Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Week 32 le baptême de Sylvia!!!

Sylvia and I :)

Hello family and friends!! Such an amazing week. Haha so much happened
so I'll get to it!

Monday: P day!! So we studied, cleaned, got food etc. then we went and
picked up Sylvia and went and watched the sunset on the beach and we
also took our "Christmas Cards" photos haha. After we went and had a
lesson with Sylvia and Noel!
Tuesday: December!! Honestly the greatest season ever I love
Christmas. We all woke up and watched the release of the new Christmas
video on and it is so good. No lie between rendez vous,
contacting, and just at lunch and stuff we have watched the video over
50 times this week and it gets better every time. But we contacted for
a little while and then went and had a few rendez vous!
Wednesday: Wednesday was a crazy day! So we left to Corte to do an
exchange but after about 1 hour of driving they called us and said
they couldn't meet us halfway right then so we turned back around
Wednesday: Crazy day!!!! Okay haha so where to start....we woke up and
did our studies and then we were going to do an exchange with the
Bastia elders. So, we all got in the car and drove to Corte which is
about 90 minutes away and we were going to have elder Hansen also
perform the baptismal interviews of Sylvia and Noel later that night.
About an hour into the drive the Bastia elders texted us saying they
had some things come up and they couldn't do the exchange right away,
but that they would meet us in Ajaccio later that night just in time
for the baptismal interviews! So we turned around and went back to
Ajaccio. So eventually Bastia came around 7 and the interview was set
for 7:30 at our apartment! (Here's where it gets crazy) so, elder
Hansen interviews them and everything goes great and there was just a
little detail that needed to be discussed before they were to be
baptized. So right after the interview we all went into another room
to talk about what we should do and so we called President Brown and
he told us he would have to think but that the baptism would maybe get
postponed until someone could come down to Corsica (which is difficult
because it's an 8 hour boat ride and there are only us 6 missionaries
on the island). So while elder Hansen went back out into the room and
was explaining all this to Sylvia and Noel, president brown called us
back after 5 minutes and told us to use one of our iPads and he
himself would skype with Sylvia and Noel for the other interview. So,
Noel went first and they had trouble with the interview so Noel came
in the room and grabbed me and so I went out into the room with just
Noel and President brown over Skype and translated what president
brown was saying to Noel and vice versa because Noel has a little
hearing problem. So that was a cool experience. (President brown is
such a great guy!!) So then after that, Sylvia went and did her
interview just fine. Anyways, to be brief, all went well and Sylvia is
baptized and Noel we will keep working with :)
Thursday: us 6 Missionnaires on corse skyped the rest of the nice zone
on continent from our apartment for zone training! After that we went
and tried some business contacting and it was awesome! (For everyone
who has read this far and is still reading I have a gift for you... we
picked up our Christmas cards from a photo shop and we bought a if you want a Christmas card from the elders of Ajaccio reply
back to this email with your address and I'll send you one:)) but it
was great and we taught the guy at the shot about the Book of Mormon
and had a great lesson. We will be seeing him this week.
Friday: kind of a sad day haha elder Johnson woke up suuuuper sick and
so we went out and had a few rendezvous and then we came back to out
apartment because he was looking pretty bad (still beau though) haha
so we made soooo many calls out of the area book. Voilà pas beaucoup
Saturday: so Saturday we had interviews with president over Skype! I
love president Brown he is such an amazing guy. After that we went and
met Bastia in Corte to do an exchange so that elder frost could be
there and preside at the bapteme on Sunday! We came back and got
everything in order for the baptism and then we contacted!
Sunday: SYLVIA WAS BAPTIZED!!! Such an amazing experience! She is
truly incredible. She faced so much adversary in her choice but stuck
with. I love her a lot. And Noel was such a stud about it too!! We met
at The beach Aspretto at 10 and she was baptized. After that, we went
and had church and she was confirmed a member by elder hall!! :) such
a cool experience. I love her so much!!

With such an amazing week...I chose Alma 5:26 as my Ponderize
scripture! I sure was doing a lot of what is described in that verse
this week (kinda cheesy but true)"
I love you guys! Thank you for the support :) remember how amazing the
spirit of Christ is during this season and share it with others :)

Elder Wade

Alma 5:26 
And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, you that belong to this church, have you sufficiently retained in remembrance the captivity of your fathers? 
Yea, and have you sufficiently retained in remembrance his mercy and long-suffering towards them? And moreover, have ye sufficiently retained in remembrance that he has delivered their souls from hell?

 Le baptême!! :)

 Tout le monde

 Elder hall and elder Johnson as the witnesses

Walking into the water (it was super cold FYI)

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