Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 17 Haircut gone bad...

We had a disaster with a haircut on an exchange fyi hahaha

 La famille Vaysse!! (Yes because of the haircut incident I'm now bald hahaha)

What a week. I want to start off by expressing my love for Coleman
Treadwell and his family. Coleman is one of the greatest kids I know!
A funny story about him really I was late to school one
day and I saw him in the halls in his SBO outfit and yelled "Coleman,
I need you to come and tell my teacher that I was helping you with SBO
stuff so that she won't mark me tardy! Please please do it!" And he
said okay. Hahaha so then he gets to my class and I'm expecting him to
say something like 'hey jesse was helping me in the halls with SBO
stuff so don't mark him tardy' BUTTT he gets in the front of the class
and says "Hey everyone because Jesse is going to Gonzaga he thinks he
can not be tardy so teacher mark him tardy" hahaha and I looked at him
and mouthed "What the heck?" And he winked at me and said "don't worry
I got you" haha and I laughed so hard. Long story short...our teacher
got distracted talking to Coleman that she didn't mark me tardy :):)
But everyone please pray for one of my good friends Coleman as he was
in a bad Vespa accident. I am definitely praying for him here in
It was a great week here in France. I love this work. So...the week!!

Monday: P day! I already sent the pic Last week of that girl haha it
was so funny but I included this day in my last email so PASSSS
Tuesday: I saw Elder Haws again! Elder Haws and his comp Elder Thueson
had to come to Nice for their legality and they needed help so we kind
of helped them around Nice and stuff. But it was so cool to be with
Elder Haws in Nice. We also ate at Fenocchios which is this ice cream
place and someone told me it was the #1 ranked ice cream place in the
Once they left, and we went contacting and had some cool things
happen! We scheduled a rendez vous with a guy named Serge as well as
another guy named Simba. Serge was cool because he was sweeping and We
started talking and he said we had a beautiful church and he was
interested! Just an awesome day to be honest.
Wednesday: this was almost the same day as before! We got a call when
we were out contacting that Soeur Holmes (Davis High grad) and Soeur
Stapley were coming to Nice for legality so we helped them out with
that! Once they left, we walked about an hour to this place and the
people we had a rendez vous with weren't there so we just contacted by
that area and stuff! Then we had Ward council that night. Also the ZLs
were on an exchange with Antibes and so I got to hang out with Elder
Warner again from the MTC.
Thursday: DOPE DAY!! So today in our zone was the "Day of Miracles"
and basically every equipe called every equipe and prayed with the so
that they could have a miracle of some sort. It was our best day
numbers wise! To start off we had suuuuch a dope conversation with
someone named Lauron by our church and we started off with the
questionnaire and then he said "What does this have to do with Jesus?"
Hahah we were like "Sit down and we will tell you;)" but for real he
said he will call us soon. So we hope. Also, we had an amazing lesson
with Jethro again and his 3 friends Immanuel, Ricky, and Neza! We
really talked about the retab and how they can know these things are
true! It was such an awesome day and finished so well with the rendez
vous chez Jethro!
Friday: Exchange! Such an awesome day. Today I went to St. Raphael
with Elder Barben! He is from Layton and went to Northridge! And he's
6'7" haha. He's such a stud though honestly. So we didn't have any
rendez vous fixed for the whole day so we contacted the whole entire
day! So sick. I kid you not, in all we figured we walked about 13
miles! But, we had a RDV scheduled with someone who lived about a 90
minute walk we went. And they weren't there but another
member (dope Tahitian named Max) saw us, and took us to McDonalds and
then brought us home :)Cool there was a kid our age, and as
we passed him I had this crazy feeling to go back and talk to him so I
turned around and ran after him and got up next to him and I asked him
if he could help us with our questionnaire for 30 seconds and he said
yes. So we asked him who the first person that comes to mind in his
family, and he said his mom. And then we said, "We are here to help
you keep those feelings you have forever. Because they can last
forever and we know you can live with her after this life because of
Jesus Christ." And his eyes swelled with tears as he told us that his
mom had passed away. We went over the plan of salvation quickly and
then retestified. Ah it was sooo good. He sat there with tears in his
eyes because he could feel the spirit so strongly and he wanted to
know more and more. I was very grateful for the spirit that was there.
The spirit was so strong wow. It was amazing, and probably one of the
most spiritual moments of my life. I have a strong testimony that God
knows each person on this earth perfectly, and loves them perfectly. I
was grateful that Heavenly Father put him in our path and we were able
to talk to him that day.
Saturday: Hahahah okay....Saturday morning elder Barben and I woke up
early so he could cut my hair...and it was literally like a movie
moment. Hahaha I'm sitting there and he's cutting and then all of the
sudden he's like "Ohhhh noooo" and I looked in the mirror and the top
right part of my head was absolutely buzzed hahaha. So we ended up
having to just shave it off. So I got absolutely buzzed haha. We
played some basketball when we got home from the exchange! Also when
we were there a bunch of our Ward was there practicing the song "Marry
You" for this couple that's getting married in our Ward. I promise
they are some of the most amazing people on the planet! So then we
went and contacted a bunch and it started POURING! It was soooo nice.
Nice is so hot and humid and finally the rain felt so good. But we
contacted for a few hours and had some cool conversations and then we
had a rendez vous with the Vaysse family later that night! They are a
half French half Malagasy family and so cute. It was a great day!
Sunday: another great day at church. I love the Ward soooo much.
Honestly! But I translated again and it was so awesome. When you
translate you sit with a microphone and speak in English through the
mic to all the people who don't speak French or are on vacation and
all that! Then after church we had our Ward meal and then we went and
contacted and got poured on again!

It was another great week here on the mission! I love it here. The
mission has been the greatest experience of my life so far without
question. I love it here! Thank you so much for the prayers as well it
means so much to me. I love you guys.
Acts 20:35 :)

Elder Wade

Elder Haws and I eating the worlds greatest ice cream!

 Rendez vous with Jethro and his Amis!

 Selfie in the back of a member in ST. Raphael's car. Haha he picked
us up on the highway with cars behind and yelled "hurry elders get in"
and I knew I was going in the back and I saw this big dog and was so
scared just to like walk in haha. Luckily it was a nice dog.
Exchange photo with elder Barben!

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