it was weird.
Thursday: Thursday we had zone training! We talked about the blessings
from being obedient. It was a great training and it's so much easier
to be obedient than it is to be disobedient so I loved it! After that
we contacted a lot and passed a less active member named Allain. Not a
lot happened again! We have a lot of conversations but the hardest
part is getting them to want to say yes. Sometimes it's frustrating
because you know they feel the spirit but there's nothing you can do
about it! One day for them though :)
Friday: Friday was a great day! So we started off by our studies like
normal and I had another awesome experience with comp roll plays! So
for this roll play game, one of us asks a question and then hits the
start button and then we have 1 minute to answer it! And so, he asked
me why we need the Book of Mormon when we have the I did
the roll play, we talked about it, then I did it again! So, later in
the day we were talking to someone and the man literally said word for
word, "Why do I need the Book of Mormon when I have the Bible?" And
Elder Anderson and I just looked at each other, smiled, and then
answered his question and it went SOO WELL. We just ping pong'd off
each other and at the end he was very interested and we scheduled a
rendez vous for this week! It was so awesome. Then, at the end of the
day after we wrote in our journal and had about 30 minutes until bed,
Elder Anderson and I had one of the most amazing talks about Jesus
Christ. I'll talk about it on the bottom of my email.
Saturday:  So we had our Saturday Sports and played basketball again
at the church! Always one of the best times is playing basketball ;)
also, we are going to try contacting by playing basketball this week
so that will be fun haha. But then we got home, went out and contacted
for a few hours and had some really cool conversations. So, we had a
train at 6 to head to Toulon for Ward conference but we missed our
train and the next train didn't come until 8 so we just contacted and
had an awesome conversation with someone. We started talking about
families and he starts crying and tells us how his wife had passed
away and we testified that he will see her again. Also I had the
coolest experience with he was an older person and at the end
of the conversation I said "Monsieur I know that maybe you aren't
ready to hear this message, but will you promise us something? After
this life, will you come find me and my companion and let us teach you
and your wife?" And he said yes. So I full on plan on teaching him
after this life :) but then we caught our train to Toulon at 8:00 and
stayed the night there for Ward conference!
Sunday: Sunday might have been one of the coolest, if not THE coolest
day on my mission! So we woke up in Toulon and the church had rented
out this HUGE auditorium because it was Stake Conference and the stake
here is basically the whole Azur Coast! And so this auditorium was
packed and right before it started President Brown (our awesome
mission president) came up to me and said that he feels like he should
ask me to give my testimony to all the members who were there, and so
right before President Brown gave his talk they called me down and I
gave my testimony to everyone who was there! It was a really awesome
experience. Elder Boynton (yes I saw him 😊) even took a pic and sent
it to me so I'll send it home! But it was really cool! So then the
other awesome thing that happened was in the MTC we had a few Skype
lessons and all of my lessons were with this member named Vincent
Perez! And at the MTC we both told each other that we hope we can see
each other at some point in the mission...and guess what? He was there
:) and when we crossed each other we both recognized each other and
gave each other the biggest hug! Ah it was so cool and such a cool
experience! But yes, Sunday was just such a cool, spiritual, fun

As you can see, just another great week in Nice. My spiritual thought
is about my conversation about Jesus Christ with elder Anderson. I can
say I have learned one thing more than anything on my mission, and
that is that Jesus is the Christ. I would encourage you all this week
to study the life of the Savior and find something you can work on. So
my scripture for the week is definitely Mosiah 16: 6-9. Jesus is the
Christ. I know it. I love you all and thank you for the prayers.
Elder Wade

 When I was up at the pulpit giving my testimony! 
It was such a cool experience.

 Another pic from elder Boynton at the pulpit

Reunited with Elder Boynton :):) I absolutely LOVE him

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