Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week 30 Staying on the island

Matching sweaters we got on a smoking hot deal ;) 

Hello everyone! Such a great week. So, I'm staying in Ajaccio for this
transfer and I'm super excited :) some news is Sylvia and Noel are
getting married this weekend and us missionaries are going to be
witnesses! Then their baptism is 12 days :) so awesome. Here's the

Monday: Monday was great! we went and visited Napoleons house and it
was closed but then some guy who owned a little shop told us he wanted
to talk to us on Tuesday (funny story) and then after that we wrote
emails! After that we went and passed Marie Rose and had our first RDV
with her as a member of the church!! :) she is soooo amazing everyone.
I love her so much and she is so happy now. There is a noticeable
difference In her visage since her bapteme. After that we had a RDV
with Sylvia and Noel and we retaught the retab with them. Great day.
Tuesday: So we went and passed Dominique who owned the store by
napoleons house and he was super nice but super crazy :) we have been
trying to "business contact" lately which is basically you go into a
little French stand or shop when no one is in there and you walk in
and look around and then just spark a convo with the owner and start
talking about the gospel. So we did that with Dominique and it was so
cool because even though he was a little crazy, we taught a lesson in
front of him and 4 of his friends who were really cool and we should
be seeing a few of them this week! Then we ported a lot. Then we had a
RDV with Sylvia and Noel and they brought some pizza over and Corsican
pizza is the best pizza I've ever tasted haha. But Sylvia was telling
us about her friend who was going through a hard time and how
basically Sylvia testified about the church and everything. She's so
amazing! I love them so much.
Wednesday: Okay so Wednesday we went and business contacted a photo
shop to print off photos of the baptism and frame one and give it to
Marie rose. Haha you can imagine us contacting him with the
photos..."Excuse me Monsieur can you help us print off some pictures?
Oh yeah that's a photo of a baptism. It's this really cool thing
where...." And then we left 45 minutes later after teaching him the
entire restoration :) good stuff. He was awesome and I think we are
going to need to visit the photo store this week to print off pictures
of a temple ;) so then we gave the framed photo to Marie rose and she
started to cry because she was so happy. Ah she's so amazing. She
immediately put it right on the front of her dresser :) so then we had
some porting to do. With the attacks in Paris president brown wanted
us to be inside our apartments before night time each day (5:30)
Thursday: So Thursday we had a RDV with Sylvia and Noel and Marie rose
helped us out with it! It's soooo cute because Marie Rose and Sylvia
went dress shopping for Sylvia's weeding together :) how cute. I love
Marie rose and Sylvia! So wE taught them and then we headed up to
Bastia to start our exchange and we got their later than we though we
would, so we stayed the night at their apartment!
Friday: So Friday morning all of us 6 missionaries woke up and watched
the sunrise over the Mediterranean and it was sooo beautiful! So then
we went back to their apartment and received our transfer calls!
Again, elder Johnson and I are staying and Richmond is leaving! From
Bastia elder Schettler and Landry are both leaving as well. But then
after transfer calls Elder Schettler and elder Landry came down to
Ajaccio with me and in Ajaccio we taught Marie rose, Sylvia and Noel,
and then went in for the night! Great day.
Saturday: Saturday morning we elder Schettler, Landry and I woke up
and exercised and then drove straight up to Bastia again to finish the
exchange! While we were in Bastia, we helped one of their Amis with
their horses, went and supported a member in a soccer game, and then
we went back to the church to watch a television broadcast to all the
branches in the world! Really cool. I love the small branch and all
the people here :) then elder Johnson, richhmond and I drove back to
Ajaccio and had a RDV with Soeur Antonetti and her daughter Melissa
and they fed us raclette which was so good :) then elder Richmond
packed a lot after. He has been here for 6 months and had a lot of
packing haha.
Sunday: We had a BBQ with the branch at Marie roses house! She is
honestly doing sooooo great :) then we gave Frere Colonna the
sacrament and then Frere Richmond packed and then we took the boat
Back to France! There was a tompete here again and so the boat was
absolutely rocking all night haha. Kinda cool. Also, we ate a bunch of
Tim tams thanks to the Carthew family :)

Anyways, today elder Johnson and I are in Marseille waiting for our
new companion Elder Hall! He will be in his 3rd transfer! I'll send a
pic when we get him! I love you all!

Alma 37:36- Happy Thanksgiving :)

Elder Wade

Alma 37:36

Yea, and cry unto God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord; yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever.

Road trip with us and Marie Rose and Sylvia :)
 (I looked at wrong side of iPad)

The 6 Corsican missionaries in Bastia!

Giving a piggy back ride to Elder Richmond, Johnson, and Noel hahaha 

Our new comp Elder Hall! From Alpine, Utah and he's a stud I love
him already! :) 

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