Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 18 Transfer week...

 Funny picture with a really cute lady in our Ward :) she says

"Elder Wade I pray every night you'll spend your whole 2 years in
Nice" hahaha

Hello family and friends! :) another week flying by here in a Nice as
Transfer 2 out in the field comes to an end! So....I'm staying in Nice
again for another transfer :) I promise everyone that Nice will
forever be my favorite Ville in the world. I absolutely love it here
on the coast of France! Each day we walk by the Mediterranean and can
see Italy from where we are. It's the greatest Ville on this planet I
guarantee it. When I leave, I will be soooo sad. But, another transfer
:) and Elder Boynton got called to Aix-en-Province to be a ZL and I
just want everyone to know what a great trainer, friend, and
missionary he was! I will forever love him to death and HAHAHAA wow we
had some hilarious moments together, some amazingly spiritual moments
together. From getting cussed out in front of 200 people on a train
for proselyting and then just laughing so hard about it, to watching
people change their lives closer to Christ, and everything else in
between...we've been through a lot and I love him so much!
Monday: P Day! We didn't do a lot and just pretty much did the
necessities and wrote home. After, we went to the Cresto's again and
had family home evening with them. Everyone, they are honestly my
family. Words can't even describe how much I love Frere and Soeur
Cresto and their 2 kids! Which by the way, they have asked me to be
"Le parrain" which means "the godfather" of their youngest son! In
France that is an actual thing that you can become as well. So that
was soooo cool :)
Tuesday: HAHAHA story time!!! So...Elder Boynton and I have this jar
filled with a bunch of coins that we've collected over the last 3
months haha and we needed to grab some oats for dinner so we went
downstairs to the market. Of course we brought this jar filled with 2
and 5 pièce centimes down with us. So we get our oats and head to the
self pay checkout.  Our total was like 2 euros and so we were like
"are we really going to pay with all these centimes" bahhh oui haha so
we start to just dump our coins into the machine and after awhile the
machine just stops counting and jams and there is absolutely nothing
we can do. Haha so we were so embarrassed and laughing so hard. Keep
in mind it's about 6:00 pm and there is 15 people in line behind us
just waiting and it won't work. Haha so like 4 employees come over to
help us (don't worry we stopped laughing once we knew it wasn't
working haha) and they can't fix it, so eventually they decide to open
the machine and see what happened. HAHA as they open the machine I kid
you not at least 125 coins just spill out ALL OVER the ground and we
were absolutely dying hahaha. It was so embarrassing. After 30 minutes
When we got out of the store and up to our apartment, we looked at
each other and just died of laughter haha it was sooo funny and so
embarrassing. So then after that we contacted and got bodied and no
one listened but still it's just so fun to contact.
big 9!! Can't believe it's already been a year since I baptized her :)
so today was a great day because we had a RDV (lesson) with Sammy,
Mary Jane and Agnes. Sammy said he wants to be baptized but is scared
so we are really working with him. And Agnes the same thing. They also
said they would come to church again. They love coming to church and
the members here are so awesome when we get Amis to church. This Ward
is so amazing. Just a good day. And we contacted a lot.
Thursday:  Another great day here in beautiful Nice! We had District
Meeting and it was only us 6 guys so it was so fun and sooo spiritual.
I was talking about my genealogy and I got on my Family Search and it
reminded me of 2 Kings 6: 15-17 where it talks about how there are
more people with us then against us. I really felt the help of all my
ancestors like even the ones I don't know who lived a long time ago.
So yes it was great. I can see why genealogy is so important and I
genuinely felt the spirit and presence of my ancestors. Then we had a
tombez vous with Allain but then we visited him a few hours later so
that was great!
Friday: Transfer call day! Hahaha  people who served missions know the
feeling of what it's like Friday morning trying to do personal study
just waiting for the call. But it finally came and like I said, elder
Boynton is out of nice and I found out I'm getting Elder Anderson! The
other elders in the apartment (Elder Andrew and Burton) are staying
together for a 3rd straight! And elder Andrew finishes his mission at
the end of this transfer which will be crazy. I will have been with
those 2 for 4 1/2 months at the end of the transfer. My 3 months with
elder Boynton were so good haha we balled so hard everyday.
Saturday: We played basketball with our Amis and then contacted,
weekly planned, and had a RDV with someone named Edwyn, and then had a
family home evening with the Tahitian family (I can't spell or
pronounce their name so I just call them the Tahitian family) and they
are awesome!!
Sunday: Best Sunday yet!! So we had 3 Amis come (Sammy, Mary Jane and
Agnes) and the spirit was so strong it was crazy. So after, we talked
with them and Sammy told me that he wants to be baptized more than
anything but he just has to overcome some things and difficulties he
has. Mary Jane said she wants to as well. They could sure use your
prayers. (I will send a picture with them after church) but we
committed them to be baptized on the 10th of October and they are
excited. Sammy said its not a matter of if he gets baptized...just
when. So we are praying for that date as that would be the last
Saturday before the transfer! Church was so good as usual and it's so
fun to be able to understand the talks and comment in lessons and
stuff now. So after church, we contacted and made calls a little bit.
Dinner came around and we went with the ZL's to the church and had one
last meal aka "The Last Supper" with each other.

Today I picked up Elder Anderson in Marseille and we are ready to to!
I'll send a picture next week. I love you all thanks for the support

Elder Wade

Our Amis Sammy (very right) and Mary Jane (very left) set for October 10th!

Tahitian Family!!

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