Friday, November 13, 2015

Week 28 This is where I serve

This is where I serve 😍 we have everything here. The beach, and
then a 5 mi it's drive from the beach and you have these mountains :)

Hello family and friends! This week was another great week here on the
island! I want to start off with my thought of the Ponderize
scripture for the week is Alma 36:21. I love it because it is when
Alma the younger is talking to his son Helamen about his experiences
when he was going against God and then in verse 21 he describes what
the atonement did for him. I love when he says, "Yea, and again I say
unto you, my son, that on the other hand, there can be nothing so
exquisite and sweet as was my joy." I know the atonement is real and
that it really can bring joy to people's lives that they never knew
was possible!
So this Saturday will be the baptism of Marie Rose so if you could
pray for her and so that all can go well this week that would be
awesome :) here's a recap of the week and it will probably be long
because it was an awesome week!
Monday: P day! So we went to Bonifacio (I sent the pictures last week)
and again it was the most beautiful place on earth. So then right
after emails we took the overnight ship back to the continent and it
was the worst night sleep I've ever had haha. We got caught in the
middle of a huge storm over the Mediterranean and our boat was rocking
like crazy the whole night. Haha a kinda funny it's like
2:00 in the morning and I had been up for about an hour and finally I
just whispered "Hey Elders are you awake?" And I hear 2 voices at the
same time "Yes I can't sleep." Haha needless to say over the next few
hours we had some bonding time while the boat rocked all night long.
Super fun though :)

Tuesday: Zone conference!! It was so great to good back to mainland
France and see all the missionaries again (Again there is only us 6
missionaries on Corisca)! I saw some people who I love dearly and I
will be sending a lot of pictures home of these people! I also had a
great, great conversation about life with Elder Barnes :) I love him
so so much. I remember right before he left we were on his doorstep
crying saying goodbye for 3 years  and then like 8 months later we
were reunited in France hahah. It was super cool. We got away from
everyone and just had a really amazing talk. Love him a lot and I know
he's reading this as well ;) but conference was super good and we
talked about the importance of getting back to the basics in the
mission such as area book work and planning! And seeing President
Brown and his wife was awesome as well. I love them a lot as well. I
just realized that I say I love people a lot so much but it's because
it's true. There are some people in this mission that I have become so
close with and love! I also saw my old comp Elder Anderson haha. Love
him :) also I saw my MTC comp and my boy Elder Connell haha I love
that man. Just a great day with all the missionaries and I really
learned a lot. Honestly the mission is so amazing! After conference we
took the over night boat to Ajaccio and voilà!
Wednesday: So we woke up on the boat and then waited to get docked!
Then drove back to our apartment! Then we had a rendez vous with Marie
rose on the importance of enduring to the end and all that! Then we

had fixed a rendez vous last week and it was for Wednesday so we went
to it and the Book of Mormon we gave them was hanging on the fence
with a sign saying they weren't interested. Haha....that hurt :') then
we ported around and then had a rendez vous with Sylvia and Noel on
the importance of Jesus Christ. Super spiritual lesson. I love talking
and teaching about Jesus Christ there is always such a special spirit.
Thursday: So on Thursday we woke up and got our workouts in and then
drove straight to Corte to meet the other elders on Corsica for an
exchange and this time it was Elder Frost who came to Ajaccio with
Elder Richmond and I! Elder frost is from Arizona and is an amazing
missionary! I love him a lot! So we drove back and had a rendez vous
with Marie Rose and talked about baptism). Then after that we went and
helped Souer Antonetti with her move and she invited her hair dresser
lady as we definitely seized the opportunity and talked with
her about the church and she loved it and we are seeing her again this
week :) after that we driving back to our apartment to have dinner and
change but we drove past a basketball court and there was people
playing and so we pulled over and went and balled and contacted hahaha
it was soooo fun. They were all super sparked and we got some numbers!
Then we went and had a lesson with Sylvia and Noel!
Friday: Friday we taught Marie rose the importance of the Holy Ghost
again :) then we had a lesson with someone we ported (porting is when
we knock on the doors...I don't know what the word is in English?)
into about 2 weeks ago named Marie Ange and we taught the restoration
and it was super powerful :) we are seeing her again this week! Then
we had a lesson with Sylvia and Noel on fasting and paying tithing and
they were so solid. Sylvia asked if she could start fasting and paying
tithing before she was a member...oui haha.
Saturday: Saturday was a crazy day! We had a BBQ with Marie rose,
Sylvia and Noel! Haha it was really so fun. and then Soeur Antonetti
called us and said the owner of her apartment needs her out by next
Tuesday and so us 3 missionaries basically dropped all our plans for
the rest of the day and went and helped her move for basically the
entire day haha. We also challenged Melissa (Soeur Antonetti's
daughter) to baptism again and she said she doesn't feel ready but she
really is! So we are praying for her! That's basically what we did
Sunday: Church! So great. So during church basically we sing, take the
sacrament, have 2 talks, and then we have a Sunday school lesson and
then we leave. Usually lasts about 90 minutes. We had us 3
missionaries, our 3 Amis and then 1 member :) I gave a talk during
sacrament and then I taught the lesson for Sunday school :) too fun
haha. Then we all went to Marie Roses house and ate lunch together!
Then we took the sacrament to Frere Collona again. Gosh I love him so
much! Every week even though he can't see he always is dressed in his
Sunday best.

So that's the week! Sorry again it's a little long haha. Again with
Marie Rose's baptism coming up it would be awesome if you could
include her in your prayers. Thank you! I love you guys and have a
great week :)

Elder Wade

Ajaccio Elders on the ship!

 Elder Barnes :)

Elder Connell haha he's a stud

My old companion Elder Anderson. Love him
 President Brown and I!

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