Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 13 Blues Confrence


 This was such an amazing week wow. Might be the best week in France yet (I say that every week but it's because every week is the best as a missionary) seriously I know that this is the Lords work. It's amazing the things that happen when you have faith and pray! Also huge congrats to my sis Olivia for balling out on the pitch and getting the MVP of the national championship :)

Tuesday:  So we had Blues Conference (In France they call new people "blues" not greenies) in Lyon from Tuesday to Thursday and Tuesday morning we left to Lyon on the train. Halfway to Lyon (2 hours in) we got a call from the office saying that we needed some documents to do my legality in Lyon! So we had to get off at the next train stop, get some tickets back to Nice, and get all my documents. So the Elderly couple here in Nice (The Burtons and I love them so much!!) have a car, so when we got to Nice we had to take their car back to Lyon. So Elder Boynton and I had a 5 hour road trip to Lyon just driving through the southern country side of France 😍 it was so pretty. So we got to Lyon super late. We also met our new companion Elder Davis who is such a stud! He served as an AP like 5 transfers ago, and he's only our companion for 2 weeks because he has the weirdest missionary situation but he leaves August 5 so that will be sad but I love him! That pretty much sums up Tuesday. 

Wednesday: We woke up sooo early and went and did my legality at a place in Lyon with all the Blues aka all the people I went to the MTC with. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. We had so much fun in thr MTC and it is honestly so fun to see them after 2 months in the field. Then we went and had studies and we walked into one of the LDS centers in Lyon and Elder TJ Haws was there! So we had personal study right next to each other and talked about life and of course Gonzaga and BYU ;) he's a stud I love him. Also I saw Elder Barnes like every day in Lyon and I love him soooo much haha it's crazy. It was sooo fun to just be speaking another language to each other and joke about funny things we will do after the mission. Haha, anyways so Wednesday night we went contacting as part of an activity and I contacted with my boy Elder Connell from the MTC and it was sooo cool. We honestly taught about 3 solid lessons in 2 hours out contacting. Such a sweet day. 

Thursday: Thursday was the actual blues conference at the head quarters in Lyon. Honestly it's so amazing how much I learned and how much I still have to learn. We were in the conference for a total of about 4 hours. President Brown taught us and he is the best at telling stories. The spirit is honestly so strong with him. We also talked about all the cool things that had happened to us after only one transfer in the field and it was so cool to see how many things we had all experienced. And then Elder Barnes and Elder Nadauld presented! It's so weird when you think about how your best friend is right there and your in France together on a mission. I love Elder Barnes! So then after it ended we got some pics (there will be a lot of pics from this week because it was SOOO amazing). Then with the new companion, Elder Boynton, Elder Davis and I drove back to Nice!

Friday: Friday was your typical missionary day! We actually had some cool things happen and had some good conversations with people. We really are working so hard it's so fun. At the end of each day after accomplishing so much, I basically fall right onto my bed and am out like a light. 

Saturday: SO AWESOME. We have gotten to the point where people have texted us wanting to play basketball and stuff so we told everyone on Saturday morning we would all play at our church. So Saturday morning we had 14 people there and 12 Amis! Just so everyone knows "ami" means "friend" in church and they call investigators Amis here in French. So we started with a prayer and gave a thought in ether 12:4 and it was just so cool. So then the rest of the day was contacting and doing random stuff we needed to do. 

Sunday: Sunday was soooo good. Hahaha I can't stress enough how much I love this ward!! They are amazing. So last transfer there was just 4 Elders in Nice but this last transfer we actually got a sisters companionship which is awesome! Soeur Zenger and Soeur Cahier! And we also gained elder Davis for 2 weeks so in one week our ward went from having 4 missionaries to 7! So we had 2 Amis come to church (Sammy and Mary Jane) and it was honestly perfect. AHHH it went so good. The spirit was so strong. After church the ward eats together and we passed out hymns and started singing hymns with the whole ward and honestly it was so good. There is a song called "Souviens-toi" in the French hymn that is my favorite hymn in the world and we sung it. It's such a beautiful hymn about just life and the plan of salvation. We are definitely singing it when I get home :) After that we actually committed them to prepare for baptism on the 29th of August! It was an amazing moment. So we are praying for them. If everything goes as planned we should have at least 4 baptisms this month which would be so amazing. 

I love you guys so much! Thank you so much for the support :)

Elder Wade

The trio!!

Titanic with elder Boynton haha

Went to go study at the conference and walked in and there was Elder Haws.  We studied and talked about BYU and Gonzaga basketball.

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