Monday, August 10, 2015

week 14- I have the best history book for you

We had a rendez vous with the Moulis family and we had to go about

an hour away from Nice to a small, 
typical French Ville that was soooo pretty.

Monday: We hiked to Castle Hill which is like where everyone goes to
take pictures and views. (Sent all the pics last week) then had dinner
with the Cresto's and they are so amazing! Literally I love them.
Tuesday: We started off by playing some soccer with a bunch of the
ward and their friends! I met this called whose name is Athim and he
is like 13 years old and balls out! It's so crazy how good he is. So
then we helped with a family move after that. They loved on the 6th
floor and had the tiniest elevator so elder Boynton and I had to carry
most of it down the stairs. Haha so then I had the funniest story
happen...this lady had been watching us carry everything out to the
street for like 2 hours straight, so after we were done she was still
looking at us! She lived on the 3rd floor and was just watching us
through the window! So I yelled at her and asked how she was doing and
then i asked "excuse me, do you like history?" She said yes, then I
said "Well I have the best history book ever! It's about America and
when Jesus Christ visited America! If you like history, you would love
this book!" And then from the sidewalk I pulled a Book of Mormon out
from my bag and threw it through her window and told her to read it.
Hahaha it was so funny me and elder Boynton were laughing. But it was
actually a cool experience.
Wednesday: If you have ever watched the Mormon Message "You Never
Know" that sums up Wednesday! We had a bunch of things we had to get
done, but some things fell through and we ended up helping the elderly
couple in Nice (they go home next week) and then as we were leaving a
92 year old Sister in our ward needed help and we still had a bunch of
things to do, but of course we were more than willing to help and that
took the whole day! So driving back home she said "You're missionaries
and you're worthy which means you're exactly where you need to be,
exactly when you need to be there." Ah it was such a cool moment just
to realize that we accomplished what Heavenly Father wanted us to
accomplish, not what we wanted to accomplish!
Thursday: Zone training day! So with the new and so awesome focus on
the temple, we had a zone meeting on how we could use our iPads more
for better use! So we got permission to download key note and it's so
cool. We spent some time making our own personal powerpoints and they
work so well! I have never realized truly how amazing the temple is
and how beautiful it looks. It's so fun to be on a bus or tram with so
many people, and to sit down next to some one and show them pictures
of the temple and just talk about the temple and stuff!
Friday: We had some awesome rendez-vous with some Amis and ended up
the night having such a cool lesson with Jerome and Anne Sophie! We
went over the retab and they were awesome about it. I love them so
much. Honestly it's really crazy how much I love some of the people
Saturday: Jerome and Anne Sophie left for a trip for 2 weeks to
celebrate their birthdays :(( sooo we woke up early, bought some
patisseries and left them a note and met them at the church and gave
it to them. We also played basketball at the church with a bunch of
Amis again! It's really cool to see how in a matter of 4 weeks
everyone plays at our church now. It's so fun. And it's more fun when
we share the spiritual thought and someone has a question or when I
can relate the gospel to basketball! Yes, I have talked about my
missed shot against Brighton in the state semi finals plenty of times
(s/o to my boys brocky and johnny g) and related it to the gospel :)
....still can't believe that didn't go it ;)))
Sunday: another awesome Sunday! Since elder Davis leaves Tuesday
morning (😔)  all the missionaries got up in sacrament and sang
"souviens-toi" my fav :) and it was so good. I am so bad at singing
haha random fact. Elder Davis and soeur zenger are literally amazing
at singing. But then we had so
Elder Wade

Call me Olivia or Kayla Wade

 La famille freeze last day in nice! They are moving to the USA
 Elder Davis last Sunday in France :(
 The manas family whom I dearly love!
Words cannot describe how much I love these 3 people right here.

Honestly some of the coolest people I know. Frere Cresto, Vaysse, et


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