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Week 70 Conference Tour Week 2

Roman Theatre in Lyon!

Hello! Sorry this is a day late, we didn't have time to send it off yesterday!

This last week was another incredible week. I know I say that pretty
much every week, but it really was haha. We finished the last 4 "Title
of Loyalty Tour" conferences and I got to head back to some of my
favorite places and meet some of my favorite people in the whole
world! It was just an incredible week! So here is the recap!

Here was the schedule for the conference tour this week!
Monday: We woke up and drove to the Écully chapel in Lyon and had
Écully zone conference! After conference we drove out to Switzerland
and finished the day at the Lausanne chapel where President had some
interviews! Then Sister Brown sent us to a pizzeria where we ordered
soome really good pizzas and brought them back to the chapel and ate
with half of the Lausanne zone! Then we crashed at the Lausanne zone
leaders apartment to sleep.
Tuesday: We woke up and had zone conference in Lausanne! After
conference we drove to Geneva!! I love Geneva so much. Honestly every
time I go back I feel like I've returned home ;) After President was
done with some interviews he took us to a really nice Mexican
restaurant that tasted great. Then we went and slept at the Geneva ZL
apartment where I passed 6 months of my mission! It was good to be
back that's for sure.
Wednesday: We went to the Geneva chapel and had zone conference! After
zone conference we drove back to Lyon. Again it was good to sleep in
our own beds haha.
Thursday:  We woke up in Lyon and then drove all the way down to
Cannes (right by Nice.)
Friday: We woke up and had the Nice zone conference! Then after we
drove back to Lyon and started an exchange with the Montpellier Elders

So guess what..while we were in Geneva on Tuesday night, they had some
type of Ward activity!! So I was able to see so many people that I
love and spent 6 months serving! I saw the Fidalgo family and cute
little Rose :) I love them so much. They are like another family for
me. And also I saw Atoussa!! And guess what...Atoussa is preparing to
serve a mission!! Her plans are to leave within the next year! I am
seriously so happy for her. It's crazy to think how far she has come.
I remember very clearly the first time we met her and to look at her
now, she is literally not even the same person! It's such a testimony
to me of how perfect the Gospel truly is. She told me that she's never
been happier and that she knows she found what she was looking for.

We also started an exchange that lasted from Friday night to Saturday
night with the Montpellier ZL's! I was with Elder Menzel and he is
such a stud honestly. He is from Germany. We had an incredible
exchange as well. It was our first day to work in our own sector in
the last 2 weeks and it felt soooo good to be back! Honestly I was so
happy to get back out and work. And we saw some crazy miracles! We
contacted a family of 4 from Cameroon and taught them about families
and the restoration and they loved it so much and they fixed a return
RDV for this upcoming week! Haha we also had a funny experience where
we were trying to find this less active to pass and we were absolutely
lost and had no idea where we were. But we walked past a girl named
Suzanne and stopped her and started to talk about her but she was
running to catch her bus and she told us that she was taught like 4
years ago and felt really good but then she just lost contact with the
missionaries! So I pulled out my planner to hurry and get her
information and she literally grabbed my planner from my hands, wrote
down all of her information, and gave it back to me and said "Next
Tuesday at 7:30 at my house!" And ran to catch her bus. Haha it all
happened so fast and we sat there for like 10 seconds like what in the
world just happened. I looked over at Elder Menzel and his mouth was
wide open haha!! But it was such a good exchange and I loved being
with him!

So after these 2 weeks of touring the mission and having all of these
zone are a few of my thoughts!!
- These conferences were really special and President did such a great
job with deciding what we all talked about. I really gained a strong
testimony that He is definitely called of God and is very inspired. I
want to be a lot like him when I'm older.
- During the interviews I had a lot of time to talk with Sister Brown
:) She is seriously so amazing and I love her so much. She is so funny
and sweet but has the greatest advice.
- Haha so I finished the zone conference tour with a pretty solid 7-2
record in Sister Brown's capture the flag dart gun game. Haha so she
would talk about standing strong in opposition and resisting the
"fiery darts of the adversary" and then we would all go outside and
play capture the flag with her dart guns. I started off the tour
pretty lousy with a 1-2 record, but after the 3rd zone conference and
my 2nd loss in 3 games I had a moment similar to Captain Moroni in
Alma 46 when he rents his coat and is sick of losing ;) ...Then I
finished the conference tour strong with 6 straight wins ;) I can't
take the credit for the wins though. President Brown was on my team
for 4 of those 6 games and I am not lying at all he is soooo good
hahaha I have no idea how he does it!! Haha and it is super hot and
humid here right now and literally every day I woke up and said "Okay
I'm not going to try hard during the dart gun game today because I
don't want to sweat." And then I would end up sweating a lot ;) ahaha
and on top of all that, we presented right after the dart game, so
usually I was presenting and sweating like crazy hahaha.
- It was also very cool and interesting to watch as all of the Zone
Leaders and STL's had the same outline and information to present on,
but how they all applied it specifically to their own zones based on
the revelation they received in preparing. The presentations were all
the same, but all so uniquely different! It seriously was really cool.
- I gained a very strong testimony of D&C 1:23 over the last 2 weeks
as well. As many missionaries told me about miracles that they had
seen over the last few months, I was just blown away. And especially
as I look at myself I feel like D&C 1:23 is so true because as I am,
being 19 years old and being "weak and simple", there is no way I
could have done anything that ive done out here without His help. I
just know it's Christ's church. As I am writing this I kind of feel
like Ammon did in Alma 26: 11-12. Because I am not trying to boast of
myself I promise, I am really just thinking of how loving Heavenly
Father is and that he would entrust someone like me to do the most
important work on the earth. It's a really humbling thought.

With how I finished that last paragraph, it made me think of a
scripture that my Grandpa sent me last week that touched me a lot. 1
Corinthians 2:9! I love this scripture so much because when I read it,
I just felt His love so strongly. I do know that we have a Heavenly
Father who loves us perfectly. And the most perfect example of his
perfect love...was his perfect Son that he sent for us all. I love Him
with all my heart.

This next week will be a crazy/fun week as it is already the last week
of the transfer and we will be working with President Brown on the
upcoming transfer! It is so amazing to watch as President receives
revelation and you can just feel such a strong confirmation as he
speaks. And we spend a lot of time at Presidents house this week which
means a lot of Sister Brown's food...and that means a lot of really
good American food haha ;) Have a great week!

Elder Wade
Corinthians 2:9
 9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, 
neither have entered into the heart of man, 
the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

Écully zone conference

Lausanne zone conference

Geneva zone conference

Nice zone conference

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