Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 15- I was "bodied" this week

 The Cresto family!! Literally my second family I kid you not.

Family and friends! Another great week has come and gone in the
beautiful city of Nice! My scripture for the week is 2 Ne 5: 27 which
says "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of
happiness." Just be happy! I love that scripture so much. Just try to
live by it and you'll always live a happy life :)

Monday: So like I've said one hundred times, we are in a 4 man
apartment and honestly we love each other sooo much. Haha we get along
so well. So we went to Eze again with the new Nice sisters and then we
went to Monaco. Monaco is like this tiny country right next to France!
But we went to the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco and it was so sweet.
So then as our P Day ended we had a rendez vous with the Concha family
who live in France right next to Monaco. They are an awesome Pilipino
family and the food was so good! We have a rendez vous with them and
their friends soon too :) P days in Nice are so beautiful. Most of our
Amis are on vacation so we had a lot of contacting this week!

Tuesday: We woke up early and sent off Elder Davis :( it was so sad to
see him leave. I learned honestly so much from him and absolutely love
him. But then after that, we went and played soccer at this field and
some 11 year old team was there and they were so good haha it was
insane. Buuuutt, thr greatest moment in my soccer career happened when
I was playing goalie and stopped a kick and then just joking around
drop kicked it as hard as I could to the other goal, and it hit the
top right post and went in 😎 Hey Coach Michaelson and Coach Daniels
it's a good thing no one got it on film or else I would've sent the
film into the soccer coach at Gonzaga and transferred to the soccer
team ;);) hahaha then after that we went contacting and played a fun
contacting game with each other. I contacted all the basketball
looking players, and elder Boynton contacted all the rugby looking
players. Haha good stuff I love contacting so much.

Wednesday: Such a sick day!! We hit the pavement hard for about 5
hours straight contacting! It was so awesome. Honestly probably my
favorite part of being a missionary is just talking to so many
different people! It's so fun and cool to see how different and unique
everyone is. For example we got absolutely cussed out by someone haha,
and then 3 minutes later met the nicest lady who said we were a bunch
of nice things. And she just randomly came up to us and said them too.
It was really cool. So then the COOLEST thing happened! We were on the
tram contacting and I initially contacted some people in French and
they said they only spoke English, so loooong story short, their
neighbors are Mormon and their neighbors son just left for a mission
and that they wanted to repay their neighbors back for all the nice
things they've done, so they said that they were on their way to one
of the nicest restaurants in France, and told us to come with them and
they would pay for us!! It was so good!! But they are the Chen's from
Vancouver Canada! They were really so nice. I've got a picture with
them so that will be coming! They were awesome.

Thursday: Haha we got bodied on Friday! So just quickly in our
apartment we say the word bodied a lot. It's like if someone cusses
you out, or something unfortunate happens you just say "bodied" and
laugh it off. So that's where that word comes from FYI. But first we
had District Meeting which was so awesome! So after District meeting
it was about 2 and we had a rendez vous at 3 way far away, so we
hurried there and when we arrived, he wasn't there! Tombez vous.
(Rendez vous means like a teaching appointment. In French "tomber"
means to fall, so it just means like a fall through lesson) So then we
had another rendez vous at 4 on the other side of town...went there,
another tombez vous haha. So then we were supposed to have a rendez
vous at the end of the night with Bishop Meunier and his awesome
family, but we literally could not find his house. We searched for 2
hours and couldn't find it. And it was so hot and we were sweating so
bad haha we were gross. So then the best part is we finally got back
home to have dinner and plan,  so we put it in the oven and then start
planning. 30 minutes later when planning gets done we literally say at
the same time "What's that smell?" And then we both started laughing
so hard without even needing to find out what the smell was because
after everything that day, we realized we had burnt the food. Haha we
just sat there and laughed. Looking back in the day, it was such a fun
day though haha :)

Friday: Such a good one! So we had a rendez vous with a less active at
around noon. It's so cool to see him progressing too! We are talking
about getting him to the temple soon and have had some great lessons
recently. But after that we were contacting and not having that much
success (none haha) so we decided to go play basketball and contact
because we've had good success doing that in the past. But we didn't
know if we had enough time so we flipped a coin and ended up going!
First off, it was the best ball I've played in France yet! Like 3 of
the Nice professional team players were there and another guy who just
signed a contract with another team in France and we just balled haha.
So then we had some way cool conversations about why I was there and
putting basketball on hold for 2 years and stuff. So then eventually
someone there wanted to play again so we told them if they came
tomorrow at the church we would and we will talk more about why we are
here and stuff and he said yes! Haha that's the best kind of
contacting ;)

Saturday: We woke up and played basketball at the church and had 13
people again! It was so fun and it's always cool to share spiritual
thoughts and have a prayer! After that we had a rendez vous with An
less active named Allain! We are really progressing him towards going
to the temple it's been awesome! So then we still have a car for
another week, so us 4 in the apartment wanted to go somewhere no
missionaries have probably gone in our sector (the nice sector is
huge) so we ended up driving to Menton (city that borders Italy) and
contacted and ported and had the coolest things happen! We ported and
someone let us in and we talked for about 30 minutes about prophets
and eternal families! Then after that, we were walking past a bar and
someone was sitting outside of it and we started talking to him hahaha
so then he got up and yelled inside that the Mormons were outside, so
by the end of the 30 minutes we spent talking to them, we had about 8
people listening to us talk about Mormons and answering all their
questions about us! it was actually a way cool experience. At the end
the bartender bought us coca cola haha.

Sunday: Church was awesome again! It was the elderly couples last
Sunday in their mission and they have been in Nice for over a year so
that was sad too. I love them so much The Burtons will definitely be
missed but we have some conference this Wednesday in Aix en Province
and will see them there one last time! But we did some good old
contacting and that was basically it! A slower day than normal but
c'est la vie.

I'm sorry this week was the longest email yet haha. Just another
amazing week here in France. Most of our Amis were gone so it was a
lot of contacting, but I love contacting! I love you all and hope you
have an amazing week :)

Elder Wade

 Cool pic from the top of Eze again!

  I took this pic coming back from playing basketball..I serve here 😍

 The Chens that took us to dinner!

The Concha family

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