Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 22 World renown MONACO YACHT SHOW

Elder Anderson and I at the Yacht show!

Hello family and friends! Another week gone haha it's crazy how fast
it goes. So first off, General Conference this weekend! I am so
excited to hear the Prophet of our church speak to us. I promise you
he is called of God. I'm very grateful for the revelation he receives
and gives to us every 6 months! I would really love to get some
feedback as well from you guys! If you loved a certain talk during
general conference and wouldn't mind emailing me which talk and why
you loved it I would love that! And Gonzaga fans, watch a little bit
of conference and tell me what you think and if you have any
questions...email me :) anyways, now for the week summary!

Monday: P day! Always a good time. We just strolled around Nice and
did basically nothing. We were really tired from the week before so
elder Anderson and I mainly just relaxed haha. Then, we went over to
the Cresto's house and had a family home evening as well as celebrated
Frere Cresto's 33rd birthday! Gosh I love them so much and I say it
every email. But a really cool day overall and we had an awesome
conversation at 8:58 that let us stay out a little longer past 9 which
was cool and we fixed a rendez vous from it :)
Tuesday: Tuesday was really awesome. So we had a few coordonnées
(referrals) who lived in Monaco and so we took the day and went to
Monaco and passed 4 referrals and not one person was home :( so we
will have to go again dang ;) honestly Monaco is the coolest country
ever. Everyone go google a picture of Monaco it's so cool and I SERVE
THERE :) sometimes I can't believe I'm serving my mission in southern
France. So we got back at about 6 and a member invited us to go play
basketball at Vauban with some of his friends...of course I didn't
deny it 😊 so we went to Vauban and played there the rest of the night
and at the end of the night we had found 2 people who wanted to learn
more about our church. Looks like we will be playing basketball a
little more ;) Elder Anderson and I have got the most efficient
missionary work when it comes to basketball haha...I play and talk on
the court while he talks to everyone watching haha.
Wednesday: Haha an awesome day. So we went on an exchange within our
apartment and neither of our equipes had rendez vous so we literally
when the whole entire day contacting haha it was so awesome. I love
contacting. I went with Elder Burton and he is such a stud. I have
spent the last 3 transfers in the same apartment as him so it was
super fun.
Thursday: So not a lot of things happened today. We had to leave for
zone conference at 1:00 and we showed up to Marseille with our other 2
zones. But, the coolest thing happened. So "The Gare" is like the big
train stations here and in each train station there is a piano. And
since there was about 25 or so missionaries all just in the Marseille
Gare passing time, we got on the piano and sung hymns for every one
there and at the end of it there was probably 100 or so people around
us recording and stuff. Actually pretty cool. So then we spent the
rest of the night contacting in Marseille and then slept in the
Marseille Elder's apartment.
Friday: Zone conference was so amazing. Elder Adler from the 3rd
quorum of the 70 came. We talked a lot about the spirit and how we
need it in our missionary work and the role it plays. He also left us
a cool challenge that if we bore our testimony that night on the
savior and recorded it, and then practiced our testimony every night,
and then 30 days later we recorded ourselves, that we will see an
increase in our language and our spirituality on our testimonies of
the Savior. I also saw SO many people who I love with all my heart
some of them including Elder Barnes, Elder Connell, Elder Boynton and
many more. Honestly being a missionary is the best ever.
Saturday: Haha Saturday was a pretty crazy, not normal missionary day.
So to start off, we went and played basketball at Vauban as part of
our "samedi sportif" and had a really cool moment with all of the guys
there just talking about the gospel and relating it to basketball and
stuff. Hopefully we can start teaching a few of them soon. So then,
this is the crazier part haha...we sat down to do weekly planning and
we got a call from the Concha Family who lives in Monaco, and they
needed some crutches that we took from them a few months ago (long
story) because his wife needed them and he told us he could meet us at
the train station in Nice. So we show up and we give him the crutches
and we ask if his wife needs a blessing or anything, and he said yes.
So we ended up just buying some tickets to Monaco right then. As we
are on the train, Frere Concha was like, "Hey elders...I have 3
tickets to the world renown MONACO YACHT SHOW and wanted to know if
maybe you wanted to go for an hour before we give my wife a blessing."
Haha so we called the ZLs and got permission to go! (Don't worry we
took P Day time to go so today we have already contacted for 2 hours
and took P day time 😉) but anyways..it was soooo cool haha I can't
even tell you how crazy some of the yachts were. Really cool. But then
the coolest part of the night was going and giving Soeur Concha a
blessing and sharing a spiritual thought with their family.
Sunday: Church! Always great. But we went and ate at Soeur Aslan's
house and she is so amazing. She prepared an awesome meal for us.
After that, we contacted a lot a lot a lot and went home and fell onto
the couch because it was a long week hah. To be honest, this was a
tough week missionary work wise. We didn't teach one lesson the whole
entire week and it was really tough because we worked sooo hard. We
had 4 investigators whom we love dearly drop us as well. A really
tough week. But, I can promise you all that I've never been happier.
Every day it gets better and better.

Well that's my week. My spiritual thought is found in 3 Ne 5:13. Read
it. It's good :)
Anyways, thank you so much for your prayers. We have been working
really hard and we are excited to see what this week has for us. I
love you guys!
Elder Wade 🇫🇷

3 Nephi 5:13
 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

"Like Mike" haha when I saw shoes hanging I had to take a pic. S/O
to all the people that recognize this.

 Elder Barnes and I :) love him so much.

 Elder Burton and I on the exchange in front of the Russian Cathedral.

  Our ami Ali! 4 months ago I taught my first ever lesson to this

man! We were in church and we got a text saying "Is Matt Damon still
serving here? I mean Elder Wade. I want to take a picture with him."
Haha so he came and we took a picture. I'll always remember this guy.


  1. Sister Aslan is my mom and she is awesome.
    Angie cresto ;)

  2. Sister Aslan is my mom and she is awesome.
    Angie cresto ;)