Monday, September 21, 2015

week 21 "the ankle crackers"

Elder Anderson took this photo of a few of the kids I signed

autographs for haha

Family and friends! Another great week here in beautiful Nice. I
already feel so blessed to be able to spend 3 transfers here already!
We worked super super hard and saw some awesome things happen! Thank
you for your prayers I can definitely see them working and helping me
and Elder Anderson out. So here's the week:

Monday: P day! So we kind of just went around Nice and hung out and I
bought a basketball finally! So every night I just lay down and shoot
it haha it feels so good. But later that night we went to the Cresto's
house (I love love love them) and just shared a spiritual thought with
them. I love being at their house they are amazing. So then went
contacting and had great success and fixed a few rendez vous! Overall
solid day.
Tuesday: Okay another great day! So a few weeks ago we met some
Jehovah's Witness and talked to them and Tuesday night we went over to
their house and shared what we believe and stuff. It was awesome. We
even got another RDV fixed for this Friday night with them! But it was
so awesome to testify of the priesthood and eternal families with
them. They are an awesome couple who have been married for 4 years!
Wednesday: Happy Birthday to my absolutely beautiful sister Ellie 😍
Can't believe you're old enough to go to the temple now :) So, we met
this couple from Hungary last week and we gave them our number... And
they actually called us! So we had a lesson with them at our church
and it went so amazing! We gave them a church tour and then sat them
down and talked about what we believe and basically the retab lesson!
It went honestly so good and the spirit was so strong! About an hour
after the Rendez vous they called us and said "Hey if we wanted to
come to church on Sunday what do we need to wear?" Ah it was so cool.
Honestly they are so awesome. And they speak French very well but
Hungarian is their native tongue, so we ordered Hungarian Books of
Mormon and when they arrive we are going to write their names on it
and put our testimonies in. We are excited!
Thursday: Okay so Thursday we started off and had District Meeting and
It was awesome. We talked about fully consecrating ourselves as
missionaries. I will talk more about that at the bottom :) so Thursday
looked super promising during planning the night before as we had 4
lessons planned to teach! We ended up having all 4 fall through haha
it was sad, but we found some amazing people out while we were
contacting around where these people live. But I have the funniest
story (not's funny for missionaries in France mainly haha)
So, the church made "The Restoration" video in French and there is one
part famous to every missionary speaking French and it's at the
beginning when Joseph's father asks for his glasses and his daughter
Catherine gives them to him and he goes "Merci Catherine" and it's
just hilarious the way it sounds and stuff. I know it doesn't seem
funny but it really is haha. Sooo, there is a joke around the mission
(and mainly in our apartment every time someone does something nice we
say "Merci Catherine") that if you meet someone named Catherine you
win. Haha so, we are contacting and we end up scheduling a RDV with
this woman and she tells us her name and it was Catherine haha and
literally at the same time elder Anderson and I said "Merci
Catherine!!" So loud haha. I know it doesn't seem funny but I'm a
weird missionary, and on top of everything.. it is funny ;) but we
scheduled 3 more rendez vous that day. Such a good day.
Friday: We are really starting to see miracles here and the work is
picking up like crazy! So a few weeks ago I was on the tram and there
was this college girl who tapped me on the shoulder and started
talking to me and so we exchanged numbers! So we have tried to get
ahold of her the last few weeks but we couldn't, and then out of the
blue she calls us and wants to see us! So Friday we took her on a tour
of the church and then sat down and had one of the most powerful,
spiritual lessons ever. The spirit was so strong and she had some
tears in her eyes. Gosh, it was so amazing. So then she also told us
she wants to come to church! It was just a really awesome day.  We
also set up 2 more RDV! One for tomorrow and then next week. This week
has been the most miracle filled week of my mission by far!
Saturday: Like usual we woke up and played basketball at Vauban! Haha
funny story... there were some kids about the age 12 who were watching
our games when we were playing pick up, and after one of the games all
these kids came up and like swarmed me and asked me if I could show
them some moves and "the ankle crackers" as they called them haha. It
was really really cool and they were awesome and ended up signing a
few autographs and I actually got a picture with one of the kids after
and I'll send it! Haha it was really funny So then after we had a
Tombez vous from the Rendez vous we fixed on Friday so we ended up
contacting the whole night and had some cool conversations and a few
street lessons! Honestly missionary life is the best.
Sunday: Sunday was great! To start off I gave a talk in sacrament
meeting on The Sacrament and I felt good about it! Something I learned
in preparing for my talk was really 3 Ne 18:6-7 and it talks
about how each time we take the sacrament it's actually a way we can
show our testimony to Heavenly Father! By partaking of the sacrament
we promise to try our best and more fully use the atonement in the
week to come. I love taking the sacrament each week it's such an
amazing thing that we can be clean each week. So then after sacrament
we had some contacting to do and then we went to the Cusick family's
home! They are from Utah and are so awesome! We will be working a lot
with them.

Unfortunately, our Amis who had a baptismal date fixed for Oct. 10
texted us this morning and said they didn't want to be baptized or
anything. So that was extremely painful and hard and I've spent the
last 4 months with them but I have faith one day they will! But on the
other hand a cool miracle happened...our goal at the beginning of the
week was to have 100 conversations about the gospel with people on the
street, bus, tram etc. and at the end of Sunday night we tallied our
numbers together and had exactly 100 from the week! It was a goal we
set at the beginning of the week to really push us to work as hard as
we could this week and it definitely worked. This was really a miracle
week and I am grateful for the prayers.

I know Jesus is the Christ and that his atonement isn't only for sins
and forgiveness. It's for helping us become a better person. As we
rely on the atonement and fully apply Ether 12:27, we will see our
weaknesses become strong. That's my promise to all of you! I love you
guys and thank you for all you do for me!
Elder Wade 🇫🇷

  Weekly Cresto family pic featuring Frere Cresto himself!

 So we gave a homeless man a yogurt and he gave us a cool necklace

in return and he didn't want to be in the photo so we got one by his
stand haha

Cool picture at night of our church. The Nice chapel is one of the
most beautiful on the earth.

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