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Week 27 "Livin' the life"

Not a bad place to read ;) hahaha so posed
Okay so Bonifacio is the most beautiful place I've ever been in my

whole life and we came here today for P Day and it's a bunch of photos
from this place :)

Hello family and friends! Honestly every week gets better and better
and I am absolutely falling in love with the mission. We had another
great week here and are seeing some amazing things happening! So for
General Conference this year i was able to watch all the sessions
except for the last. And the last session there was the talk by Elder
Durrant on Ponderizing the scriptures! So last Monday I read it and I
started my Ponderize scripture which was Mosiah 17:20. That is my
favorite story from the Book of Mormon because of Abanidi's boldness
with his testimony and so I chose that! So at the end I'll tell you my
Ponderize scripture of this week!
Here's the week :)
Monday: P day! So we went and just kind of hung out around Ajaccio and
eventually went to Les îles sanguinaires! Then we did emails. So after
we went to pass a family we ported into last week Sylvie(the mom who
we talked to last time) wasn't there and the husband answered the door
and was sooo nice. We were nervous because he wasn't there last time
but he let us right in and we talked and had such a good time with
their family! They fed us bread and Corsican cheese (strongest cheese
I've ever tasted haha) with some home made jam and it was so good
haha. Basically we spent the night with them and got to know them
really well and they own a charcuterie in Ajaccio and told us to come
in and talk to them about our message as well as eat! It was really a
miracle and they are such an amazing family!
Tuesday: Another great day! So, we woke up and did personal study and
then had a lesson at 9:30 with a girl named Yvonne and it went sooo
amazing! She told us how here husband had passed away and we talked
about the priesthood that has been restored and how avec this
authority she can have an eternal family. At the end of the rendez
vous we set a baptismal date for November 21st with her! we had a
lesson with Marie Rose and it was super awesome as we talked about
Jesus Christ and the role he plays in the Plan of Salvation. Super
amazing. Then at the end we asked her all of the baptismal interview
questions and she was awesome. So then after we went and helped a
Soeur Antonetti who is a member with some of her move she is having
right now! And a really cool experience happened where her non member
daughter Melissa asked me to give her a blessing because she is having
some problems in her life and it was really cool and I was extremely
grateful for the opportunity! She really felt the spirit and we talked
a lot about the gospel with her. Just a really cool experience! So
then we had a rendez vous with Sylvia and Noel and talked again about
temples and eternal marriage and the spirit was so strong there. I
know families are eternal. Just a great day :)
Wednesday: Gosh Wednesday was another great day. So we had a lesson
with Marie Rose and we walked in and she was sooo sad and distraught
and we asked her what was wrong and she said "Elders I smoked again
and I am so sorry. I've never felt so bad. I won't do it again." So we
then had such an amazing rendez vous about Jesus Christ and his
atonement and shared Alma 7:11-13 (most beautiful verses in the BOM)
and it was super cool. She quit smoking cold turkey 3 weeks ago and
smoked one on Wednesday but promised to not do it again! So, then we
had a lesson with a family we contacted into last week and it was
good. Haha a little crazy but still good :) we are hoping to see them
again. Then Melissa (Soeur Antonetti's non member daughter) called us
and needed our help so we went and helped her with her car. While we
were there we talked sooo much about baptism and how she felt the
spirit the night before during the blessing and how she knew it was
the time and she said she would pray about and November 14th to be
baptized! Really cool. Then after we had a cool miracle where Sylvie
(mom of the family we visited Monday) saw us in the streets and told
us to go pass her house because her husband is there! So we went and
it was so cool and we scheduled a family home evening for Tuesday of
this week! So cool :) then after we had a rendez vous with Sylvia and
Noel again and talked about the priesthood and temples again!
Thursday: 6 month mark!! Crazy Ive been out 1/4 already. I hope time
slows done haha. Another great day! So we had a rendez vous with Marie
Rose and we read out of the Book of Mormon and talked about alma and
how he believed everything because of the Holy Ghost and not because
of seeing an angel.  Really cool to explain the role of the Holy Ghost
:) then we had a rendez vous with Sylvia and Noel! Bad news...they're
marriage papers are taking a little longer so we will have to move
their baptismal date back. Good news...they found out they are getting
married on the 28th of November! So they will be baptized December
6th. But for their wedding they have asked me to be their 1st witness
which is going to be sooo cool and I'm so excited :)so after that we
had a rendez vous with Soeur Antonettii and her daughter Melissa which
was super awesome and we talked about temples as well as the Holy
Ghost :)
Friday: Friday was another great day. We started off with studies and
then showed up at the market here in Ajaccio (the markets in France
are just like the movies) and said hello to Sylvie and her husband at
their charcuterie and they gave us about 30 euros of cheese and 50
euros of meet for free! They are so awesome and we love them. We are
still trying to get them to commit to a family home evening but they
didn't have enough time to talk about it at work. We will keep pushing
it though :) after that we just went out porting for a while and then
had a rendez vous with Soeur Antonetti and Melissa again! We helped
them move for about an hour and then they ordered pizza and we talked
about baptism. She said she is scared to be baptized with everything
she has going for her so if you guys could keep her in your prayers
that would be awesome :)
Saturday: Happy Halloween!! Halloween isn't really celebrated too hard
here on Corsica. But, great day :) so we did some contacting in Ville
for a few hours which was great! After that, our Amis Sylvia and Noel
invited us bowling and so we took some P Day time and went bowling
with them and it was sooooo fun haha. I forgot how much I loved
bowling. I'll send a pic of us :) then after that we went and had a
rendez vous with Marie Rose and we all fasted for her so that she can
continue to have the strength to not smoke! It was really cool and so
we all fasted together :)
Sunday: I love church here so much!! We had 9 people including us and
it was so great :) it strengthens my testimony every time I go even
though we don't have a lot of people haha. So after church we wenand
and brought the sacrament to Frere Colonna which was awesome as usual.
He is the cutest grandpa ever haha he literally can not see and he
dresses himself up in his Sunday clothes every week when we come and
always has the bread and water ready. I love him. Then after that we
went and brought cookies to a bunch of families we ported into this
week and we are hoping to have some family home evenings with them
soon mm just another great day!

Ponderize Scripture: Alma 7:23

Sorry this email is super long haha and I left out so much but it was
a great week :) thanks again for all the support! I love you!

Elder Wade

Alma 7:23

"And now I would that ye should be humble, and be submissive and gentle; easy to be entreated; full of patience and long-suffering; being temperate in all things; being diligent in keeping the commandments of God at all times; asking for whatsoever things ye stand in need, both spiritual and temporal; always returning thanks unto God for whatsoever things ye do receive."

  Almost taller than our ami Sylvia on my knees :)

  BOWLING :) love them so much

 Us with Sylvie and her husband at the market!

  District meeting!

 Comp photos ;)

 Comp photos model style


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