Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Week 34 Joyeuses Fêtes!!

Hello family and friends!! Another great week here in Ajaccio :)
Guess where I am right now? NICE :) we are having a big zone p day
before we go to Lyon for the Christmas conference and we will be going
to the church and then a field and playing sports and I'm going to see
all the meknees again whom I love so dearly!! So I'm back where I
started my mission and I'm going to the Cresto's house tonight again
to say hi :) I am so excited to see them again.
Anyways, this week will be great with the conference and then
Christmas! I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! My Ponderize
scripture for the week is Luke 2: 8-11 :)
I love my Savior and I am grateful for his role as the Messiah. I
testify he is the son of God and the Savior of the World.

Here's the week!

Monday: P day! So we basically spent the whole p day getting things
ready to go for Christmas and also cleaning our apartment. So then
later that night we went to Frere Antonis house and ate some fresh
fish that he caught in the Mediterranean earlier that day and it was
super good. I ate 2 fish heads and they actually didn't taste bad
haha. Anyways, Frere Antonis son (Kevin)  was visiting from Australia
and he isn't a member and we had an amazing rendez vous with him and
he is going to start meeting with us and then find the missionaries in
Australia when he gets back!
Tuesday: Haha honestly such a good day! So we went and passed Michael
again (we ported into him last week) and he wasn't there and so we all
decided we would just wait at his door for 5 5 minutes
later nothing happened and so we press the elevator and when it came
up he was in it!! Haha soooo cool :) so we just followed up on how
he's doing and then we taught him how to read the Book of Mormon and
to gain a testimony of it. It went so well! Haha so then funny
story....we knocked on this door and a middle aged lady answered it
and honestly just chewed us out super hard  and said lots of not nice
things haha so halfway through her tantrum we just started singing
"angels we have heard on high" and she actually started to get a
little teary eyed by the end of it...probably because of how bad my
voice is bless her heart ;) but voila she wasn't interested but she
felt our love for sure :)
Wednesday: So on Wednesday morning the elders from Bastia came down to
Ajaccio and we had district meeting in our apartment and then we went
on an exchange and I stayed in Ajaccio with Elder Frost and Elder
Sczuch from Bastia! It was my first exchange with elder Sczuch and he
played d1 soccer at Oregon state and he's a stud! And it was my 3rd
exchange with elder frost and so since he's the Branch president we
basically just went around visiting members and he did tithing
settlements with some of the members in Ajaccio! I love them a lot!
Thursday: So on Thursday we went to Marie roses house and got her
started on going to the temple soon (she called us later that day
saying she had asked her sister about her ancestors and had found like
100 names!!). Then we went and contacted in Ville a little and then we
went and passed Michael again and when he answered he said he couldn't
see us today because his friend had passed away and then elder johnson
shared Alma 40:11-12 and the spirit was super strong. We are teaching
him the plan of salvation sometime this week after Noel. But, Michael
gave us some figatelli which is some really good charcuterie and we
ate it later and it was super good haha. But then we went and passed a
few members later that night and shared some spiritual thoughts!
Friday: Happy Birthday Josh!! (And elder hall). So since it was elder
halls birthday elder johnson and I woke up early and made him
breakfast. We did a lot of porting and didn't see a whole lot but it
was still good. Really not a lot to write about for Friday!
Saturday: Really good day! So we wanted to thank Marie rose, Sylvia
and Noel for all they do and so we made them huge cheeseburgers and
had a huge barbecue and it was super fun. Gosh I love them honestly so
much they are incredible people. So voila that was great and then
after we went and played basketball with Kevin (Frere Antonis son) and
it was great of course. Haha I don't think I've ever said it but my
comps are both big BYU fans so we have fun when we play ;) then we
didn't have any RDVs scheduled that night so we had to be back when it
was dark (still have rules because of the terroristic attack) and so
we made a lot of calls out of the area book. Great day!! Ah I love our group here in Ajaccio. So we had our
Christmas party after church but we woke up super early and went and
picked up Frere Colonna and took him to church and then the Christmas
party! I ate fois Gras for the first time as well and it wasn't too
bad. Haha French people love it here. But Marie rose gave me a tie as
well which sparked me a lot haha I love her so much. Then we took
Frere Colonna back home, and then went home, packed, and then boarded
the boat back to France!

Joyeuses Fêtes!!

Elder Wade

 My tie from Marie Rose :) I love her!!

 Frere Colonna!! Or should I say papa Noel?

 Ajaccio! This sums up where I serve right now

 Exchange with elder frost and Sczuch

 At the group party everyone said this was my look-a-like. 
So I took a selfie haha.

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