Thursday, December 17, 2015

Week 33 - Oh Christmas tree..

Hahahaha before and after picture of our tree. With the help of
Sylvia and Noel we transformed our apartment. Ah I love them.

Hello tout le monde another great here in Ajaccio! The work is going
great and we are seeing some great things. Here's the rundown:
Monday: P day! So we got all house keeping items taken care of and
then we went and played basketball the whole afternoon :) good times.
After that we wrote emails and then we had a rendez vous with Marie
rose and we talked about the commandments! She is doing so well FYI.
Then we had to come in because we didn't have any rendez vous fixed
the rest of the night and there is still a curfew at 6 for us
missionaries because of the terrorist attacks so we just went home and
made calls out of the area book!
Tuesday: One of the best days of my mission! So we had some problems
and difficulties and we weren't able to give Frere Colonna the
sacrament on Sunday so we made the trip to his house after studies and
gave him the sacrament. I just want to talk about that quickly... It
is one of the most spiritual experiences to give him the sacrament at
his house each week. He is unbelievable and has stayed so faithful and
is just so amazing. Since it was the first Sunday of the month, we all
rendered testimony and then he bore his testimony and I just was in
tears at the end. He is so amazing and I just have this special
feeling for him that I cannot even explain! He is a very very special
person and he has done a lot of good in his life for others. I love
him a lot. Okay so after that we were driving back and we all got this
spiritual impression to go to this apartment and to port it! And so we
went and had been porting for about 2 hours and finally this guy named
Michael answered the door and he was so amazing! We started talking to
him about Christmas and then we showed him the new film the church
just came out with and the spirit was super strong. So then we talked
about the Christ and then we got into the restoration and he was so
amazing and we gave him a Book of Mormon and set a rendez vous for
Thursday to go back and visit him! So then we went to Marie roses
house for a quick lesson and while we were there Sylvia and Noel
called us and said they had a surprise for us at our apartment! So we
drove back and they bought us a CHRISTMAS TREE!! Haha so elder halls
mom sent us a strand of lumieres and we literally just taped the
strand to the wall in the shape of a tree and Noel and Sylvia the next
day brought us Christmas tree!! I love them so much :):)
Wednesday: Wednesday we went out and ported for a bit and then we went
and had a rendez vous with a young couple who we have been teaching
lately named Fabian and Diana! They are so awesome and have a cute
little son. They are doing great but are having a hard time
understanding priesthood and so we are working on that with them for
this next week! Haha also a funny story so we were stuck in some
traffic and then Wham a car hit us going about 35 mph!. Elder hall was
driving ;) but for real it was kinda scary. It was a young girl and
she said she just didn't see us but then she opened her phone and I
saw that she had taken a selfie on snapchat while she was driving so
voilà moral of the story is don't snap chat and drive a car at the
same time haha.
Thursday: So Michael ended up not being home for the rendez vous we
scheduled so we just ported for a long long time haha. And then we
drove to Corte and met with Bastia elders and elder Hansen from good
ol Davis High came back to Ajaccio with elder hall and I!! And then
Sylvia and Noel came over and we taught them together and then
celebrated the birthday of Noel! Sylvia and Noel are so amazing and
honestly bring us food every day fyi.
Friday: So elder Hansen, elder hall and I went and taught Marie rose
the importance of centering our lives on Jesus Christ! And then we
went and had a few weird random errands we needed to run and just
contacted a little and then we met up with Bastia in Corte to finish
the exchange! I love elder Hansen so much. We had one of the best
heart to heart talks and he's just amazing! I love his family as well
they are incredible people!
Saturday: So Saturday we ported, passed by Marie rose to see how she
was doing, weekly planned, ported a little more, and then Sylvia and
Noel came over and guess what they brought?? A whole nativity scene!!
So we spent a little bit putting up the nativity scene underneath the
tree (photo coming) and then we taught them about the plan of
salvation and how incredible it is. I know it's true. It all makes
sense and I know it is! Sylvia and Noel are so incredible and this is
going to be the best Christmas ever!!! :)
Sunday: Churchhh!! So we had church and then after we discussed the
group party we will have next Sunday with The group! Then we went and
gave Frere Colonna the sacrament. I love him a lot again. Then we
ported a little bit and then Sylvia and Noel came over! Great day!!

Thank you so much for all of your love, prayers and support!

Ponderize: Mosiah 3:13--> emphasis on the end, "and rejoice with
exceedingly great joy, even as though he had already come among them."
I love how we can have so much faith that he will come again that it's
like he already has come. I read that scripture and loved it. In My
personal study lately I've been reading the Book of Mormon and
underlining testimonies of Jesus Christ and I have loved it so much. I
know he lives!

Elder Wade

 Sylvia and I! She is doing so great she is so amazing!! :)

 Christmas Time

 Fabian and Diana!

 I love this picture sooooooo much! At Frere Colonnas house and we

were showing him the new video released by the church and he needed a
little help! Photo cred: elder hall

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