Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 16 Right place at the wrong time...

 Zone conference we played the funnest game and someone took this
picture of Elder Boynton and I haha. It was basically missionary
version of charades (spelling on that i don't know)

Family and friends!! I can't believe how fast time is going! Another
week gone! This week was really the best week yet by far! The gift of
tongues is so real and I could feel it the most this week! I know this
is really His work. We saw some pretty amazing things this week and if
you don't read all my emails all the way through then at least read
Friday from this week and then also scroll to the bottom and read my
last little tid bit haha because I had the funniest moment that
happened like an hour before writing emails today! :)

Monday: We wrote emails, and then later that night we had a rendez
vous with the Cresto's and the Chen family before they left back home!
It was a great one and we talked about temples the whole time. Also
just wait until you see what shirt Frere Cresto is wearing in a pic :)
but not much to write this day because it was just P Day and then we
had a cool rendez vous!
Tuesday: We had such an awesome rendez vous with Sammy and Tony on
repentance and receiving an answer! Sammy wants to be baptized but he
says he isn't ready so we will have to push his date back until he is
ready! But the spirit was so strong and we talked a lot about Jesus
Christ. It's really amazing the spirit you can feel when you talk
about Jesus Christ. Then we had a lot of contacting and honestly had
some really good conversations.
Wednesday: Zone Conference! We went to Aix en Province for the
conference and it was honestly so good. President Brown is awesome and
we introduced something new called "Allez-vous" which means like "will
you?" And the goal is to get 7 commitments per day using Allez vous.
Haha it's actually really fun and for example on Friday on an exchange
with elder Quinn I we had 7 on the day and wanted 8 so I walked up to
a lady and said "madame est-ce que vous savez sourire? Allez vous
sourire pour nous?" Which I basically asked he if she knew how to
smile and laugh then asked her if she could haha. So it's awesome.
Zone conferences are so sick because you just talk to everyone and
talk about funny and cool experiences you've had.
Thursday: not a lot happened on Thursday! It was super super sad
because the elderly couple left Friday so we went over and helped them
for a little bit and Soeur Burton made us one last meal (she made us
so many :)) and then we said goodbye! So that was really sad they are
so amazing! And we also found out we will be moving into their
apartment next transfer because they are closing ours because of the
bed bugs and how small it is haha. But then we went proselyting and
that was that!
Friday: Suchhh a good day! So we had an exchange in Nice and I was
with Elder Quinn who is serving in St. Raphael right now. He is such a
stud!! So we had a lesson with Allain and it was supposed to be at
14:30, but we thought it was at 14:00 so we left 30 minutes earlier
than we needed accident! So we get on the tram and sit down by
this lady from Portugal named Anna. We started talking to her just
really small talk (haha I started off the convo by asking her where
the best k bob is haha) SO, we get talking and she tells us she is
married with 3 kids and I almost died. Literally on the spot, I said,
"Anna we have been called by God through a prophet to be here and
share a message we know to be true. You can live with your family
after this life and we know how to help you." And I felt the spirit so
strong. It was incredible. So then, she needed to get off at the next
stop so I lied and said Us too (hahaha most typical missionary move
ever 😉) and we continued to talk for 30 minutes! AHHH it was so good.
At the end, she gave me her number and said to call her but she was
already late for work so she needed to go! It was sooo amazing. So
then, it was like 14:20 at that time and we were like oh crap we are
so late to our lesson with Allain. Then...I was like "wait it's at
14:30 not 14:00 and we both looked at each other and had THE biggest
smile on our face because we knew that we had been confused just so
that we could talk to Anna and share that. It was so awesome. So we
will have a rendez vous with her this week! And then after that we
talked to someone off the tram for about another 30 minutes about
prophets and it was so cool. Just a day filled with miracles.
Saturday: We played basketball in the morning just like usual! Haha I
absolutely love the people we play with. But then their was a baptism
in Cannes (right by Nice) so Elder Andrew needed to sign something
(he's a ZL) and so we did another mini exchange that day as I went
with Elder Burton and we stayed in Nice and Elder Boynton and Andrew
went to Cannes! We had a rendez vous with a member named Jethro and he
invited 7 of his friends! Haha it was soooo cool. They are all
Pilipino. It was such a fun night. We talked about temples and it's
amazing what the result was! They were all sooo interested and a few
of them I saw on their phones were searching "Temples" and all that
stuff. It's cool to see how the whole mindset of focusing on the
temples is what we need to be doing right now! Also, our Amis Jerome
and Anne Sophie got back from their 2 week vacation so that was nice!
Sunday: Church! So good like always! Between contacting in the hot
weather and church that basically sums up our day!

hahah so I know I usually don't include what I do today (Monday) in
this email and save it for next weeks, haha but I have to send this
picture in this one. This girl named Marie was 76 years old and she
was out dribbling a ball by the beach and like doing dribbling drills
and I walked by her and stole the ball from her and she started
laughing and I said "If I score on you then you have to give me
private lessons on how to play basketball because I don't know how to
play and I want to learn :):)"  and she laughed and miraculously Elder
Warner from Antibes (we did a district P Day today) took these 2
pictures! It was so funny and she was one of the coolest ladies I have
ever met. The pictures are really funny! :)

I love you all so much and have such a great week :)
Elder Wade

 rendez vous with Jethro and all his friends!

 Elder Barnes and I again! Haha we laugh every second together.

 New French suits we got on Soldes (I got the deal of a lifetime FYI)

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